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Paris, Provence, and London Itinerary

Paris, Provence, and London

We are home from our 20-day trip abroad to Paris, Provence, and London, and what an experience. This was truly an amazing trip and one I will cherish forever.

I wanted to get out our itinerary of how we spent the 20 days aboard. I will do a more in-depth itinerary going through each location in future posts.

Each spot was thought out and planned for all by us. We didn’t use any sort of travel agency but went off an itinerary of what we wanted to do, places we wanted to see, and experiences we wanted to try.

I’ve also included a few photos from the trip but I have several hundred more to go through to share with all of you.

So for now, here’s a brief recap of each day and some photos. Stay tuned for more.

You can see what I wore in each place in these posts: What I wore in Paris, What I wore in Provence, and What I wore in London.

Graphic of 20 Day Europe Trip
12 pictures of Paris, Provence, and London

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