London – What I Wore

Outfits To Wear In London

We just finished the last city on our trip and here’s what I wore in London.

The weather in London was a mix of cool and warm during the day. London was seeing warmer temps than normal so I actually had to change up a few things I was planning on wearing.

Originally, I had planned on the weather in London being mostly cool and that I would stick with pants and jeans the entire time plus long sleeve tops.

One day it was rather cool in the morning, so I was able to wear a blazer and trousers but by the afternoon it was a bit warmer. I would say my linen Mango blazer was the perfect piece for the entire trip.

You can read about what I wore during our Paris and Provence parts of the trip in these posts.

London – Day 1 Look – What I Wore

Mango Linen Blazer- Reformation TrousersLinen Tank VINCE Sandals A.P.C. Leather Bag

On our first day, we walked around Windsor and Eton, which were a bit cooler than London.

I wore these Reformation Mason Pants in the Khaki color ( I have the petite size 6) along with my favorite linen blazer (I sized down), which I have worn multiple times this trip. Also, a linen tank, VINCE sandals, and carried this A.P.C. leather bag.

This is a look I love because it’s very classic and timeless. The trousers are extremely comfortable and I love the combination of white and khaki with a sprinkle of black added in as well.

London – Day 2 Look – What I Wore

Mango BlazerMother DenimLinen TankVINCE SandalsLongchamp Bag

On the second day, we took the train to London where it was cool in the morning but much warmer in the afternoon.

This lightweight flowy Mango blazer ( True to size) was perfect for the day along with the same linen tank as the day before. Finished with my absolute favorite pair of Mother denim (true to size), VINCE sandals, and a Longchamp bag.

London – Day 3 Look – What I Wore

Mango Linen Blazer Ba&sh Paris DressVINCE SandalsLongchamp Bag

The last day in London was much warmer than the previous two days. I started out wearing the linen Mango blazer but took it off by lunchtime. I also wore a ba&sh Paris dress that day which was nice and flowy and breezy. Along with VINCE sandals and carried a Longchamp bag with extra water bottles for the day.

Overall, I would have to say I was rather happy with what I wore in London considering I had to change a few things. This is another example of why packing and wearing classic, timeless, outfits you can mix and match are always the best way to go.

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