Best Walking Shoes For Paris

Best Walking Shoes To Wear In Paris

One question I get asked a lot when I get back from Paris is always what are the best walking shoes for Paris. Today, I am telling you about my favorite walking shoes for Paris and what shoes Parisians are wearing now.

First, whichever shoes you decide to pack with you, make sure they are comfortable. The last thing you want to do when you get to Paris is wearing a pair of shoes that aren’t comfortable and you end up with blisters by the end of day one.

Also, don’t try and break in a new pair of shoes on the streets of Paris. Make sure your shoes have been worn a few times so your feet are used to them.

Lastly, shoe comfort is different for each person so I can tell you which shoes I think are the best walking shoes for Paris but ultimately that’s up to you.

These are the shoes I have packed for Fall, Spring, and Summer in Paris. Also, don’t forget things like gel insoles, moleskin padding, and band-aids.


Waterproof Aquatalia Bootie

During Fall/Winter and Spring, it’s best to have a waterproof bootie on hand in case it rains. Weather during these months can be sporadic and you never know when it’s going to rain in Paris so it’s always best to be prepared.

I wore this pair of Aquatalia Booties (yes, they are an investment), on my last two trips to Paris in the Spring and late Fall. The bootie has a pointed toe which always helps to elongate the legs and the inside has a fabric lining.

I prefer a lower boot to fit perfectly under flare or boot-cut denim, trousers, or even with tights and a skirt or dress. For this boot, I take my normal size of 6.5.

If you prefer a boot with a lower heel the brand also offers the Reeta boot. If you are looking for a similar less expensive option then Blondo also has options.

Adidas Stan Smith

There are several sneakers that Parisians are always wearing and the Stan Smith is one of them. In all the years I have been to Paris, this has never changed.

If Parisians are wearing them all over to walk the street then they must be good right? Personally, these are the most comfortable sneakers I have worn in Paris. I have taken my VEJA several times but the Stan Smith still wins out for me.

VEJA V-10 Leather Sneakers

VEJA is one of the most popular sneaker brands in Paris and everyone is wearing them. There was even a line outside and around the corner to get into the store. However, not all VEJA are created equally. I have found this exact pair is the most comfortable for walking all day.

I have two other styles of VEJA, the Esplar, and the ones with velcro which are not comfortable enough to walk all day.

These shoes do take time to break in so you want to make sure you do that before you wear them around Paris all day. I went down a size in these and wear the same ankle socks.

Sèzane Jack Trainer

The Jack Trainers are probably some of the most comfortable sneakers I have ever worn. I took these to Paris in the Summer and walked about 25,000 plus steps a day. Not once did I get a blister or any kind of rub from these sneakers.

These trainers have a bit of a lower profile so I feel they are best worn in Paris during the Summer months.

They are beautiful leather sneakers that I took my normal size of 6.5. These sneakers are more of a cream vs. true white but you will not regret purchasing these sneakers.

Madewell Louise Sandal

Last Summer I wore these sandals in both the black and sand colors with dresses and jeans and they were so comfortable. The sandals have a chunky heel with a height of 1.5 which makes them easy to walk around in.

These sandals sell out every summer so if you’re able to grab a pair now I would get them. I took my normal size.

During the Summer, your feet can sweat walking around all day so it’s nice to have a pair of sandals that are comfortable enough to wear.

High Top Converse

Converse is another highly debatable shoe when it comes to comfort. For me, these are comfortable enough to walk around all day. I know others have said differently and my friend who I traveled with said she isn’t able to wear them all day.

If you are though, you will be wearing what the Parisians are wearing. I saw so many people of all different ages wearing these black converse high tops.

One tip, put gel insoles in them if you like the look but want them to be more comfortable.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures with my Converse but I did wear them.

What About Shoes For Pictures

If you are wanting to take pictures with some shoes which aren’t exactly great for walking all day then here’s my trick. I carry around this Longchamp tote with me every day and inside I always carry another pair of shoes.

There are times when I want to wear nice shoes for pictures but won’t be going back to the hotel to change during the day. So, I just take them with me. Put them on for the picture and then take them off again and put them back on my sneakers.

What Shoes The Parisians Are Wearing Now

If you want to go to Paris and look like a local then you want to take these shoes with you on your next trip. Lots and lots of sneakers including, VEJA, Stan Smith, and Converse.

Also, Parisians love their booties and there was no shortage of those as well. I didn’t notice as many ballet flats this time around but maybe it was because it was still a bit chilly some days. I will look to see if I see people wearing those in June.

I always look at the Parisians to see what they are wearing before I pack for my trip. I figure if the shoes are comfortable enough for them to walk all day every day, then they must work.

Hopefully, this has helped with the best walking shoes for Paris and some things to think about next time you head to the city of lights.


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  1. Wonderful post! So informative. I have some issues with plantar fascists and comfortable shoes are a must. I am waiting for my Veja Campo which is in back order, but I see that you prefer the V10. Should I change? Or do you recommend I get the Stan instead? Thanks!

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