Spring In The Kitchen

February is always a hard cold month for me here in Kansas City. Currently, the temperature is in the single digits and no sign of a warm up anytime soon. To keep me sane I figured out a way to add a touch of Spring in the kitchen last weekend, and it’s helped warm up my mood so much.


One of my favorite home stores here in KC recently put out some of their flower pots for Spring. I happened to pop in there over the weekend and picked up a few. I mean the scalloped edge details of the pots alone were enough for me to purchase them. I love a beautiful terracotta pot with details. It just brings the flowers and pot more to life I think versus the plain terracotta pots. You can also find beautiful pots like this online at Terrain and ETSY.

After I picked up the pots I headed to Trader Joe’s because they always have a great selection of small plants and flowers even in Winter. Sure enough, they didn’t let me down. I picked up a small orchid, a miniature rose plant, and a beautiful white begonia to start. Simple enough but perfect for my new pots and just what my kitchen needed. Now, we just need actual Spring to come and all will be right in the world.

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