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For your next trip here are 28 Paris travel essentials you don’t want to leave home without. These are the essentials that will ensure you have everything you need for your trip and make things a little easier.

All of these are items I personally own and would recommend on your next trip to Paris or anywhere in general that you are traveling. I’ve learned from experience what I use the most and make sure to pack every time. These 28 Paris travel essentials are items that you might not think about packing but you will be glad you have.

Of course, most of these items you could find in Paris or any city you’re traveling to, but I like to make sure I have everything ahead of time. The last thing I want to do in Paris is run around to the store because I forgot to pack something.

graphic of paris travel essentials

  1. Amazon Luggage 3- Piece Set – A great luggage set and an even better price. I’ve had this set for several years now and it’s still in amazing shape.
  2. Mer Sea Charleston Wrap– I never travel without my Mer Sea Cashmere Wrap. By nature, I am always cold on airplanes and this wrap is so cozy and warm. I have this wrap in the mink and black colors.
  3. Water-Resistant Pouch– These pouches are perfect to carry all my bigger toiletries like hair products, skincare, and other items.
  4. Hanging Toiletry Bag – This is a perfect toiletry bag for travel because you can hang it up. Makes it very handy when you are traveling and the bathrooms are tiny. I use this bag for all my makeup brushes and other smaller miscellaneous items.
  5. Universal Adapter– A must for traveling abroad to use any of your appliances like curling iron, phone charger, or travel steamer. Anything you need to plug in to use, you will need this travel adapter that covers many countries. Just make sure the voltage of the country you are going to work with this adapter.
  6. Travel Steamer– Nobody wants wrinkly clothes on vacation. This travel steamer is perfect and doesn’t take up too much room plus comes with a carrying pouch. It heats up quickly and works well.
  7. Packing Cubes– Definite must for any trip but especially for one where you want to pack a lot of items. These packing cubes have saved me so many times on big trips. They help you overall be able to pack more and make packing convenient. I put all my shirts in one cube, pants in another cube, etc. Then when I get to my hotel or wherever I am staying, I just pull the cube out and put it into a drawer. So simple.
  8. Luggage Weight– A must if you’re planning on doing some shopping. Find out how much your bags weigh before you get to the airport in case you need to move things around.
  9. Carry On Bag– I invested in this bag last year to use as my carry on and it’s been a perfect size. I didn’t want anything too heavy but large enough to carry all my necessities like a computer, headphones, book, water bottle, and anything extra. I’ve also carried handbags and shoes in the bag before and there’s more than enough space. Plus, I love the stylish and classic look of the bag.
  10. Bose Small Speaker– I like to play music in my hotel room or wherever I am staying.
  11. Laundry Bags– A necessity for keeping dirty and clean clothes separate from each other. Plus, these make it easy when you get home and your dirty laundry is all in one place.
  12. Portable Charger– The last thing anyone wants on a trip is for their phone to die right in the middle of the day. This portable charger ensures that never happens. A must-have when traveling especially if you’re using your phone to post to social or lookup google maps.
  13. Tech Carrying Case– For carrying all my cords: phone, computer, camera, etc.
  14. Soft Pajamas– Love these soft pajamas and what a great price point. I always pack long pajamas, especially for hotel rooms.
  15. Silk Eye Mask– I’ve talked so much about how I love my silk eye mask and never travel without it. Absolutely worth the investment.
  16. Sony Noise Canceling Headphones– The best headphones for drowning out unnecessary airplane noise.
  17. Jewelry Case– The perfect little jewelry case for travel to carry all your
  18. Cuyana Leather Travel Cases– Beautiful leather travel cases I use to carry all my makeup. Cuyana makes some of the best leather cases.
  19. Warm Slippers– I love to put these slippers on the airplane for a long flight. Plus, I can then use them to walk around my hotel room.
  20. Pill Case– To carry my vitamins and Advil or any other medication I need to bring.
  21. Electrolyte Packets– These are lifesavers some days when I need a little extra hydration. Traveling always makes me dehydrated especially when I am indulging in extra wine and maybe not drinking as much water as I normally do.
  22. Probiotics– I think it’s always a good idea to take a probiotic especially when traveling. It will help to keep your stomach balanced from all the different foods.
  23. Eye Mask– A great eye mask to help with dark circles and puffiness. I put this on instead of my regular eye cream when traveling to help combat the late nights.
  24. Umbrella– You never know when you will need an umbrella wherever you’re going. The weather in Paris can be rain one minute and sunny the next so it’s best to always be prepared.
  25. Klorane Eye Patches– When you have a bit more time these eye patches are great for reducing signs of fatigue. You have to keep them on for at least 15 minutes to work.
  26. Caudalíe Moisturizing Mask– Such a great moisturizing mask. For long flights, I actually put this mask on once I am on the airplane and leave on the entire time. That way my face is hydrated and moisturized when we land. I will just use a makeup wipe to take it off once we land. The mask is white but once rubbed in, you can’t tell there’s anything on your face.
  27. Longchamp Nylon Tote– I carry this bag all over Paris, it’s just perfect. I use this insert to keep the bag organized.
  28. TUMS– Sometimes these are a necessity after all the food and wine.

Keep in mind, you could use this list for any destination you’re traveling to (especially any place abroad)

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