French Favorites From Trader Joe’s

graphic of favorites from trader joe's which are all french

French Favorites from Trader Joe’s

One of my favorite places to shop for French food favorites is Trader Joe’s. I have found some of the best finds and all at amazing prices which I shop for weekly. TJ’s has lots of other French finds but I wanted to focus on the items I buy weekly and that we actually eat and use. I will do another follow-up post at a later date with other French items TJ’s carries but today let’s focus on the ones we use.

sliced brioche bread from trader joes

Sliced French Brioche Toast – This is the only bread I use to make french toast and french toast sticks. This brioche is so incredibly buttery soft and moist and tastes amazing. You can’t go wrong with this brioche plus for the price, it can’t be beaten! It’s one of the most affordable brioche loaves I have found.

french liquid soap from trader joes

French Liquid Soap – A wonderful smelling liquid soap from the South of France made from milled soap and blended with essential oils. This soap smells fresh and clean and is a great french find under $3. Would also make a great gift as well for a fellow Francophile.

Pouille Fume Wine from Trader Joes

Pouilly Fumé Wine – Most people know Trader Joe’s has an excellent variety of wines and French wines are no exception. This is where I buy most of my French wine as the prices are great and they have a decent selection. You do have to know what you are wanting though because I have tried a few that weren’t so amazing. I have noticed the lower price point ones under $10 aren’t exactly the best in my opinion. This Pouilly Fumé which is from sauvignon blanc is light and refreshing. We drink a lot of this during the warmer months on the patio.

dijon mustards from trader joe's from france

Dijon Mustard – There are two types of Dijon Mustards from France which I buy. One is more of a creamy Dijon made with white wine that we use for making sandwiches, and to dip our french fries. The other Dijon is more grainy and I use that one to make salad dressings and marinades.

macarons from trader joes

Dozen French Macarons – If you are a macaron fan, then you can’t beat a dozen of these when you need them. There are 6 different flavors inside (my favorite are the salted caramel) and they are a great price point. Look, they aren’t fresh macarons from a French patisserie but when you can’t get fresh these will certainly do. I love to keep a box of these in the freezer for when company comes over and we need a quick dessert of some sort.

two french tart pizzas from trader joes

French Tart Pizzas – I have seen 3 different kinds of French tart pizzas at Trader Joe’s with the mushroom one being the newest and not my absolute favorite. I prefer the tomato and brie one or the ham with caramelized onion. These pizzas are great for either serving to company as a little nibble or for those nights when you want something easy to eat and don’t want to cook. I’ll make a little side salad of greens and some vinaigrette and that will be our meal.

almond croissants from trader joes

Almond Croissants or Chocolate Croissants – Personally, I prefer chocolate croissants over almond croissants and I only make these if I can’t get to the local French Market we have here. The only downfall to these is you have to let them rise overnight. You can’t just wake up and cook these from frozen. Still, these are better to have than no croissants at all.

brie cheese from trader joes

Triple Creme Brie Cheese – Definitely one of the best creamy brie’s out there. This triple creme brie is extra extra creamy and so soft. TJ’s has a really great selection of French cheeses and some other favorites are the comté and Fromage pavé. I always have a few kinds of cheese on hand for when company comes over. I also use these cheese on baguette sandwiches as well that we tend to eat a lot of.

fresh flowers from trader joe's

Fresh Flowers – Ok, these aren’t technically french flowers from a market but I do believe you always need fresh flowers to create a French home. TJ’s has the best flowers for the price. So, along with all your favorite french finds at TJ’s treat yourself to some fresh flowers as well.

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