Elevate Your Style With These 5 Accessories

5 Accessories To Invest In To Elevate Your Style

Using accessories to elevate your style are simple and easy ways to keep your outfits looking classic and timeless.

It doesn’t take much to elevate an outfit from basic looking to chic and fabulous with a few pieces.

Wearing these 5 pieces below you can instantly elevate your outfits for day or night. As usual, most of my accessory inspiration comes from my love of French fashion and the way Parisian women dress. Effortless and elegant.

5 Accessories to Elevate Your Style

Silk Scarf To Elevate Your Style

A silk scarf is a gorgeous way to elevate your style that can be easily done and instantly adds sophistication to your outfit. Wearing a scarf doesn’t need to be thought of as complicated or something only your grandmother wears.

French women consider a scarf one of their main accessories which can be worn daily. You can either choose to wear your scarf like a French woman or just drape it around your shoulders and tie a simple knot.

Silk scarves are the best option when it comes to what kind of scarf to wear mostly because of the fabric. They are lightweight and breathable, much better than cotton. This makes it easy to wear a silk scarf during the warmer months of the year.

The ultimate luxury silk scarf is Hermès of course but this comes with a luxury price. You can find gently used ones on sites such as The Real Real, Vestiaire Collective, or Fashionphile.

For more affordable options look at places like J.Crew, Cuyana, Nordstrom, Banana Republic, and LilySilk.

Red Lip

A red lip is bold and beautiful and can be worn any day of the week, it’s not just for going out. Honestly, I didn’t start wearing red lipstick until I really started studying French fashion and how women dressed.

I kept noticing that besides looking so chic and classic, red lips would be an accessory to the outfit. The outfit can be incredibly simple but a red lip just adds a touch of elegance, and sophistication, and is a way to easily elevate your outfit without doing much.

Of course, there are so many varying shades of red you can wear. Maybe you prefer a deeper shade of red or a lighter one. However, if you are doing a red lip, I would keep the rest of your makeup pretty simple.

The colors I wear the most are Chanel Rouge Coco Bloom, #140 ALIVE, Sisley Phyto-Rouge, #41 RED LOVE, Chanel Les Beiges INTENSE, and Chanel Rouge Coco Baume, #924 FALL FOR ME.

Leather Bag

A nice leather handbag is one of those items you want to invest in because you will carry this bag for years. Plus, it’s beautiful and instantly brings an outfit together.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a leather bag but I would recommend investing in one made with quality. I would also stick with more of a more neutral color which you can use year-round versus one just for the season.

Some of my favorite brands for well-designed and quality bags are Sézane, A.P.C., and Cuyana. However, you can also find reasonably priced bags at places like Mango and & Other Stories.

Two of my favorite bags currently are the A.P.C. Grace Bag which I have used for over a year and the Sézane Milo, which I just currently bought but can already see myself using for years. Both bags are classic and look like high-end designer bags but at a fraction of the cost.


As Coco Chanel said, “A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future.” This is another lesson I learned from French women, wear a daily scent. Something that isn’t overbearing but a scent that represents you.

You may not think of perfume or a fragrance as an accessory to elevate your style but it very much is indeed.

I love it when I can remember a memory or a specific place by the smell. Perfume is incredibly personal to everyone but it can truly make you feel amazing.

Wearing perfume has become a daily part of my routine. I put it on right after I am dressed and it does make me feel complete and makes me feel like I’ve elevated my style for the day.

You know which scents you prefer over others. And, if you don’t want to wear a specific perfume might I suggest a beautiful body oil instead that might give off a small floral scent?

My favorite perfume that I wear daily is from Sézane but it’s not something that can be purchased in the states. I have to buy my bottle when I am in Paris but here are a few iconic scents to get you started.


Jewelry might seem like the most practical accessories to elevate your style but it is also a very personal preference.

I prefer to wear small earrings or a necklace as an addition to my everyday outfits. My daily earrings are these simple gold hoops or diamond studs.

For times when you are heading to a party or a festivity of some kind, maybe something sparkly or dangly will be the right piece to wear.

These are all easy accessories to elevate your style but other ways as well are with sunglasses, shoes, and jackets. You’re just looking for simple additions to your outfits to make them timeless and always classic.

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