Best Places To Source Art

Finding art for your home is a very personal journey. Everyone has their own idea of what kind of art they want to display in their homes and today it’s even easier than ever to find amazing art for your home. Here are some of the best places I’ve found to source art for your home.


MINTED– Known for its support of independent artists around the world and work that you wouldn’t find at big box retailers. These artists are painters, drawers, professionals, hobbyists, and even stay at home moms. Their one true connection is creating art and sharing with all of us. I have purchased several pieces from Minted over the years for London’s room and most recently for our living room. I’ve even purchased holiday cards and shower invitations in the past. You can select what kind of art you are looking for whether it’s paintings, drawings, or even fine art. You can choose to purchase your art framed or unframed with other options as well. Prices range anywhere from inexpensive all the way up to several hundred dollars depending on the options you choose. If you’re looking for a way to support independent artists, then there’s no better place to order from.

ETSY– Another place to support local and independent artists would be ETSY. You just need to be a bit more specific for what you are looking for. I have purchased art from ETSY in the past and even downloaded images as soon as I purchased. Once you’ve narrowed down the niche you are looking for the search filters make it even a little easier. You can decide on the price range you want, if you want free shipping or not, and the subject even. ETSY would be a place to find more affordable options in my opinion and you can even find great one of a kind vintage art pieces on here as well.

SHOP VINTAGE SUPPLY– As the name suggests this site specializes in affordable vintage art. Vintage art has become quite the obsession lately and I am no stranger to this obsession as well. I tend to lean toward vintage art that has a French feel but in general vintage art has become increasingly popular. I recently purchased this View of A Chateau piece and the Dancer for our living room gallery wall. You can choose to do a digital download where you receive instant access to the piece. From there you can choose to print however you would like but I prefer to order mine directly from the site because the quality is better than anything I could ever print. Shipping was pretty quick and I had mine within a few weeks.

JUNIPER PRINT SHOP– Juniper Print is another site where you can do an instant download of a picture. They also carry more than just vintage looking art. You can also download an image to display on your FRAME TV which is something I am definitely considering. Juniper also offers the option to frame your print as well if you are interested.

AMAZON– Believe it or not but you can get some good art from Amazon. Obviously, these aren’t one of a kind vintage pieces but if you know that going in then you won’t be disappointed. I have bought a few black and white prints from Amazon and it’s mostly just a print on heavy cardboard but it still looks nice once in a frame. I specifically love the black and white Picasso and Matisse prints they offer.

McGEE & CO. – There are a few pieces in our living room from McGee & Co. They tend to be more expensive but I feel good artwork is worth the price. Art is so subjective that once I find a piece I love I tend to just stick with it within reason. We have this impressionist landscape piece and ponder in the park on our gallery wall. Both pieces immediately spoke to me and I knew they would look amazing in the room. A lot of their artwork is custom and made to order so shipping takes about 4-6 weeks to arrive. McGee & Co. has a sale several times a year and these are the best times to buy the artwork.

When it comes to framing your artwork here are my thoughts: A frame can completely change the look of your picture and add so much. Most of the artwork I buy always comes professionally framed. If it doesn’t then I take it to Hobby Lobby or Michaels and have them frame for me. There are definitely times when frames from Target or Pottery Barn work but if I am able to have it professionally framed then I will.

Also, having plaster walls is challenging for hanging pictures but we’ve had great success with these: OOK picture hangers

Sourcing art shouldn’t feel stressful or complicated. Art is easier than ever to find and one of the most important ways to make your home feel lived in and loved.


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