La Rentrée The French Way

The French Way

Have you ever heard of La Rentrée? Probably not, unless you’re French or know someone who is French and has mentioned this before.

It’s the time in France after the long August summer holiday when school is back in session and normal life resumes, preparing for the new season ahead. Honestly, only the French would have a chic term for this sort of thing.

However, this had me thinking about how I am also excited for an entry into the Fall season. After, an amazing and memorable Summer trip, I am ready for a change of seasons and what’s to come.

I am looking forward to cozy sweaters, sitting outside drinking warm coffee on a cool Fall morning, seeing the leaves turn into beautiful shades of autumn tones, and wearing blazers, jeans, and loafers.

Here’s a little vision board I have of my version of La Rentrée-

Multiple pictures on a vision board of neutral, autumn tones

A few things to note that I am looking forward to for Fall.

What are you most looking forward to for Fall and how are you creating your own La Rentrée.

all images via Pinterest

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