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One thing I am fond of collecting is vintage dinnerware, specifically from France and England. I absolutely love the beautiful details in the dinnerware and the colors. They truly don’t make things like this anymore. Vintage dinnerware elevates the look of your table and I feel makes the meal feel more special. But mostly, I love thinking of the story and meaning behind the dinnerware. Who’s kitchen were they in before? What kind of stories were told while using those pieces? We use our vintage dinnerware all the time, not just for special occasions. London even helps set the table sometimes and loves to put the dishes together with napkins and make it all pretty. These are stories and things I hope she treasures as well and passes down.

Vintage Dinnerware Life on Grand

I have a handful of places I like to source my dinnerware from. One of my favorite places is Elsie Green(they receive a new shipment from France all the time). With each shipment they send, they also include where the dinnerware was found in France. Most of the times it’s at flea markets throughout the countryside. ETSY is another great place to source but it helps if you have a few keywords when searching. I have picked up some beautiful vintage flatware from ETSY as well. The white flatware in the picture is from England and the sliver spoons are from France. However, our daily flatware are some vintage pieces my Granny gave me a long time ago.

Vintage Plates Life on Grand

Some other surprising places are Home Goods, Tuesday Morning, and antique shops obviously. I am always on the lookout because you never know when you will come across some pieces that catch your eye. I am hoping to add a few platters to my collection to use outside dining al fresco this Summer. If you collect vintage dinnerware I would love to know where you get your pieces from.

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