Curating A Closet Part 1

I mentioned several weeks ago how I had cleaned out my closet and am trying to go with a more curated wardrobe. A curated wardrobe can mean different things to different people but for me this is the motto constantly in my head:


— Vivienne Westwood

Curating A Closet


his is something I wish I could have told my 30 year old self but better late than never. I think curating a wardrobe takes lots of time and can take many years. It’s pretty impossible to go out and just buy it all at one time. So, I am starting small and starting with each Season. I am hoping to add a few key pieces to each season and go from there. I would prefer these to be investment pieces that I’ve taken time to consider but I will also sprinkle in things to fill the gap until I can find exactly what I am looking for.

I also want to take into consideration where I am buying clothes from and the sustainability although this can be really pricey and hard sometimes. There’s definitely retailers I won’t be buying from anymore though that’s for sure, nothing agains these places but they certainly don’t fit into my Buy Less, Choose Well mentality. Here’s a few retailers that I am trying to purchase more from but they won’t be exclusive.

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Cuyana– Cuyana first came on my radar about 5 years ago when I saw someone with one of their leather totes. I was immediately hooked and have since purchased a few more of their bags plus a few clothing items. Some of my favorite purchases are this leather tote, this satchel, my travel case, and this black tee shirt which has held up amazingly over the past two years. I also want to add this white linen blazer this year to wear through Spring and Summer. It’s so beautiful and will look gorgeous with jeans, pants, and even over a dress.

Sezane– Based in Paris and has a huge following since launching in the US several years ago, this is one of my favorites. The quality is incredible and the items I’ve had from Sezane have continued to hold up well. Some of the items can be on the pricey side so I try and buy just neutrals from Sezane vs. trendy pieces. However, with the results I’ve had so far this is a store I will continue to invest more into. Some of my favorites are: the classic French stripe, the Will Jacket, and the messenger bag.

Vince– This is a high end retailer that’s definitely more investment. But again, the quality is amazing and my favorite cashmere sweaters that I’ve had for years are all Vince. There’s always several Vince items during the Nordstrom anniversary sale which is a great time to take advantage of buying a few pieces. Now is also a good time to buy their sweaters because they are all on sale. Trust me, once you have a Vince sweater you won’t want any other kind.

Jenni Kayne– I’ve never bought anything from Jenni Kayne but I look at her catalog every time it comes in the mail and circle my wish listed items. Again, investment pieces and since I don’t have any I can’t say they are worth the price. Although, people rave about her items. Here’s what’s on my list to one day purchase and it will probably be one item at a time type of thing. Her mules have a cult following so I’ll put those on my list, one of these cardigans, and one of these blankets.

Everlane– I buy a lot from Everlane and it’s become my go to for basics. It’s so easy because it’s fast shipping and fast returns. The sizing can sometimes be off so I have to return and exchange a lot of items which can be a pain but I do love the quality of what I’ve purchased. There’s also so many reviews on the items that you get a good gauge if it’s worth it or not. I’ve pretty much purchased everything from here: pants, tops, shoes, jacket, and haven’t been disappointed. Some of their tees aren’t my favorite but for the price sometimes it doesn’t matter. One item for Spring that I just bought in two colors is this linen top in black and canvas. I bought the white one last year and wore it all Summer long that the other two colors will be just as great. The flats are some of the most comfortable I own and their tennis shoes have great reviews so those might be next on my list when I need some. Everlane items sell quickly though and they are very seasonal. If you see something you like then get it right away because it will be gone the next day. They are known for quality and only making a certain quantity of each item. Definitely put Everlane on your list for your basics.

Other stores on my list that will be my “sprinkle” stores include: Mango, Shopbop, Madewell, and H&M (although I am pretty picky about what comes from here).

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