Where To Eat In Paris

Paris has no shortage of places to eat and I’ve listed my favorite ones in Paris by arrondissement. You will find cafes, bistros, and brasseries, after all, Paris is the gastronomic capital of the world, right?

Every time I go to Paris, my goal is always to try new places and eat at a few of my favorites as well. These are all restaurants

As the seasons start to change, several of these restaurants have outdoor seating, as well as indoor seating. We always try and sit outside when the weather is appropriate, but a lot of times the inside seating is where the locals eat and where the charm is located.

Most of these restaurants are reasonably priced with the exception of a few which I have mentioned in the description. Make sure to check if the restaurant has a specified dress code as well. Cafés will always be casual dress but restaurants sometimes will mention a dress code on their website.

Where To Eat In Paris By Arrondissement

1st Arrondissement

Le Meurice Hotel

One of the prettiest settings for breakfast is the Le Meurice Hotel. Try and ask for the Versailles-inspired room with pastries by Cédric Grolet. Pricey but absolutely gorgeous and worth the experience. Also, an excellent place for high tea in the afternoon. Make a reservation online and dress appropriately.

La Rose de France

La Rose de France is a quaint and authentic French restaurant located in Place Dauphine. The outside decor and patio are what drew us in for lunch one beautiful day. This is a cute little spot if you happen to be walking around Place Dauphine.

The menu is authentic French, I had an amazing Beef Bourguignon and the wine was also just as good. Try and sit on the patio if you can and watch everyone coming through the square.

We did not make reservations here and just walked up and were immediately seated.

Le Tout- Paris

We had lunch here on our first day and couldn’t have asked for a better place to start. Le Tout- Paris is located in the Cheval Blanc hotel and offers panoramic views of the city. It’s absolutely incredible and highly recommended.

Ask to be seated by the window and enjoy the incredible view and amazing food. This is definitely a pricier meal but worth every aspect in my opinion.

There wasn’t a specific dress code requested here however I wouldn’t go in athleisure wear or shorts.

You absolutely want to make reservations here, they open 2 months in advance. You can also have your meal inside and then ask for a table on the terrace to enjoy a glass of wine and the spectacular view.

Lou Lou Paris

Located near the Louvre, Lou Lou Paris is an Italian delight with an incredible artsy atmosphere and amazing people-watching.

You absolutely must make a reservation here if you plan to get in and reservations open 3 weeks in advance. If you don’t find the date you want immediately, keep checking back to see if something opens up.

The restaurant starts serving dinner at 7:30 and we were one of the first ones there because the only reservation available was at 7:30. I would love to be here later on in the evening to see more of the vibe.

I would also love to come back and eat here when the terrace is open because it looks absolutely beautiful and I bet watching the sunset from here is spectacular.

The food here is great but definitely overpriced so be prepared. Also, when you make the reservation it says that the attire is elegant. I wore a dress and tall boots and felt properly dressed. You will see all kinds here and I loved just sitting and watching the room.

This is another place that gets mixed reviews because it’s a mix of tourists who just have way too much money and some locals as well. We actually ended up having a delightful conversation with the French couple next to us.

If you are looking for a fun experience in a fancy restaurant then this is your place. After your dinner, you could walk a few blocks to the Ritz Paris for a nightcap.

4th Arrondissement

Les Fous de l’Ile

Les Fous de L’ile, which means, the fools of the island, is a wonderful restaurant located on the island of île Saint-Louis in the 4th arrondissement. The restaurant is inviting, and lively, and the staff is wonderful.

The menu contains seasonal dishes and each day of the week, there is a new lunch dish to try. The restaurant has typical French hours of 12-2:30 and 7-10:30. You can make a reservation online.

5th Arrondissement

La Rôtisserie d’Argent

A classic French Bistro located on the left bank, La Rôtisserie d’Argent, is known for its roast chicken, which I can confirm is excellent. The restaurant also serves classic French dishes like steak tartare, steak and frites, and duck.

The particular day we went was on a Sunday when they were incredibly busy. The manager was the one to seat us and he was very French. At one point, we caught him yelling at a server because he cut the bread wrong. The French are very particular about details.

We sat inside the restaurant because it was a bit warm but there’s a quaint and charming section outside by the river you can sit and eat.

I had the roast chicken, London had a chicken Caesar salad which she claims is the best she’s ever had, and Nathan had the beef tartare. Everyone was incredibly happy with their choices and we agreed we would definitely go back.

The restaurant is a bit pricey and you definitely want to make a reservation.

6th Arrondissement

La Gorgee

La Gorgee, was a very unexpected amazing meal at a cozy bistro around the corner from our hotel. We actually had planned to eat at the restaurant next door but they couldn’t take us and suggested we walk next door to La Gorgee.

We ended up getting the better end of the deal because the minute you walk into La Gorgee, you know you’re about to have an amazing experience.

Everything from the server to the food wine, and dessert were incredible. I think we ended up staying around 3 hours because we were enjoying the evening so much.

The food was so fresh and delicious and a great take on traditional French dishes but with a healthy twist. The menu is written in chalk outside so you can catch a glimpse ahead of time.

Our server was so charming and part of what made the experience so great. He took care of every table in the restaurant and made sure everyone was enjoying themselves.

Le Comptoir du Relais Saint Germain

A very quaint and charming French bistro in the 6th, Le Comptoir, is always bustling with people and is one of those places that don’t take a reservation. Unless of course, you are staying at the attached hotel then you are guaranteed a reservation.

Visiting in November has its perks as normally this would be pretty impossible to get a table however we were able to walk up on a chilly November evening. The patio had heaters and the wine was flowing, so it worked for us.

It’s a great area to sit and people-watch with lots of excitement all around and the food is pretty delicious as well. Our meals were incredibly fresh and full of flavor, and the prices were reasonable.

If you find yourself in the area then I would definitely see if there’s a patio table open but if not then try and sit inside the charming bistro.

After dinner, you could walk across the street to Le Hibou another great spot for an evening drink or there’s a great gelato place as well on the corner.

7th Arrondissement

La Fontaine de Mars

A French institution, La Fontaine de Mars, is a bistro-brasserie that has been around for nearly 30 years and is incredibly authentic. If you are looking for the quintessential French bistro experience then this is your place.

It’s near the Eiffel Tower but doesn’t feel incredibly tourist when we went there were several tables all speaking French which is always a good sign in my opinion.

The moment you walk in, you sort of feel you’ve been transported back to Paris in the days of Julia Child. The red checkered tablecloths and napkins were some of my favorite details. Also the fact, they put a big crock of cornichons on your table, which I love.

The signature dishes are the Chicken with morels and the cassoulet. I had the steak and frites which weren’t amazing but my friend had the cassoulet and it was incredible.

You need to make a reservation here and ask to be seated downstairs among the locals.

8th Arrondissement

Café Lapérouse

A chic and beautiful restaurant located around Place de la Concorde, Cafe Laperouse, has interiors designed by the artistic designer of Dior Maison.

This lively and gorgeous restaurant is open for breakfast to late-night cocktails and considering the area and decor is reasonably priced.

We went for breakfast one morning and I had an egg dish that was wonderful. I know the reviews are mixed on this place but overall it was wonderful. But I wish it had been a bit warmer because we would have chosen to sit outside on the lovely terrace if so.

I am not sure how this restaurant would be for dinner or even late-night cocktails but I think it’s a great place to start the day off.

11th Arrondissement

Le Chardenoux

An absolutely gorgeous but intimate bistro in the 11th, Le Chardenoux was one of my favorite places. We went for lunch one afternoon and the interior is simply beautiful and every detail was incredibly Parisian.

The red velvet benches, engraved glass, ornate ceiling, and vibe of the 100-year-old bar, listed as a historic monument, contribute to this delightful experience.

The menu is comprised of a lot of fish, which was of course delicious. Every aspect of the meal was wonderful and beautifully presented.

Everyone around us was speaking French, which is always a good sign in a restaurant. The tables are close together but that’s what makes for the atmosphere.

I would suggest you book a reservation for either lunch or dinner. The restaurant is another from Cyril Lignac, who has multiple restaurants around the city, all different and unique.

Hopefully, this has helped when deciding where to eat in Paris and your next trip to the city of light will no doubt be amazing and full of great cuisine.

I would love to know if you choose to eat at any of these places during your visit to Paris.

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