How To Pack For Paris In August

How To Pack For Paris In August

If you’re heading to the city of light during August or maybe even for the Olympics, here’s some inspiration on what you should pack for the summer month. This year will be a bit different in the city with the Olympics taking over, but nonetheless, you will still want to look chic and classic. Today, I am sharing how to pack for Paris in August with 22 pieces to mix and match for maximum versatility.

Pack for Paris In August
Crowd of people in Paris during the summer months.

Weather In Paris In August

The weather in Paris is always unpredictable, and this summer has proven to be one of the rainiest and coldest summers on record. The average temperatures for Paris in August are the high 70s during the day and the high 50s during the evening.

August usually has the lowest rain chances of any month, but make sure to pack an umbrella just in case. Thunderstorms are not out of the question and can pop up immediately.

Picture of the Eiffel Tower in the distance.

Is August A Good Time To Visit Paris

There is no wrong time to visit the city of light. However, August is a bit different, mostly because all the Parisians have left the city for the South of France and the summer holidays. You will find some restaurants have closed for the month to go on holiday, but plenty will still be open to enjoy.

Again, this year will be a bit different with the Olympics, with more restaurants open and plenty of terraces to relax on.

There are also more daylight hours during the summer months, with an average of 14 hours of daylight. This means there’s more time to enjoy the city and all it has to offer.

What To Pack For Paris In August

Knowing how to pack for Paris during any season can be a bit tricky sometimes, but follow these tips to help on your trip during August.

When I pack for Paris, I prefer to blend in and look more like a local. I tend to stick with a neutral color palette but also pack versatile items that you can easily mix and match to look chic and classic during the summer season and August.

Pack a mix of trousers, dresses, skirts, and maybe a pair of jeans or two. Parisians don’t necessarily wear many shorts; however, on days when the weather is unbearably hot, you will see them in shorts.

However, keep the short shorts at home and instead go for a longer pair of Bermuda shorts in cotton or linen.

Also, keep your athleisurewear at home as this is not acceptable to walk around Paris if you want to look more like a local.

For a look at all my travel essentials for Paris, make sure to read this post here.

Woman wearing white button down with navy pants and flats.

Wearing Frank & Eileen Button Up (small), J.Crew Pants (TTS), and Sézane Sandals (TTS)

Neutral Outfits To Wear In Paris

Packing a neutral color palette and basics will help to make packing for Paris easier for several reasons. You can easily mix and match pieces to provide maximum versatility. So this way, you can plan out more outfits as well.

Clothing Fabrics To Pack

Since it will be the summer season and still warm, you want to consider the types of fabrics you are packing for Paris.

Choose lightweight fabrics such as linen or poplin cotton for tops and bottoms. You don’t want to pack anything too heavy. It’s also a good idea to always pack layers when visiting Paris.

You can easily wear a lightweight jacket in the morning and take it off by the afternoon, as the day heats up. Or, pack a few silk camis or tank tops to layer under a linen blazer or button-down top.

Last summer, we spent the entire month of July in Paris. If you want to know exactly what I wore, you can read about week 1-2 outfits here and week 3-4 outfits here.

Outfit combination to wear in Paris during the summer months.

Wearing Sézane Tee (medium), ba&sh Paris Skirt (small), and Sézane Milo Handbag.

Shoes To Pack For Paris In The Summer

Since Paris is a walking city with cobblestone streets, you should pack comfortable walking shoes. Leave the flip-flops and stilettos at home, as you won’t want those.

These days, it is completely acceptable to wear sneakers in Paris, and you will also see all the Parisians wearing them. This summer, I saw everyone wearing Adidas Sambas, Stan Smith, or Gazelle. You will also see American brands like NIKE and New Balance sneaking onto the Parisian scene as well.

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22 Pieces To Pack For Paris In

How To Pack For Paris In August
  1. Veronica Beard Silk Tank
  2. Madewell T-Shirt
  3. Frank & Eileen Linen Button-Up
  4. J.Crew Linen Tank
  5. FRAME Denim Skirt
  6. Adidas Stan Smith
  7. Alex Mill Vest
  8. Madewell Polka Dot Dress
  9. Sézane Justine Basket Bag
  10. J.Crew Linen Pants
  11. Sézane Gloria Flat Sandal
  12. Alex Mill Linen Pants
  13. Veronica Beard Cardigan
  14. J.Crew Wide Leg Denim
  15. Alex Mill Linen Skirt
  16. Cinq á Sept Blazer
  17. Steven Madden Sandal
  18. Chanel Lipstick
  19. Madewell Leather Crossbody Bag
  20. Madewell Denim Dress
  21. Madewell Navy Dress
  22. Nordstrom V-Neck Tank


Take a mixture of short-sleeved and button-down tops to Paris in July. Go for linen or poplin cotton to stay comfortable while looking classic and chic while walking the city. Pack a cardigan or lightweight blazer in case you want to dress up your outfit a bit.


Choose dresses and skirts in linen, tencel, or silk to help keep you cool. Go for a linen skirt that you can easily mix with other pieces. In addition, stick with a neutral dress to look like a local.

JEANS and pants

You won’t be wearing too many jeans during August, but if you are thinking of taking a few pairs, wear white and blue denim. Parisian women love to wear straight-leg or flare styles in these colors during the summer season.


Since Paris is a walking city, you will want to ensure comfortable shoes. A lot of the streets are cobblestones, so no high heels. So pack a pair of sneakers. Yes, you can also wear sneakers in Paris now.

Also, go with your favorite sandals or two in black or brown and a pair of slingbacks if you’ll be doing a lot of nice dinners or outings.

ACCESSORIES to pack for paris

Go light on the accessories when it comes to jewelry and handbags. Stick with classic jewelry pieces, maybe gold hoops or pearl earrings. If you wear necklaces, keep them simple and feminine.

You can still pack scarves in summer; choose lighter materials. Parisian women are still wearing scarves in July, with t-shirts or button-downs.

Here are several ways that you can wear each of the pieces together for maximum versatility and wear.

6 outfit ideas to wear in Paris during August.


6 outfit ideas to wear in Paris during the summer season.


6 outfit ideas to wear in Paris during August.


Hopefully, this post gives you a good idea of what to pack for Paris in August

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