5 Ways To Wear White Jeans In The Fall

Ways To Wear White Jeans

Can you wear white jeans in the Fall? Yes, and I am showing you 5 ways to wear white jeans in the Fall today. Gone are the days of thinking you can’t wear white after Labor Day.

So, don’t pack away your white jeans with the rest of your Summer wardrobe. White jeans can actually be worn all year round, just change a few things out.

I am wearing my favorite perfect vintage white denim from Madewell. The fit is absolutely perfect, although you do have to size down one for the best fit.

Here are just a few ways you can wear white jeans into the Fall:

  • White Jeans With A Blazer
  • White Jeans With A Trench Coat
  • White Jeans With A Black Tee and Scarf
  • White Jeans With A Wrap
  • White Jeans With A Cashmere Sweater

Pair Them With A Blazer

One of my favorite ways is to pair the white jeans with a wool blazer for Fall. There is nothing more chic looking to me than wearing a blazer with jeans. The blazer just helps elevate the look.

A grey blazer is a great contrast to the white and gives it a timeless and classic look. I love this oversized blazer from Everlane but another great option is the one from J.Crew as well.

standing with grey blazer and white jeans in front of a building

Madewell White Jeans | Mer Sea Cashmere Sweater | Everland Blazer (Similar) | Black Flats | Black Bag

Wear With A Trench Coat

An easy and still classic look is to wear white jeans with a tee and trench coat. A trench coat is one of my favorite coats to have on hand for every season. So timeless and easy to throw on with anything.

You could even wear a black trench coat as well to still have the same classic look. This one is from Banana Republic but I also love this one from J.Crew and Cuyana.

A pair of black pumps will also be great with this outfit for a night out or to dress it up a bit.

wearing a trench coat with white jeans, holding black purse, and wearing black flats

Madewell White Jeans | Banana Republic Black Long Tee | Banana Republic Trench Coat | Black Bag

With A Black Tee & Scarf

An easy look to put together is wearing the white jeans with a long sleeve black tee and accessorizing with a scarf. The black tee is a long sleeve from Banana Republic, but any long sleeve will do. You could even wear a short sleeve tee and add a blazer or jacket.

The scarf I actually picked up from a cute little vendor in Paris one cold and rainy afternoon. It’s one of those touristy things but I truly treasure this scarf. I like to wear the scarf just draped around my shoulders but it could also be knotted as well around the neck.

standing in front of a wall wearing white jeans, black tee, and scarf

Madewell White Jeans | Banana Republic Long Tee | Scarf (from Paris) | Black Flats

With A Wrap and Belt

My favorite way to wear a wrap is with a belt around the waist. This is my all-time favorite wrap from Mer Sea, which is a cashmere and cotton blend. This look is incredibly classy and chic and perfect for wearing to lunch or hanging out with girlfriends.

You can still wear the wrap and be warm but the look is more structured with the belt around the waist. I love the mink color of this wrap but any color will do since you are wearing it with the white jeans.

wearing wrap with white jeans standing in front of a column

Madewell White Jeans | Banana Republic Tee | Mer Sea Wrap | Sèzane Belt | Black Bag | Chanel Flats

A Favorite Cashmere Sweater

For school drops offs and coffee runs, a cashmere sweater is perfect with white jeans. This is one of the best cashmere sweaters I’ve ever owned.

It feels luxurious and is so incredibly comfortable to wear. I want it in every color because this is going to be one of those sweaters I reach for over and over.

This would be a great look with a pump as well or an ankle bootie to dress it up even more.

standing in front of building with grey sweater, white jeans, and black bag

Madewell White Jeans | Mer Sea Cashmere Sweater | Black Flats | Black Bag

You don’t have to feel intimated to wear white jeans in the Fall. Hopefully, these 5 outfits have shown you how easy it is to wear white jeans in the Fall and all year long.

Most of these looks are more contrasting but you could easily make it a monochrome look with a white or cream sweater and light brown booties as well.

Just don’t be afraid to wear white jeans in the Fall. They are just as important as all the other denim in your closet.


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