Favorite French Pieces For The Home

French Pieces For The Home

I am always asked about my favorite French pieces for the home. When it comes to decorating our house like everything else, I am inspired by the French. Over the years, I have collected my favorite French items to fill our home and bring a bit of French living to Kansas City.

You don’t have to live in France or even be French to experience owning and loving a French-inspired home. It’s all about adding the simple yet elegant touches to everyday living that makes the difference.

The one thing I love about the way the French decorate is how simple yet beautiful and meaningful it feels. I read the book, Home Sweet Maison, a few years ago and learned so much about a French home and what it entails and what it means to the homeowner. It was a very inspiring read.

You can also read more about how the French have inspired my decorating here.

flowers on a marble mantle

Here are 10 of my favorite French home items for you to enjoy and maybe add to your home.

1. French Gold Mirror

If you look at any picture on Pinterest of a Parisian apartment, you will most likely always find a gold mirror. The French use beautiful gilded mirrors as decor pieces over fire mantles, against a wall, and throughout the home.

Besides, the fact mirrors make a space look larger there’s nothing more beautiful than seeing a beautiful gilded gold mirror when you walk in somewhere.

When we moved into our home, the first item I wanted to buy was the Primrose Mirror from Anthropologie that’s now above our mantle.

Decorated with flowers and candles in front of the mirror, it’s such a gorgeous statement piece for the room. You could also find mirrors at flea markets or antique stores as well but I had my eye on this specific mirror for a while.

2. French Mason Jars

These types of jars make for beautiful displays filled with fresh flowers. I invested in two sizes of these when we first moved into our home, small and large. I can’t tell you how many times these jars are used on a weekly basis.

Out of all my vases, these have been used the most. I fill the small one with tulips, roses, or ranunculus. The large French mason jar I use for hydrangeas, branches in the fall, and greenery.

These would be a great gift to ask for a special occasion and trust me when I say you will use them all the time.

3. French Glassware

I have always been attracted to beautiful glassware and French glassware is no different. We use French glassware as our everyday glassware and as our entertaining glassware.

The French brand Duralex makes some amazingly durable everyday glasses. I have dropped these several times on the kitchen floor (don’t recommend this), but the glasses have never broken once.

They come in several different sizes and we use all 3 sizes for our everyday use.

I am always amazed and in awe of the drinking glasses at cafés and restaurants in France. Every time I come home, I am wanting to look for the exact glasses.

We have some beautiful vintage glasses for our entertaining, wine, champagne, and cocktail glasses. Simple yet elegant and beautiful to display on a table as well.

4. French Candles

The French love their scents and are very serious about how a scent works. If you’ve ever been into a candle or perfume shop in Paris then you know what I am talking about.

Two of the most famous French candles are Diptyque and Cire Trudon which not only have beautiful scents but beautiful glass bottles as well as loyal followers.

A beautiful French candle can add such a feeling to a space making it cozy, warm, and welcoming. I love to light my candles, turn on some French café music, and welcome friends over for a beautiful evening.

5. French Dinnerware

A few years ago I started purchasing French dinnerware from Elsie Green online. I love the intimate and simple designs of the dishes.

The beautiful blues and green hues on the plates and the fact they each have a story to tell. I love thinking about the fact these plates were once in someone’s French home.

We use these dishes as our everyday dinnerware, not just for special occasions. I am a firm believer in using whatever beautiful pieces you have and not saving them for a holiday or special party.

When you eat your meals on beautiful dinnerware, you feel better and maybe the food tastes better as well.

6. French Linens

Along with French dinnerware are French linens. Some of my favorite French linens are simple colored napkins that came from ETSY or a local shop.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on linens, you can even get some beautiful ones from eBay, a vintage store, or an online source.

I also love our kitchen towels which say Bon Appetit on them. Besides being great towels to hang for decor they are actually very functional. In fact, they are my favorite kitchen towels because they always dry things quickly. These towels I usually buy from Vive et Margot when she has some sort of sale.

7. French Silverware

If I am collecting French dinnerware and linens then of course I couldn’t leave out silverware. My silverware collection started with an antique set my grandmother gave me years ago.

Since, I have purchased French silverware off ETSY, from Elsie Green, and at a local French antique store. You can find these items so reasonably and they add a beautiful touch to your dinner table.

We also have a set of Laguiole Steak Knives we received for Christmas many years ago and they are worth every penny.

8. French Art

Art is such a personal subject and means something different to everyone. I have always been a fan of Claude Monet and French impressionism. I remember growing up and buying my first box of Claude Monet notecards. I was so excited and kept them for years because I didn’t want to let them go.

Most of the art in our house is French either by a French painter or it’s a French subject. I’ve sourced French art from local antique stores, online stores, a bookstore in Paris, and walking along the Seine from one of the vendors.

I’ve also had a friend paint a beautiful picture of a town we visited in Normandy one year that is very special.

9. French Books

Having such a passion for the French way of life, I have collected quite a collection of French books over the years. Everything from fashion, to decor, to even cookbooks.

I love displaying all my books on our bookshelf and even though most of them are coffee table books, I am still so proud of them.

If you read books about how the French live, they discuss in detail how they all have books in their home on display. Not necessarily coffee table books, but more actual books they are reading.

Books can tell a lot about a person so if you were to ever step into our home then you will definitely know how much I love French culture.

10. French Kitchen Soap

Not only a beautiful decoration but French kitchen soap smells heavenly and feels amazing. I use Savon de Marseille glass bottles in the bathroom and a big block of Savon de Marseille in the kitchen.

Both of these would also make beautiful gifts as well that would definitely be used.

13 Favorite French Items For The Home
  1. Primrose Gold Mirror
  2. Diptyque Candle
  3. Chanel Coffee Table Book
  4. How To Be Parisian Wherever You Are Coffee Table Book
  5. Elsie Green Dinnerware
  6. Bon Appetit Tea Towel
  7. French Wine Glass
  8. French Mason Jars
  9. Duralex Drinking Glasses
  10. Laguiole Steak Knives
  11. Cire Trudon Candles
  12. Savon De Marseille Cube Soap
  13. Savon De Marseille Liquid Soap

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