Daily Look 10.14.2022

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  1. I’m so happy to have found you! You have truly mastered French style, which I’ve always found hard to pull off. Brava to you for trying to teach American women to leave the sweats, leggings, bling, spandex, and polyester behind. It’s so depressing to walk down a city street in the US these days, especially after COVID…I thought people would be dying to get out of their sweats and dress up a little, but the opposite seems true!! I fear we’ve all become appalling slobs. So, I’m thrilled to see your inspiring blog!

    1. Hi Jessica! I am so happy you found me as well. I think French dressing is so easily attainable, it truly doesn’t take much! And, I agree unfortunately about people getting dressed after COVID, it seems to have relaxed everyone a bit too much. Happy to provide inspiration along the way! Thank you for reading and following along!

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