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ast week one of my dear friends celebrated her 40th birthday party in her home outdoors on the patio. It was an incredibly elegant and elevated dinner party. I had the honor of planning and decorating for the event which you know I was more than excited to do. A party at home is much more meaningful and I think brings everyone together more so than an off site location. The guests feel comfortable and it makes the party more cozy and intimate in my opinion. All it takes is a little planning and a proper event planner to work with and you can have an elevated outdoor dinner party. Elevated Dinner PartyOutdoor Dinner Party

One of the first steps is to discuss the theme and vision of the party, Michelle wanted to go with a modern theme incorporating the colors of green, white, and gold. Then we discussed food and drink options and I took care of everything else from the dinnerware to table decor to flowers.

I worked with Heather at Supply Events, a boutique event rental and design company based here in Kansas City but also serves Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska. Supply Events offers a personally curated selection of event rentals which are unique and different from other event planners and many of their items are actually made in house. After visiting the showroom I knew they had the exact pieces for the vision of the party. The showroom is set up beautifully with tables already decorated, dinnerware and flatware on display, and rows and rows of candle holders, vases, napkins, and other distinct decorations. I have been to other event planner spaces and they can often feel stale and a bit cheesy, but Supply Events feels more elevated and a step above others.

Once I had found the table setup and decor to go with, everything else just came together. The only other thing to worry about was making sure the weather cooperated for the evening and the rain stayed away. I would recommend having a backup plan in place in case you have to move the dinner inside due to weather.

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  1. Start out with a vision and a theme to help put things together. Pinterest is a great way to get ideas and you can make a board where you can pin ideas for the party.

  2. Research event planners in your area and visit the showrooms to see how they feel and look. Decide if they incorporate what look you’re going for.

  3. Decide on food and drinks. We opted for a catered party with a chef and bartender(who happened to be my brother). The last thing you want is to worry about cooking your own food or making everyone’s drinks. Investing in a chef and bartender ensures you will have a great time and enjoy your own party.

  4. Once you have planned out your menu then decide on what kind of glasses for drinks you need (wine, cocktail, highball) then also decide what kind of flatware you will need. Do you need several kinds of forks for salad and the main meal, dessert spoons, how many knives. These are things you don’t think about but are very important especially for the chef.

  5. Plan out flowers ahead of time, make sure you have the right kind of vases, and I recommend buying flowers at least a day in advance of the party. This way the flowers have time to open up and bloom. Again, you can also use Pinterest to pin flower ideas. I am so used to buying flowers and arranging them that I had a few ideas in mind of what I wanted them to look like.

  6. Logistically, make sure everyone knows ahead of time what their specific job will be: picking up the supplies, setting up the tables, and simple things like cleaning off the deck, buying drink garnishes, and getting ice.

  7. Design and mail out proper invitations with a dress code. Receiving a beautiful invitation in the mail is so much nicer than getting one by email or text.

  8. You can also opt to have specific seats assigned for the guests. Sometimes, this is actually a lot easier than everyone getting to the table and deciding who’s sitting by who.

  9. Once nice touch is to add a dinner and drink menu to the tables and bar area so the guests know what’s available.

  10. Make a beautiful dinner playlist, add lots of twinkle lights to the patio, and enjoy the evening.

It ended up being quite beautiful and goes to show how you can host an elegant dinner party right in your own backyard. You can see my instagram REEL of the beautiful table setting here.


Thank you to Supply Events for collaborating on this post.

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