Meaningful Ways To Update Your Closet With MERSEA

Update Your Closet With MERSEA

Today, I am showing you meaningful ways to update your closet with MERSEA and my favorite pieces. Since cleaning out my closet I have been looking for ways to add back timeless and classic pieces that I can wear for years to come.

Pieces that stand the test of time and ones which are versatile and can be worn with many things. I have said before that I don’t mind investing in an item if I will have it for years to come.

Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to work with the brand MERSEA, a local Kansas City brand, that specializes in living a simple and tranquil life. They also believe in travel and how it helps both mentally and physically, which I completely agree with.

Coming back from Paris, I have tended to look at things a little differently because you gain a different perspective when traveling. One thing I have noticed is how I look at my wardrobe.

I was so inspired and mesmerized by the way the French women dressed in Paris. They were all so incredibly classy and elegant.

It’s what I want going forward in my wardrobe. I want to feel confident in what I am wearing, and feel like I am the best version of myself in everything I do and this includes what I am wearing.

Clothes are a reflection of who you are and how you carry yourself. This was a lesson I learned from Cecil when talking about the way Parisian women dressed.

I want this site to be a reflection of that and the brands I work with and talk about will always be ones I believe in and ones that carry themselves to a higher standard. You should always feel beautiful in what you are wearing, I truly believe that.


MERSEA is one of those brands that I truly believe in and one that hold its quality to a higher standard. Each piece is beautifully made and mindfully made with attention to the smallest detail.

Mer actually means sea in French, so that’s how the name MERSEA came to be= MERCI. I couldn’t think of a more perfect brand to partner with.

There are 4 of my favorite MERSEA pieces I want to highlight that I love and I hope you love as well. All of these items are ones you will have for years to come.

Pieces all your girlfriends will want when they see you wearing them. And, most importantly, pieces you will feel beautiful and confident wearing.

Catalina Crewneck Sweater

Standing with hand on hair wearing a navy and white striped top

The Catalina Crewneck is one of those perfect for any time and anywhere sweaters. It’s a medium-weight knit with attention to detail in the fit and is so comfy. It’s the solution for those days when you need something to throw on but still want to look cute.

I love that it’s different than any other striped top I have because it’s a more relaxed fitting, there are two small pockets on the front which add to the design.

On each side of the top, there are open splits making for the roominess of the top and adding a little fun at the same time. This top is perfect for layering with a jacket or wearing by itself.

I am wearing the Catalina crewneck in the striped navy, but there are also many solid colors as well. I’ve paired it with straight-leg jeans and boots but you could easily do it with skinny jeans and high boots or under a blazer as well to dress it up.

  • Sizing: One Size Fits Most
  • Care: Gentle Wash,Tumble Dry Low (Although I hang all my tops to dry)
  • Colors: Comes in a total of 12 different colors

Click here to see more of the Catalina Crewneck Sweater

Lisbon Traveler

Standing holding coffee cup with green sweater and sunglasses on

When a sweater has beautiful detailing such as this Lisbon Sweater, it stands out from the rest and this traveler sweater does exactly that. With a lattice front design and mock turtleneck, this takes your average sweater from blah to super chic.

This sweater also has open sides with slits and a drop shoulder which make it super roomy and allows it to fit most sizes. It’s a medium-weight sweater and not heavy at all. It hits me a little below my waist, I am 5′ 5 1/2 for reference.

I am wearing it with black jeans here but it will also look great with white jeans, regular denim, and pants as well. When it gets colder I plan to wear it with my long black coat on top for an incredibly classic look.

  • Sizing: One Size Fits Most
  • Care: Gentle Wash, Tumble Dry Low (Although I hang all my tops to dry)
  • Colors: Comes in 6 Different Colors

Click here to see more of the Lisbon Sweater

Carmel Fitted Cashmere Sweater

holding coffee wearing dark grey sweater, jeans, flats, and sunglasses

This fitted Carmel cashmere sweater has to be one of my favorite sweaters of all time and my favorite MERSEA Piece. I have worn it for 3 days this week already. Nothing is more luxurious to me than a cashmere sweater.

It’s so lightweight and incredibly cozy and the fit is just right. It’s not too bulky, tucks in perfectly, and is perfect wearing by itself or layered underneath a blazer. I am wearing a medium charcoal color.

With a crewneck and roll hem sleeve, these are the little details that make this the perfect cashmere sweater. If there’s only one sweater you invest in this season, this should be that sweater.

  • Sizing: S-XL
  • Care: Dry Clean
  • Colors: Comes in 3 Different Colors

Click Here To See More Of The Carmel Fitted Cashmere Sweater

Charleston Wrap

Standing in a doorway wearing a travel wrap

MERSEA is known for its travel wraps and there’s a good reason why. A travel wrap is so versatile but doesn’t have to be just for travel. I take mine on every flight I take, but also to a restaurant, movies, or basically any place I think I might get chilly.

The Charleston Wrap is heavy enough to keep me warm but not too heavy where it’s overbearing. Sometimes, I even wear it with a belt around my waist. I love it so much that I even have it in black.

This specific wrap is a beautiful cotton-cashmere blend and also comes in a matching travel bag. One of my favorite things about MERSEA wraps is most come in a cute little travel bag making them perfect for gift giving. Who doesn’t want a beautiful wrap? The best gift idea ever.

Some of my other favorite MERSEA wraps are the Classic Travel Wrap, Beach Wrap, and Luxy Wrap which is 100% cashmere.

  • Sizing: One Size Fits Most
  • Care: Hand Wash, Dry Flat
  • Colors: Comes in 5 Different Colors

Click Here To See More Of The MERSEA Charleston Wrap

A few other MERSEA items I own that I also love are the Anywear Cardigan, the Anywhere Poncho in black, and a few candles which also make great gifts.

On my wish list are this gorgeous Oslo cashmere jogger and Hoodie set which looks like a dream to wear for lounging.

When thinking about items to invest in look at the quality of the item and think about how many times you will wear the item. If the quality is up to your standard and it’s an item you can wear many ways and keep for many years then it’s worth purchasing.

All of these favorite MERSEA pieces are ones that fit into both of those categories, I feel incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to work with brands that represent what I am looking for when investing in my closet.

These items were gifted by MERSEA however, these opinions are all my own. Thank you to MERSEA for working with me and thank you to my readers for supporting my blog.

This article contains affiliate links, if you should make a purchase I will make a small commission. Merci.


  1. Love all these pieces you highlighted! Definitely going to purchase a few items. I love the wrap I’m always cold!! I love your brown ankle boots- what brand are those? I so enjoy reading all your stuff you post. Have you considered people paying for your help with personal shopping and cleaning out their closet?

  2. I have been obsessing about this company for the last several months. I had no idea it is a KC company!!!

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