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The Anine Bing Brigitte Bardot Tee

3 Ways To Dress Up The Anine Bing Brigitte Bardot Tee

Anine Bing graphic tees continue to be on trend again for Spring but what if a graphic tee isn’t something you’d normally wear. Here are 3 ways to dress up the Anine Bing Brigitte Bardot tee that might convince you otherwise. In all honestly, I am not much of a graphic tee person myself. I know people love them though because they are always on-trend every single season but how can you wear a graphic tee without looking like a billboard advertisement? When worn with the right basics I think a graphic tee can be fun and a bit edgy.

1. Anine Bing Tee + Cardigan + Trench Coat

I found this Anine Bing Brigitte Bardot tee last week while shopping at a local boutique. I’ve seen this tee before but never in person and I was immediately drawn to it. There’s something about the edginess of this tee that I love and the black and white color palette is a bit chic. It also helps to have French icon Brigitte Bardot on the front. I decided to purchase the tee and immediately came home and put together some looks to make sure it was going to work. I purchased a small in the tee as it runs a bit oversized and is a little boxy.

This first look is double layered with the Sèzane Gaspard in Black and worn open to see the tee. Then I layered the Sèzane Scott Trench on top. I love the mix of the camel with the black and white from the sweater and the tee. This is a casual look but can easily be worn out running around, going to the movies, or even shopping.


2. Blazer + Anine Bing Tee

Probably my favorite out of the 3 looks is wearing the Anine Bing Brigitte tee with a black blazer for an effortless, cool chic vibe. So easy to just throw on a black blazer as that “3rd piece” and head out the door. I would absolutely wear this look for cocktails or a late lunch with friends.


3. Belted Cardigan + Anine Bing Tee

The last of the looks are a bit more dressy with a belted cardigan which is perfect for an afternoon of shopping or a coffee date. I love the option of wearing the cardigan belted with just a hint of the Anine Bing Brigitte tee popping out. Or, leaving the belted cardigan undone.

I actually went out to look at this specific L’Agence Cardigan and the Anine Bing Brigitte Bardot Tee just happened to also be on the same clothing rack as the cardigan. I loved the thought of wearing the two of them together. A little unexpected because the cardigan is more dressy but they work together.


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