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What To Wear On The Plane To Paris

One of the questions I am asked frequently is what to wear on the plane to Paris. We all know once we touch down in the city of light, we are instantly surrounded by that Parisian way of dressing and the effortless way they all look put together.

However, when traveling on long flights, whether to Paris or anywhere in general, you want to be comfortable for the duration of your flight. There is a way to do this without having to wear head-to-toe athleisurewear.

When I travel to Paris, I wear any outfit I would normally wear in Paris. I do keep comfort in mind but for me, dressing always helps to set my mood. When I dress more put together, I feel more confident.

what to wear on the plane to paris with navy sweater, black pants, and sneakers and a scarf.

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What To Wear On The Plane To Paris

Travel Outfit Ideas For Paris

Here are 5 outfits to provide some inspiration for your next trip to Paris and also what to wear on the plane. You could easily get off the plane wearing any of these outfits and immediately head into Paris looking ready to go.

They are also outfits you can wear during your trip to the city of light in spring. Classic, timeless, and elevated pieces, which also look polished and put together. All of these looks are inspired by outfits I have worn to Paris over the years.

Remember, everyone is different and ultimately, you have to wear what you will be most comfortable in for the duration of the flight to Paris.

1. Cashmere Sweater + Sweater Pants + Scarf + Sneakers

What to wear on the plane to paris to look chic and classic.

Sweater (alternative) | Sweater Pants | Scarf | Sneakers | Earrings | Bag

A chic and classic look for the plane ride to Paris is a navy cashmere sweater with a pair of black pants. Go for comfort with these pants from J.Crew, while still looking timeless. Add a scarf for a pop to the outfit while also helping to stay warm on the plane if needed.

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2. Cashmere Crewneck | Trousers | High Tops | Leather Tote

cashmere sweater with trousers, black leather bag, converse high tops.

Cashmere Sweater | Trousers | Leather Bag | High Tops| Earrings

These trousers are a classic pair you can wear with a cashmere or cotton sweater and high tops. Converse high tops are one of the more popular sneakers you will see in Paris. You might as well wear them on the plane.

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3. Striped Sweater + Black Denim + Sneakers + Longchamp

What to wear on the plane to look chic, classic, and timeless.

Striped Sweater | Black Denim | Sneakers | Longchamp Tote | Earrings

This sweater can be worn two ways, with buttons in front like a cardigan or in the back. Either way, wear a black T-shirt underneath and then take off if necessary. It’s so cozy, relaxed, and comfortable for a plane ride to Paris.

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4. Blue Oxford + Black Trousers + Ballet Flats + Leather Tote

Blue oxford shirt with black pants, black ballet flats, and celine bag for what to wear on plane to Paris.

Blue Oxford | Black Trousers | Ballet Flats | Leather Tote | Earrings

Go with a classic oxford with a pair of trousers and ballet flats for a very simple yet timeless travel outfit.

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5. Stripe Top + Cashmere Wrap + Trousers + Sneakers + Tote

What to wear on the plane to Paris to look chic, classic, and timeless.

Cashmere Wrap (this is my favorite one) | Striped Top | Black Trousers | Sneakers | Tote

A very classic Parisian look with a striped top, trousers, and sneakers. When you get cold, wrap up in a cashmere wrap that can also double as a blanket.

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Hope these outfits provided a bit of inspiration on what to wear on the plane for your next trip to Paris.

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  1. We are travel fashion twins. Great website! I travel extensively worldwide and always try to dress for comfort and style. Quality clothes, easy to maintain and mix and match is a must. Scarves and few accessories add the final touches.

    1. Hi Nicole, Thank You! I couldn’t agree more about quality clothes, especially ones that are easy to maintain and versatile! And, I definitely love a great scarf!
      Have a great day and thanks for taking the time to read and comment,

    1. Hi There,
      Yes! I have been trying to get an appointment for global entry but it’s a little tricky where I live! Hopefully soon 🙂 Thankfully I have TSA precheck but still need the global entry.
      Have a great day!

  2. RE: the athletic shoes & challenging with tying/retying,
    First, these typically are the heaviest & bulkiest shoes ones brings for travel because they are also great for lots of walking, so wearing vs. packing them makes sense.
    After dealing with that untying/retying annoyance after many flights, several years ago I bought Lock Laces & have at least one pair of athletic shoes with those Laces. They work great!

  3. Why would you wear tennis shoes, like Converse, on a plane? They are hard to get off & on going through security &
    increase foot oder! Loafers or ballet flats would look nicer! Thanks for showing one outfit with flats! Safe travels!

    1. Hi Elizabeth, I always try and wear the heaviest shoe on the plane versus putting in my suitcase. This specific trip, my Converse were the heavy ones. It also depends on the time of year I am traveling. I wouldn’t wear flats during the winter. However, you have to wear what is best for you! Although, I didn’t think about the foot odor. lol, good thinking.
      Have a great day,

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