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Paris In The Spring

Paris in the Spring sounds so romantic and wonderful. It’s one of the best times to visit when the city comes alive again, the cafés are bustling, and the flowers are starting to bloom all around the many parks. If you are lucky enough to visit Paris in Spring, you want to make sure you’re well packed to enjoy the city of lights.

I’ve put together a Paris in the Spring packing list for those visiting and maybe aren’t sure what to take. Paris can still be a bit chilly even in Spring, so make sure to take lots of layers. I’ve also included a checklist you can download to make sure you’ve crossed everything off your list.

Spring is a great time to visit Paris because it’s before the rush of the summer crowds, school isn’t out yet, and you can enjoy some beautiful weather. Along with the beautiful weather though, it can also be cold and rainy. It can be beautiful and sunny one minute and then you’re experiencing rain showers ( in french it’s called, les giboulées) the next minute.


What’s the weather like in Paris in the Spring? The temperatures are all over the place and can range anywhere from 40- 70 degrees. Also, remember Paris is by the Seine, so I always find it a bit chilly no matter what time of the year. Remember to check the weather right before you go so you sort of know what to expect. Although, I find it best to always expect the unexpected when it comes to the weather in Paris. It can be chilly in the morning, warm by the afternoon, and chilly and raining again the next minute.


The best thing to pack are layers, layers, and more layers. You can’t have enough layers when it comes to packing for Paris in the Spring. I always take my favorite long-sleeve tees, camisoles, and short sleeve tees to wear underneath whatever I am wearing for the day. Also, make sure to pack gloves and a cashmere scarf to have handy for the day if needed.

I carry this Longchamp tote around Paris in the Spring during the day in case I need to take anything off. Don’t leave your hotel thinking it’s warm enough to go outside without a coat or scarf because chances are you’ll be going back for them at some point during the day.

Make sure to pack an umbrella to carry in your tote for the day as you are sure to bring it out at some point. I think I’ve been to Paris once where the weather was absolutely incredible and I didn’t need an umbrella the entire trip, but that was definitely out of the ordinary.

You will also want to pack a few different coats based on what you will wear most. I always take a trench coat, blazer, and one other sort of jacket (leather, wool, or denim).

This is also a great time to still pack a cashmere sweater or two and long sleeve blouses. I love to take along this Everlane Cashmere Crewneck and my favorite Sèzane Gaspard. Of course, I always pack a striped sweater or two, so very Parisian.


Shoes are difficult because everyone’s comfort level varies. Whatever you take, make sure it’s comfortable enough to walk miles and miles all day long. Some good ideas for shoes that I have taken and worn are sneakers, ballet flats (I always wear my Chanel flats), loafers, and waterproof booties. Last Summer, I wore these Sèzane sneakers for the whole week and they were incredibly comfortable.

I pay more for my shoes but I am okay with that because being comfortable all day is more important than buying cheaper shoes and having blisters for the entire trip. I promise the investment will be worth it.

It’s also a good idea to take along some gel insoles and these Moleskine pads to put on the back of your shoes.

Neutral Outfits to Wear in Spring

Parisians are very neutral when it comes to dressing and when packing for Paris in the Spring, I prefer to keep my wardrobe neutral as well. This way, I can mix and match my outfits plus I like to blend in and maybe look more Parisian than standing out like a tourist.

Having a good mix of basics will serve you well on the trip and make it easy to get dressed for each day. Pack several pairs of jeans in different shades of blue and black. Several pairs of your favorite black or tan trousers, and neutral blouses. It’s also a good idea to pack a black dress or skirt for your evening outings.

Some of the tops I take are a white button-down, blue oxford shirt, striped top, silk top. A few of my favorite jeans to take would be a black pair of flare denim, (these flare jeans run very long, just FYI you might need to hem), blue denim, straight leg denim, and a regular pair of black denim.

One important thing to think about when packing is if you order items that need to be tailored, make sure to save time for this. I always try and have my items ordered at least a month or at the latest a few weeks before I leave so I can visit my tailor.

Travel Gear for Paris in Spring

When it comes to travel gear, I’ve learned over the years what works the best and items you may not think about but have helped me. When it comes to traveling on the plane this is what I always have with me. A great carry-on bag for the plane which is comfortable enough to carry everything I need. I have this carry-on bag but this Tumi bag is also a great option as well. Inside the bag, I pack my eye mask, travel pillow, water bottle, slippers ( I like to put these on when I am on the plane). Of course, my headphones are always with me as well as my Mer Sea wrap that goes everywhere.

A few beauty tips for when I travel to Paris. I try to stay away from more than one alcoholic drink on the plane due to hydration. I also put this hydrating face mask on when I board to keep my face hydrated and use this eye cream when we land to help with puffiness.

For my suitcase, I use these Amazon suitcases and they have been great. I also use these packing cubes to help so I can pack more and these laundry bags. This luggage scale always goes with me so I know how heavy my bags are, and this travel steamer is perfect and works very well.

Other important items not to forget would be adapters, phone and camera chargers, travel wallet if you want ( I use one and love it because I carry paperwork in there as well).

Paris Spring Packing Checklist

Included is a downloadable PDF packing list. Print this and check it off to make sure you have everything for your trip. You can download the packing list HERE.

graphic of what to pack for paris

Here are pieces I would pack for Paris and a few outfit ideas on how I would wear these pieces. All of these pieces are versatile, go with each other, and easily mix and match other pieces you already have. It’s not about having the exact piece listed but hopefully will give you some ideas when packing for your own trip. You can click on the “+” icon on each piece to be taken to the retailer’s website.

Paris in Spring Outfit Ide

graphic of outfit ideas for how to pack for paris

Best of all, enjoy your trip to Paris and savor every moment. There’s truly no other place like Paris.

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