5 Favorite Kitchen Items

The kitchen is the heart of any home right. I know that statement is definitely true for us but there are a few items that help keep our kitchen running. I am always looking for ways to make myself more efficient in the kitchen when it comes to cooking and cleaning because time is valuable. Here are my five tried and true kitchen items that we use daily and that daily life so much easier.

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I use these glass jars for everything from making homemade salad dressings to storing fresh herbs in and setting in the refrigerator. I am trying to do away with all the plastic we have and find moving things to these glass jars helps so much. I also store olives in them and fresh cut veggies. I buy them in multiple sizes depending on the use. Plus, they are so pretty when you open the fridge and see all the beautiful glass jars.

5 Favorite Kitchen Items

This is my absolute favorite tool to clean our pots and pans. The fibers on the brush really help to get out grease and stuck on grime. I honestly haven’t found anything better to do this. I have mine sitting in a little bowl on our countertop. I also love these cleaning brushes as well for dishes and usually buy two at a time.

Butter Warmer Life on Grand Avenue

This is one of those items you never knew you needed until you bought one. I have wanted one of these for years and finally bought it on sale. Best investment ever. It heats up and melts the butter within minutes. No more putting in the microwave to melt and having it splatter everywhere. I use this probably 4 times a week at least to melt butter for various dishes I make. If you cook with butter a lot then I would highly recommend buying this. Plus, it’s not just for butter you can really melt whatever you want.

parchment kitchen items life on grand

These are a game changer when it comes to cooking. We use these daily on our cookie sheets and in pans. They are so easy because the come precut perfectly to fit your cookie sheet. You just take one out of the package and put on your sheet. Then just toss it when you’re done cooking. Makes for a mess less way to cook which I am all about. These would also make for a great gift to pair along with a few cookie sheets.

Nespresso Machine Life on Grand Avenue

We couldn’t survive without this espresso maker. We’ve had this for several years now and would go out and buy a new one tomorrow if it broke. I wrote an entire post here dedicated to my review of this espresso maker. We use this espresso maker several times a day for hot and cold coffee, lattes, cappuccinos, and macchiatos.

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