Sézane Fall Favorites

My Favorites from the Sézane Fall Collection

Fall is my favorite season to get dressed and this autumn season, I’ve added several favorite pieces from the new Sézane fall collection.

If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, then you know how much I adore this French brand. Not only for the stylish Parisian looks that come out of their Paris Atelier but also because of the quality of the pieces and the creative minds behind the brand.

Who Is Sézane

Sézane is a French brand that I first discovered back in 2017 when I was googling French clothing brands. I ordered my first sweater from them and instantly fell in love with the brand. I have continued to add more and more pieces from Sézane each year.

I always like to provide a little background on the brand for maybe those who aren’t familiar with Sézane and maybe don’t understand why I talk about them so much.

Being a French brand, Sézane is dedicated to creating high-qual­ity, perfectly-cut pieces that can be worn forever. Sézane was born in Paris & craf­ted using the exper­t­ise of the best ateliers.

When I think about timeless, classic, chic pieces Sézane is always first to mind so I know when I invest in new pieces each season, I will continue to wear them for years to come.

Favorite Sézane Fall Pieces

Here are my favorite new pieces I have recently added from the new Sézane fall collection. If you are curious about sizing with Sézane, I have two other posts which discuss this exact topic. You can find those posts here and also here.

For reference, I am 5′ 5 1/2 inches and either a small/medium in tops and size 6 in bottoms.

James Coat

Lady wearing navy sezane jacket with black jeans, black boots, and brown leather handbag walking down the stairs

The minute I saw the James Coat online, I added it to my cart. There is nothing more timeless and elegant to me than a navy coat. I also own the Johnson Coat in Navy as well, another favorite, but the James coat is a little shorter than the Johnson, which is more mid-length.

The gold buttons on this coat are what stand out to me, they add a bit of detail. You can either dress the coat up or down.

The James is a double-breasted coat with a shawl collar, mostly wool, and lined which I always appreciate in a coat.

I actually sized down on this coat which is surprising because most of the time I will go up with a Sézane coat. So far, this might be my absolute fall favorite from Sézane.

I can still wear a sweater underneath but it’s a bit more fitted this way. If you want to wear a sweater underneath and still want a lot of room, then you might want to size up.

Wearing Size- 4 in U.S. and size 36 in French.

Trudy Jumper

Lady wearing striped sweater with dark denim, brown boots, and striped sweater

Ask me how many striped tops or sweaters I have and the answer is endless. However, whoever said you could have too many stripes. During fall, I always seem to find a Sézane favorite that I must add to my collection.

This year, I purchased the Trudy Jumper in the ecru/navy color in a medium because I like my sweaters to be a bit more relaxed looking.

The Trudy Jumper is mohair and wool so if that sort of fabric bothers you at all, then maybe this one isn’t for you. It doesn’t bother me at all but I usually wear a cami or tank underneath as well.

Like the James Coat, the gold button detail also stuck out to me because it elevates the sweater a bit, it’s not just another striped sweater.

Every fall I always add a stripe to the mix because I don’t think you can ever go wrong. Sézane always seems to have my favorite stripes.

Wearing Size M.

Eduardo Jumper

The Eduardo Jumper is so frilly and chic all at the same time, I have nothing like it in my closet. I decided to add this one because I love the fact you can take off the lace collar if you want and basically get another look out of it.

I am wearing a medium as it’s a bit more fitted and made with merino wool. It’s not as heavy or warm as a few others I purchased but I like the fact it’s a bit more lightweight and can be worn easily under jackets or blazers.

This is the perfect sweater to dress up with the Austin Trousers for work or more professional settings. During the evening, you can switch to straight-leg jeans , which are another Sézane fall favorite, and wear them to dinner with a jacket.

Wearing Size M.

Other Favorites I’ve Purchased

You can always see all my favorite Sézane favorites in the SHOP section.

This post contains affiliate links, should you make a purchase I will make a small commission, Merci.

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