A Week In Cabo

We finally made it to Cabo San Lucas this year after we had to cancel our trip two days before departure last year. I can’t even being to tell you how good it felt to actually travel again. I have learned that I am the type of person that gets immense inspiration from travel so not being able to travel last year hit me pretty hard. We definitely made up for it this year though and I am excited to share everything to do, where to eat, and where to stay if you every decide to visit Cab. Which I would highly recommend by the way.


First, I grew up going to Hawaii all the time to visit my family. I am so used to the Hawaiian way of life, the Hawaiian ocean, and people that it felt good to explore another beautiful tropical place. We went with some of our very good friends and London’s best friend, which made the trip even more special. Our week was basically spent relaxing and soaking up as much sun as humanly possible.

First, we stayed in a place called Puerto Los Cabos, which is a gated community where we rented a house. I would 100% recommend renting a house especially when traveling with kids. The house came with its own pool, hot tub, and enough room for everyone to spread out. Usually, I love staying in a hotel but in this situation a house was the perfect place to stay for the week. The family we went with found the house through VRBO and there are so many incredible houses listed on the site. The hardest part will be deciding which one you should pick.

Acre was another restaurant we enjoyed one evening for dinner, it’s a mix between Vegas and Miami in my opinion. The whole restaurant is surrounded by trees and you feel like you’re in a jungle. I would definitely dress like you’re in Vegas or Miami and prepare to pay those prices as well. Again, it’s an experience but a very cool one.

The other restaurant I would recommend is Breeze, at the One&Only Palmilla hotel. First, the hotel is unlike anything I’ve ever seen with it’s incredible ocean views. It’s like you’re on the Mediterranean with the different colored umbrellas and majestic scenery. Even if you only go for a drink I would try and make this a must on your list.

One&OnlyPamillacabo19.pngOne&Only CaboOne&OnlyPamilla

Activity wise we honestly didn’t do much except swim in the pool at the house but really what more could we want. We did venture out and go deep sea fishing one day. If you’ve never done this before and you like the idea of being on a boat for 6 hours in the ocean then this is a must. If you get sea sick easily then probably not although we all took dramamine before we went out. It really was beautiful being out in the water all that time. Nathan ended up catching a Marlin, but it’s catch and release there so he had to put it back. The best part of the day was when we came back into shore. Whale season runs December through April so we were able to see 3 whales up close. It was truly incredible to see these beautiful creatures up close and the girls were so excited. A sea lion also ended up jumping onto the deck of our boat toward the end as well. The fishermen have trained the sea lions to do this for the tourists, and it’s pretty funny.


The week went by so fast as it always does on vacation but I am so grateful for the time away. Cabo is definitely on our list now and a place we will visit again.


You can see everything I packed and wore in Cabo here.

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