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This year, I’ve become quite the planter out in the garden. And, when I say garden I mean putting herbs and flowers in pots on the back porch, that’s about as far as my garden skills have become. One day, I’d love to have a proper garden with lots of growing flowers and herbs but until then I love having everything in pretty pots on the back porch. This is the second year I have tended to my pots and I learned several things between last year and this year. That’s the thing about gardening is that it’s a learning process and you grow from year to year. For Mother’s Day, this year Nathan and London bought me an olive tree and a lavender tree. Two plants I’ve been wanting for so long and that I am so excited to watch grow. I have this vision of our backyard having French/Mediterranean vibes and that’s my goal over the next several years. Just like anything else in my life, I love a pretty garden planter/pot/accessory. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite chic garden accessories for your garden adventures.

Chic Garden Life On Grand

Pots– I love pretty pots with details for my flowers and herbs. They stand out and I think make the flower more beautiful plus they are a great decor piece. I like Berg pottery specifically, but honestly any pot with pretty details makes all the difference. These are also a great gift for the gardener in your life.

Hunter Garden Clogs– These are the next garden item on my list. I remember my grandma always wore garden clogs when in her garden. They don’t get your other shoes dirty plus look how cute they are.

Potting Bench– What a dreamy bench to store all your garden accessories. Plus, it would look great on the porch and you could also use it as a serving station when hosting parties in your backyard.

Gathering Basket– A pretty basket to use when gathering your flowers or herbs to take inside. I scored one of these at a thrift store last year.

Garden Secrets– A beautiful garden book from the queen of gardens herself, Bunny Melton. Filled with notes and photographs from her own gardens. Truly a treasure trove plus looks beautiful on a coffee table.

Tool Basket– A proper basket to hold your garden tools plus so stylish.

Wood Handle Secateurs– I have several of these throughout the house and outside. They are perfect for trimming flowers and herbs and when you need to cut a pot for transplanting. This is probably one of my favorite garden tools because I use them for so many things.

Garden Gloves– Obviously, you need a pair of great garden gloves plus they come in this pretty box. Another great gift for the gardener in your life.

Watering Can & Mister– Other functional tools you need for watering plus these look beautiful sitting out on your counter.


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