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ast month, I did a major closet clean out and overhaul. I am talking about 80-90% of my wardrobe was donated. Something came over me and I couldn’t stop cleaning things out. This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now but the thought of getting rid of so many clothes was actually a bit unnerving. Truth be told, it needed to happen really bad. Plus, living in a smaller home my closet space is pretty tiny and nonexistent. I actually had clothes stashed all over the house in different rooms and in so many totes that I really didn’t even know what I had.


I also realized how much “fast fashion” I had in my closet that I didn’t love. When I say “fast fashion” I mean items that I’ve worn once because that’s how long they were in fashion. I also consider anything from Target, Zara, H&M, to be fast fashion. You wear the item a few times and that’s pretty much all the item can handle before the quality is completely gone. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a few items from H&M that I kept but I know they will only be good probably for a year or so.

One major thing that helped with editing the closet and making more room was changing out the hangers. I had all these wooden hangers which are beautiful but actually take up so much space. I changed everything out from a wooden hanger to a velvet hanger and gave my friend all the old wooden hangers. This made such a difference in the amount of things I could hang up now.

Thinking about pairing down your closet can seem intimidating at first but here’s a things I did to help along the way. I will say this took my several weeks to do just because I literally went through every piece of clothing.

  1. I took all my clothes out of every closet, from every tote, and put everything on my bed.

  2. I tried on every piece of clothing to see if it still fit number one or was something I even still liked.

  3. Going forward I knew that I didn’t want a ton of patters and wanted more neutrals so I put all patterns and bright colors into the donate pile.

  4. Then I divided everything up into category: dresses, sweaters, pants, t-shirts, etc. Again, this was daunting but they only way I knew best how to tackle this.

  5. I went though each category again looking the item over, deciding how I could wear it and what I could wear it with. If I couldn’t wear it with multiple things then it went into the donate pile.

I am very pleased with what’s left and what went into the donate pile. I feel like I am basically starting from scratch now on my wardrobe but that’s ok. I am at this point curating my closet and coming up with a capsule collection of items that I truly love and that will last. This is going to take some time but that’s ok. I’ll have some upcoming posts explaining my process of a capsule collection. In the meantime, here’s some items that have helped me get my closet back in order.

Screen Shot 2021-06-02 at 11.11.18 AM.png

These are a life saver for small closets especially. I changed all my clothes out from wooden hangers to these narrow and skinny velvet hangers. Just by doing this, it gave me so much more room to hang things in my closet.


I have these shoe organizers on several doors throughout the house grouped be season. They truly do help with space and give more ability to hold all my shoes in one spot. I like the linen color vs. the clear better but both work just as well.

Editing My Closet Life on Grand

I have two of these in my closet that I also use for more shoes. I tend to put the shoes I wear the most on these shelves within easy reach. Plus, they are so light you can move them anywhere.

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  1. Thanks for sharing I clean out with the change of seasons but feel like I have so much stuff I don’t even wear b/c I have too much stuff. I am ordering the hangers today- thanks for the tips!!