Paris in the fall with eiffel tower in the background
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Paris in the fall with eiffel tower in the background

Fall is one of the most beautiful times to be in Paris. And although we can’t all be there right now there are ways to Frenchify your Fall right at home from wherever you live.

We were in Paris a few years ago in early Autumn and it was incredibly beautiful and refreshing. There’s nothing like walking along the Seine with the crisp autumn air and breeze running through your hair.

There are easy simple ways you can bring a bit of Paris into your home for Fall and ones I can’t wait to do each year when the weather starts to turn. Here are 10 ways to Frenchify your Fall wherever you live.

Ways To Put Some French Into Your Fall

  • Make An Apple Galette
  • Listen To A Fall Playlist
  • Light A Parisian Candle
  • Have An Outdoor Picnic
  • Drink Red Wine
  • Eat Beef Bourguignon
  • Dress French For The Season
  • Have Some Calvados In The Evening
  • Put Out Some Dried Flowers
  • Virtually Transport Yourself To Paris

1. Make a Apple Galette

We love to go apple picking in the Fall and then I love to bake the apples and make Ina Garten’s French Apple Galette. There’s nothing better than the smell of Fresh baked apples in the kitchen.

This one is pretty easy as you use puff pastry for the crust and don’t have to make it from scratch. Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream if you like.

2. Listen To A Fall Playlist

When you’re cooking or just sitting around reading and are looking for a way to relax then turn on some Parisian music. To help get you inspired I created this playlist called Paris In the Fall.

It’s amazing how music can really help set the mood and get you into a Parisian state of mind. Even if you aren’t necessarily a francophile, try listening to this and see how it makes you feel.

3. Light A Parisian Candle

Each year I love to invest in a new Fall scent and this year I purchased the lovely Paris scent from Diptyque. The candle has a woody scent with some myrrh and it’s perfect for Fall.

Plus, the glass jar it comes in is beautiful sitting on the mantle. This candle would also make a great holiday gift for a special someone. Other favorite Fall scents include Ambre, Feu de Bois, and Figuier.

4. Have An Outdoor Fall Picnic

There’s no bad time ever for an outdoor picnic but one in the Fall is particularly charming and beautiful. Head to your favorite park, museum, or even your backyard. Put out a pretty blanket and take all your favorite snacks like a baguette, cheese, olives, and a bottle of red wine.

Take a portable speaker, turn on your favorite Parisian playlist, and spend the next few hours enjoying the crisp air, beautiful leaves, and the feeling of being outside.

5. Drink Red Wine

Fall is the best time to open a nice bottle of red wine on the patio in the evening to relax and put your thoughts of the day away. Some favorite red wines are a nice Côtes du Rhône, Bourdeaux, and Cab Franc.

You can find a great selection of French wines at reasonable prices at Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods. Some of my favorite French wine glasses are these beautiful ones from Williams Sonoma.

6. Eat Beef Bourguignon

Another meal I love to make when the weather starts to turn cooler is Ina Garten’s, Beef Bourguignon. This is one of our absolute favorite meals. I usually make it early on a Sunday because it takes some time and let it cook all day.

The smell of this lingering throughout the house as it cooks is so perfect for getting in a Fall mood. I serve this with a fresh baguette and in my favorite soup bowls. This is also the perfect meal to serve for guests when they come over.

7. Dress French For The Season

Fall is my favorite time of the year for dressing in blazers, coats, and beautiful sweaters. Feel French by dressing in a sweater like this gorgeous white Sézane sweater or the Johnson coat.

You can see my Fall capsule wardrobe here to get an idea of some French favorites for Fall.

8. Have Some Calvados In The Evening

Calvados is a type of brandy made in the Normandy region of France with apples. It starts out as an apple cider but is then fermented and put into oak casks where it has to remain for two years in order to be classified as Calvados.

You can check World Market or buy Calvados online.

9. Put Out Some Dried Flowers

Parisians love to display dried flowers in little vintage vases. Especially in the Fall when you can use dried hydrangeas or bundles of dried lavender or greenery. You can check your local floral shop for dried flowers, make your own, or Anthropologie also has a great selection.

10.Virtually Transport Yourself To Paris

Now it’s easier than ever to virtually transport yourself to Paris if you can’t be there. You can easily watch videos on youtube like this one of the beautiful Tuileries Gardens to magically be taken there.


F. Scott Fitzgerald

Let me know if you use any of these ways to put some French into your Fall, I would love to hear from you!

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