Review Of Olive & June Nail Products

Back before last year I used to get my nails done every few weeks or so. Upkeeping my nails is one of my beauty rituals I love to take care of, but it was always suck a time suck sitting in the salon. I started doing my nails at home and using a variety of different products but nothing ever lasted more than a few days and soon the polish would be chipping and peeling off. All that has recently changed when I tried the Olive & June nail polish line.


I’ve seen their products in Target before and have always been intrigued. But, it’s the constant advertisements on Instagram that really had me hooked. Their packaging and marketing are a dream and honestly, that’s why I tried them, having no expectations at all. I honestly thought I was going to waste my money once again on nail products that only last a few days. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Olive & June started as a nail salon in Beverly Hills in 2013 by Sarah Tuttle who after moving to L.A. realized there weren’t any quality nail salons. She named the salon after her great-grandmother and grandmother, which is such a sweet story in itself. The product is vegan, cruelty-free, and 7-free (excludes 7 potentially harmful ingredients commonly found in nail polish). I love this because I am always trying to find clean nail products for London to use (she loves to paint her nails).

You can purchase the products either at Target or on their online site, Olive & June. I picked mine up at Target but honestly, if I did it over I would just order from the site. I had to visit several different Targets to get all of the products I wanted, as a lot of them were sold out. If you order directly from the site, you can order different kits for a manicure or pedicure. They also offer a monthly membership for $30 a year (which I signed up for because now I am hooked), you can get free shipping, monthly discounts, and special offers. Also, Target doesn’t carry every single color of polish they offer so ordering directly from the site is truly beneficial.


I’ve only been using the product for a full week now and just changed my color yesterday. I literally went an entire week without chips, peels, or my nails looking horrible. They do suggest you reapply the topcoat every few days to make your nails last longer, and I did do this. You can watch their videos which provide tips on how to properly paint your nails, use the system, and any other nail tip you might want. I highly recommend watching the videos because they do help and your nail polish will last longer.

If you are looking for new ways to paint your nails at home and have them last longer, then I highly recommend Olive & June. And, if you are interested in signing up online they are providing my readers with a discount code for $10 off your first $50 purchase. Click here for the code and to get your kit. I would recommend purchasing either the 1 color mani kit or the 6 color mani kit, and adding on the nail primer for $8. Here’s a list of all the products I have purchased so far and used all from Target. I bought all of these before I signed up to become a member.

There’s also a pedicure set but I haven’t ventured down that road yet. I would LOVE to hear if you guys have used this system before and what you think. Or, if you decide to use after reading please let me know your thoughts. This is game-changer in my mind. Painting my nails just became so much easier and I am always looking for something to give me back extra time in my life.

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