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Favorite Sit-Down Restaurants At Disneyworld

Want to know the best sit-down restaurants at Disneyworld? Here’s a list of our favorite sit-down restaurants at Disneyworld and what to order from each. I am listing out restaurants at each park that are our family’s favorites and ones we continue to go back to on each visit.

Most people don’t think about the food choices when it comes to Disneyworld but this is one of our favorite things to do at Disneyworld. Over the years we’ve recommended these restaurants to so many people it’s time I put them all in a post.

But first, what’s the difference between a sit-down restaurant at Disneyworld vs. a quick-service restaurant.

What’s Considered a Sit Down Restuarant At Disneyworld

Disney World has two different types of food options available throughout the parks which are quick service- one where you order food at a counter or a cafeteria and take your food to a table. Reservations are not required for quick service meals.

The other option is a sit-down restaurant- Walt Disney World actually refers to this as table service and it’s where a server will take your order. These restaurants do require making reservations in advance. Most of the sit-down restaurants are considered either casual or fine dining.

Each park will offer its own variety of either quick service or sit-down (table service)venues. At this time the Disney Dining plan is not being offered, but when/if it does come back both of these venues are available to use on this plan.


How To Make Reservations For Sit Down Restaurants At Disneyworld

You can start making Disney dining reservations up to 60 days in advance. In addition, Disney Resort hotel Guests can make reservations up to 60 days in advance plus the length of their stay (up to 10 days). Book dining reservations online. Through the My Disney Experience App on your phone, you can make and cancel dining reservations.

Magic Kingdom Favorite Sit Down Restaurants

1. Cinderella’s Royal Table

Without a doubt, the best sit-down restaurant at Magic Kingdom and maybe even Disneyworld, in general, is Cinderella’s Royal Table for obvious reasons. You can eat inside Cinderella’s castle while overlooking Fantasyland down below.

During non covid times this also serves as a character meet and greet with several of the Disney Princess characters walking around from table to table taking pictures and greeting little ones. At this time Cinderella is the only princess in the castle taking pictures.

This is one of the more pricey sit-down restaurants at Disney World but the food is also very good. You can choose between breakfast, lunch, or dinner and all menus are Prix fix. At this time breakfast is $42 for adults and $27 for kids. Lunch and dinner are both $62 for adults and $37 for kids.

If you are celebrating a special occasion (you can request and pay for a mickey cake) what better place to do that. This is a highly popular restaurant at MK so you must be ready to make a reservation the first-day reservations are open to you. There has been only one time where we’ve actually been able to walk up to the castle and get a reservation that day, but this is not typically the case.

2. Be Our Guest

One of the best-themed restaurants and personally my favorite sit-down restaurant at Disneyworld is Be Our Guest. Be prepared to be transported into the Beast’s castle from Beauty and The Beast right in Fantasyland. This restaurant serves lunch and dinner. Beast will make random appearances as he walks through each of the rooms while you’re dining so be prepared.

The castle has 3 separate rooms you have the opportunity to dine in from the Grand Ballroom with its beautiful and ornate ceiling, to the West Wing where you can catch a glimpse of the enchanted rose, to the Castle Gallery and Belle’s private library.

Each room will make you feel as you’ve been plucked right into the movie itself. You will dine on French cuisine like French Onion Soup and Poulet Chicken. This is a prix fixe 3-course menu and is $62 for adults and $37 for kids. The price is the same for lunch and dinner.

Be Our Guest is always a highly anticipated reservation so be sure to make one as these go very fast. Like Cinderella’s Royal Table, there was only one time we were able to actually walk up and get a reservation that same day.

3. Tony’s Town Square

If you are a fan of Lady and the Tramp, and who isn’t then you definitely want to add this sit-down restaurant at Disneyworld to your list. This is where Lady and Tramp had their very first kiss in the movie and what could be more romantic than that.

At this Tony’s Town Square Italian restaurant, you can dine on Spaghetti and Meatballs(London’s favorite), Italian Wedding soup(my favorite to order), and Chicken Parmigiana(Nathan’s favorite). The meals are reasonably priced by Disney standards ranging anywhere from $15-$35 for adults and $11 for kids.

This is our favorite for a night when we don’t want to spend a lot on a meal but want a decent meal sitting down in a cute location. No, this isn’t the best Italian food of your life but the atmosphere is darling and who can resist the statue of the Tramp and Lady right in the middle of the restaurant.

If your child has an autograph book make sure to ask your server for Tramp’s paw prints. He’s busy back in the kitchen cooking but always has time for a little autograph or pawgraph.

You can easily make a reservation here as well which I would recommend. This restaurant is right off Main Street when you walk into Magic Kingdom.

Hollywood Studios Favorite Sit Down Restaurants

1. Hollywood Brown Derby

We tried the Hollywood Brown Derby last year for the first time and I would highly recommend putting this on your list. To be honest, there aren’t a lot of sit-down restaurants that we love at Hollywood Studios but this one definitely fits the bill.

This sit-down restaurant is the exact replica of the famous Hollywood original complete with an elegant and upscale dining room. All the walls are adorned with caricatures of famous people and takes you back to the golden era of Hollywood.

The menus is a little more pricey here( $20 for a Cobb salad without any protein) but everything we tried from here was delicious and we all walked away satisfied and ok with paying those prices. Nathan had the Signature Burger and said he would eat it again.

For adults needing a little refresher, there’s also a great wine list here as well as other cocktails. The restaurant has an outdoor patio and a bar as well to enjoy on a beautiful day.

One thing to note: this restaurant might be a little boring for kids as there’s no Disney theme or characters here. Just something to keep in mind.

2. Hollywood and Vine

I am putting this sit-down restaurant, Hollywood and Vine, on the list because it’s a character dining experience, although right now it’s a bit modified.

For breakfast, the kids can see different Disney Junior stars like Jake the Pirate and Doc McStuffins. For lunch and dinner, they can enjoy Minnie and friends.

The food is the standard character dining price ranging from $35-$59 and the food is really good here for a character dining experience.

This isn’t a place we would eat at every visit because we are almost past the stage of Disney Junior character dining experiences but it’s great for a first-time visit. Make sure to make a reservation here as well since it’s a character dining experience it will go fast.

To note there are several other sit-down restaurants at Hollywood Studios but not our favorites. We’ve eaten at 50s Prime Time Cafe which is a lot of fun and a great first-time experience however the food is not my favorite. Also, the Sci-Fi Dine-In, which again is a fun experience but the food is horrible. I can justify paying Disney food prices as long as I enjoy the food.

Animal Kindgom Favorite Sit Down Restaurants

1. Tusker House

One of the best character dining experiences for breakfast is the Tusker House, however, at this time the character dining is a bit modified. You can still take pictures with Mickey and friends but it’s from a distance. The breakfast is excellent here for Disney standards.

We have done this character breakfast a few times now and are happy every time we leave there. The food is served family-style and is all you can eat. The price is $42 for adults and $27 for kids. Once again, make a reservation for Tusker House.

2. Yak & Yeti

We make sure to eat at Yak & Yeti every time we go to Disneyworld. This is by far one of our favorite restaurants as a family. And honestly, it wasn’t until a friend told me about this place before we finally tried it out. It’s very discerning from the outside so probably not a place you’d think to try.

The menu is described as pan Asian serving dishes from around various regions of Asia and sits at the base of the Everest Expedition ride. There’s also a Yak & Yeti quick service right next to the restaurant in case you’re in a hurry but try and eat inside the restaurant if you can.

Make sure to order the Ahi Tuna Nachos which are more than enough for 2 people to share and so incredibly delicious. Yak & Yeti has great kids offering including Teriyaki Chicken and Stir Fry Noodles. Don’t worry they also have mac and cheese as well.

3. Tiffins

Tiffins sit-down restaurant is for the adventurous eater and one who likes to try new and experience new flavors and tastes. I wouldn’t take a picky eater here especially for the price. However, if you are open to trying new foods then I highly recommend Tiffins outside of Pandora.

We tried things like Charred Octopus, Braised Short Rib, and Spiced Tofu. The kid’s offering is Grilled Chicken, Beef Tacos, and Grilled Shrimp. Tiffins is considered fine dining so the atmosphere and prices reflect this and you definitely don’t feel like you’re at Disneyworld when eating here.

Epcot Favorite Sit Down Restaurants

1. Chefs de France

Chefs de France is another restaurant we eat at every time we visit and my favorite sit-down restaurant at Disneyworld. This last time it became a favorite of London’s because she tried the French Onion Soup and is convinced it’s her favorite thing ever now.

Sitting at the front of France in Epcot, Chefs de France serves the typical French brasserie fare with delights such as French Onion Soup and Boeuf Bourguignon. The menu changes seasonally but they always keep a few main staples and have a very extensive French wine list.

The decor is typical French brasserie and you will feel as if you’ve been transported to Paris, which would explain why it’s my favorite.

2. Monsieur Paul

More upscale French eating upstairs from Chefs de France is Monsieur Paul, which is temporarily closed. Hopefully, this will reopen soon as we’ve only eaten here once but thoroughly enjoyed it.

There is a dress code and there’s no kids menu meaning don’t bring kids here. My parents and brother were with us the time we went, so they took London to eat someplace else and let Nathan and I enjoy the experience here.

Save this spot for when it opens and it’s a very very special occasion sans kids.

3. Rose & Crown

Ask Nathan about his favorite sit-down restaurant at Disneyworld and he will tell you about Rose & Crown dining room at Epcot. Located in the country of England on the World Showcase Lagon you can either eat outside on the patio(which I’d recommend), or inside the full-blown English pub.

The outside patio is definitely more kid-friendly as the pub inside is full of adults drinking beer and acting just like they’re in an English pub.

You can find your typical English food like fish and chips(very good) and bangers and mash. The kids can enjoy turkey meatballs, fish and chips, and pasta.

For me, English food isn’t the most appealing but I always love the atmosphere at Rose & Crown and it’s a great place to watch the fireworks if your reservation happens to be at the right time.

4. Spice Road Table

Located in Morroco Spice Road Table, was new to us on our last trip and we absolutely loved it. This is a sit-down you no longer need reservations for and can just walk in, which is a huge bonus.

The items offered here are small plates but order several of them and you can fill yourself up or just grab a quick snack. We stopped and had the Pomegranate-Chili Crispy Cauliflower( would definitely order again) and Naan Spreads.

You can either dine inside the restaurant or sit outside and enjoy the views by the water.

5. San Angel Inn

My favorite part about San Angel Inn in Mexico at Epcot is the atmosphere, where you dine in twilight at the base of the Maya Ruins.

This is not your typical $10 a plate Mexican restaurant and would consider this more upscale Mexican. There are dishes like Carne Asada, which will run you for $50, and Enchiladas de Pollo for $27. You are definitely paying for more fine dining here.

Again, the atmosphere is what makes this sit-down restaurant special and a one-of-a-kind experience. You must make reservations as they don’t take walk up here.

Hope this has helped when planning your next trip to Disneyworld. Now, you know our favorite sit down restaurants at Disneyworld. I would love to know if you have any to add to this post or if you try one of these out on your next visit.



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