How To Wear Bermuda Shorts


As I have become older, my wardrobe has shifted in multiple ways. Styles I used to love or wear all the time seem too trendy or not appropriate at this point. The length in my shorts being one of the ways my wardrobe has shifted. Now, I much more prefer something like a bermuda short and the various ways you can wear them. The biggest benefit to me being the longer length with most bermuda shorts coming about 1 inch above the knee.

Bermuda Shorts La Vie on Grand

What Are Bermuda Shorts

Bermuda shorts originated exactly where you would think, Bermuda. The are attributed to a gentleman who started hemming pants as a way for his employees to stay cool in the heat. They were then adopted by the British Army to wear during WW1 in hot climates. Vogue first coined the term “Bermuda shorts” in 1948 when shorts started to become more acceptable as part of daily wear. It would be years though before they became increasingly popular and not until the 1990s when they started to appear on the runways.

Today thankfully there’s an array of options to choose from and especially this Season I’ve noticed. Everyone from high end retailers like Net A Porter to Mango are carrying Bermuda shorts for Summer in cotton and linens.

How To Wear Bermuda Shorts

With Bermuda shorts being longer I always like to dress them up a bit more than I would if I was wearing a shorter pair of shorts. Bermuda shorts have that feeling of you could wear them to a nice garden party, a work event, or even a girls night out.

With A Blouse

Bermuda Shorts with a Blouse

Bermuda shorts look beautiful and classic with a nice blouse tucked into them. These pictured here are a linen pleated version from Madewell, which also come in black. This is a dressier look thanks to the pleats and paired with some ballet flats is the perfect lunch outfit. I went down a size in these shorts.

With A Button Down

Bermuda Shorts With a Button Down

This white pair from Amour Vert is incredibly soft and I love the long side pockets. Paired with a linen button down here this is a bit more of a casual look. Great for dinner on a patio somewhere or a morning coffee run. I went with my normal size on these shorts although the waist could be taken in a little. The smaller size was too small for me in the waist.

With A Tee

Bermuda with a Tee

My favorite detail on this pair from Madewell is the tied bow on the side which adds some fun to the bermuda shorts. I paired them with my favorite Cuyana tee and some espadrilles. This look could actually go either way being dressy or casual. These shorts fit true to size.

If you’re looking for a longer short option for Summer, then Bermuda shorts are the way to go. You can either dress them up or down and go for cotton or linen ones. I’ve rounded up a few other options as well.

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