How To Rewire A Vintage Lamp

Several weeks ago I came across a vintage Alabaster Lamp that I fell in love with. The only problem was the lamp didn’t work at all. The lamp cord had been cut so there was no using the lamp whatsoever. The lamp was such a good price though even for a non-working lamp that I couldn’t pass it up. I figured there had to be a way to save this gorgeous nonworking lamp. That’s how I discovered how to rewire a vintage lamp.


There are lots of articles out there on the internet telling you how to do this. I however and for simple things so I did the best thing I can think of. I went straight to Amazon. Surely, they have a lamp rewiring kit and of course they did. The kit cost less than $20 and in less than 45 minutes I had a new lamp. The kit comes with basic instructions although if you have someone handy that knows a thing or two about electricity, it’s a good idea to have them around.

You will need a phillips screwdriver and some patience but that’s about it to rewire your vintage lamp. Also make sure you have a harp and finial on hand for the lamp or you will need to order those as well. I honestly didn’t know what either of these were until I started understanding the basics of how to rewire a vintage lamp. The harp is the long piece on the lamp that holds the lightbulb in place. The finial is the tiny piece that will hold your lampshade to the harp. You can order both of these from amazon as well. They all come in different sizes and finishes depending on what you need.

For this vintage alabaster lamp here I ordered a bronze cord, harp, and finial. The shade is from Restoration Hardware, size B in white linen. Order the shade best suited for the size of your harp and lamp that you are wanting.

When I think about what it would have cost me to buy a new working alabaster lamp it’s definitely double what I paid to rewire the kit plus a new lamp shade. All you need is some patience but when you find a lamp you love, don’t let a little issue of not working stand between you and that lamp. I have learned over the years that good lighting is worth the investment. A beautiful lamp can instantly transform a piece of furniture it’s sitting upon.


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