Everyday Parisian Street Style With 25 Outfits

25 Everyday Parisian Street Style Outfits

During my recent trip to Paris, I tried to capture as much Parisian street style as I could. That is always the number one request when I am in Paris, people are fascinated with knowing what Parisians are really wearing, myself included.

There’s always this obsession with women around the world wanting to know how to get that effortless look that Parisian women seem to capture so well.

There are endless articles, Pinterest posts, Instagram accounts, and conversations always taking place about what we think Parisian women dress like. It’s like an air of mystery surrounding this Parisian street-style phenomenon.

Well, I am here to show you exactly how Parisian women are dressing right now. And, yes it’s chic, timeless, and classic. These snaps were taken in April when the weather was in the low 50s in the evening and mid to high 60s during the day. It was definitely still a bit cool and the wardrobes reflected that. I’ll post more from the Summer when I go back in June, so stay tuned for that.

A few notes I captured about the Parisian street style are the navy and black color combinations, which are my favorite by the way. Most of the women carry a leather handbag along with some form of canvas tote bag as well.

Parisian street style also consists of scarves to finish off the outfit, a belt, most bags are worn crossbody if they are long enough, sneakers are everywhere, and they take chic bicycle-style to a whole other level.

They truly are the most well-dressed culture in my opinion. Hopefully, these pictures give you a little inspiration next time you get dressed, I know they are sure giving me tons of inspiration.

1. Tweed Blazer With Jeans, Leather Handbag, Canvas Bag, and Adidas

girl walking in Paris with sneakers

This was one of my favorite looks from the week and one of yours as well when I posted it on IG stories. It’s such a classic Parisian look with the tweed blazer, denim, and Adidas. One thing I noticed last summer when I was in Paris was all the women carried canvas bags along with their leather handbags. I assume they put work things or even use for grocery bags but it’s such a brilliant idea. I’ve actually been doing the same thing since I saw this.

2. Wool Coat With Jeans, Boots, And Leather Handbag

two ladies walking across the street in Paris

The weather was still a bit cool so there were lots of wool coats still and boots. I did notice Parisians love camel coats (but who doesn’t). I noticed so many camel coats which are just beautiful and elegant in general. I also love the way they leave their coats open and don’t always use the tie but let it hang down.

3. Blazer With Black Button Down, Black Fray Jeans, Mary Janes, Leather Bag, and Bicycle

woman in bike wearing blazer and pants and sandals

Parisians on bicycles have to be one of my favorite sightings ever. They aren’t just riding bikes but they are doing it so classy. Nobody looks as good as Parisians on bikes. I saw several ladies dressed like this taking one of the city bikes for a spin. I love the fact they just hop on a bike as needed in whatever they are wearing.

4. Camel Coat With Printed Top, Black Fray Jeans, Boots

lady wearing camel coat with boots and jeans

I have several thoughts about this outfit, the first being looking at the backdrop they are walking into. I mean, this is the most amazing thing about Paris right. You aren’t just walking down the road, you are walking among a city full of buildings that are hundreds and hundreds of years old and so incredible.

Again, I love the wool camel coat open and her boots seem to have some sort of tie on the back. So chic. And, look at the gentlemen she’s walking with. If you think the women have great style in Paris, you should see the men and even the kids. It’s honestly ridiculous how put together the entire city looks.

5. Striped Top With Jeans, Canvas Bag, VEJA Sneakers Plus Guy Wearing Trench Coat With Adidas

guy and girl talking in paris

These two are typical of what you’d think of Parisians wearing, a striped top with jeans and sneakers. Plus, the guy wearing a trench (which they all do) and jeans. I must say I was surprised at the amount of fray denim I saw the ladies wearing but I love it.

6. Black Blazer With Jeans And Sneakers

lady wearing black blazer, jeans, and sneakers in Paris

This is one of my favorite Parisian looks in general and what my daily uniform mostly consists of. An oversized black blazer with light-colored denim plus sneakers and a leather bag. The amount of people wearing blazers in this city just makes me so happy. A blazer is so chic and timeless and so easy to just throw on. You don’t have to be dressed up to wear a blazer and I think that’s a big misconception in the states. People need to wear more blazers here.

7. Trench Coat With Plaid Pants Plus Black Loafers

woman in trench coat with plaid pants walking with guy in paris

These two are a pair, although the guy caught me. It was worth it for the picture though. She is so very French-looking in her trench with plaid pants and black loafers. I tried desperately to get a pair of black loafers when I was there but every store was out of my size. They are so classic and chic.

8. Navy Blazer With Striped Top Plus White Denim With Black Loafers And Red Handbag

lady with navy blazer, white jeans, and loafers

I saw this lady at the flea market one morning and I wish I could have taken a picture of her from the front. She’s so elegant from the back with the navy blazer and white denim but she was also wearing a beautiful colored scarf. She’s dressed so incredibly elegantly for a flea market but that’s the way they do it in Paris. I should also note not one person at this flea market was wearing athleisure wear thankfully. It was definitely the chicest flea market I’ve ever been to.

9. Striped Top With Trench Coat, Scarf, Jeans, and Boots

lady in trench coat with striped top, jeans, and boots in Paris

Trench coats really are a big deal in Paris and everyone seems to wear one. I love the simplicity of this lady’s look. It’s not overly complicated but still very timeless. She could still wear this outfit 5 years from now and it will still look amazing.

10. Black Blazer With Black Tee, Jeans, Black Flat Slingbacks, Black Bag, Gold Necklace, And Bicycle

Another chic bicycle look and one of my favorites. This lady makes it all look so easy with her polished outfit from head to toe and riding the bicycle is the icing on the cake. The one thing about Parisian street style is no matter what model of transportation they are taking, they look chic doing it.

11. Dark Grey Wool Coat With Black Pants, Striped Top, And High Top Converse

two ladies in paris walking on the cobblestone street

This picture of these two ladies just makes me smile. The front lady is wearing a dark grey coat with a striped top, black pants, and high-top black converse and carrying an umbrella. Apparently, she just stocked up on some bread and pastries from Poliâne. The second lady is wearing a trench coat with a black hat and black converse as well.

12. Navy And Black Coat With Jeans

4 people walking down street in paris

Look at this foursome, every single one of them is dressed so cool and chic. I told my husband he’s getting a navy coat this Fall for sure. The guy’s style in Paris is unlike any other place I’ve ever seen. I think they’re all just born knowing how to get dressed and what to wear. That’s the only thing I can think of right.

13. Green Blazer With Cream Pants, Canvas Bag, And Stan Smith Sneakers

girl with blazer, jeans, and sneakers in Paris

You can start to see in these photos what Parisian daily uniforms consist of and it’s a lot of blazers and pants or jeans with sneakers. This girl is wearing a green blazer with cream pants and Stan Smith sneakers. She’s also carrying a canvas bag. Her blazer and pants look like they might be from H&M although that’s not confirmed. But, you could definitely get a very similar look there.

14. Wool Black Coat With Black Denim And Sneakers

two ladies walking in paris

The first girl has on a black wool coat with black jeans, sneakers, and a brown leather crossbody. The second girl is wearing what looks like a Bal Harbour jacket with a navy sweater tied around the shoulder, jeans, and Stan Smith.

15. Skirt With Jacket, Canvas Bag, And White Sneakers

lady with polka dot skirt and jacket walking across street in Paris

I love the skirt with the sneaker look and a lot of women were wearing this. It’s such a cool vibe to me that’s still casual but elevated at the same time.

16. Pink Pants With Leather Jacket, Scarf, And Leather Handbag

lady with pink pants, leather jacket, and sezane bag in Paris

Parisian street style also has its fair share of color as well. It’s not all just neutrals all the time although that is mostly what people were wearing. This lady was wearing a bright pair of pink pants with a black leather jacket, boots, and a black leather handbag that looks like an old Sèzane style.

17. Navy Coat With Jeans, Black Leather Crossbody, And Black Sneakers

Woman with Jeans, Black Sneakers, Navy Coat in Paris

My favorite color combination is navy and black and the Parisian street style consists of so much navy and black. I am not sure why we don’t wear this color combination in the states but it’s so beautiful. It just looks so timeless and chic to me, this is a very basic outfit but look how great it looks together.

18. Both Wearing Navy Coats with Scarves, Jeans, And Sneakers

girl with navy coat and red scarf in Paris

Both of them are wearing a navy blazer or coat and scarf which I love. Plus jeans and sneakers as well. I purchased two scarves on this trip and will definitely be incorporating them into my outfits more.

19. Peach Coat with Colored Scarf, Jeans, And Boots

Lady in paris walking baby with pink coat and scarf

Another pop of color with the peach coat and colored scarf. Also, note the green umbrella sticking on the side of the stroller. This is one chic mom.

20. Navy Blazer With Black Jeans, Nikes, And Louis Vuitton Pouch

girl with navy blazer, black jeans, and nikes walking down street in paris

Easy navy blazer with black jeans, nikes, and a LV pouch. I can’t tell exactly what her friend is wearing but it looks like faux leather pants with Stan Smith sneakers.

21. Trench Coat With Striped Top, Black Pants, And Sneakers

girl with trench coat and stripe shirt in paris

Another Parisian cliche that we think about that’s actually true. They do wear trench coats with striped tops all the time.

22. Trench Coat With Plaid Pants, Canvas Bag, Bucket Bag, White Button Down & Black Converse

woman with trench and brown purse walking in Paris

I saw a lot of Sèzane around Paris and each of the Sèzane stores I visited was full of French people shopping. This girl is wearing my favorite trench, the Scott Trench, Farrow Bucket Bag, plaid pants, and black converse. She’s also carrying a canvas bag as well which they all do.

23. Long Wool Coat With Brown Pants And White Boots

guy and girl on street in Paris talking

This was one incredibly chic couple standing on the street talking. The guy is very French to me and I love her white boots with brown pants.

24. White Jeans With Stripe Top, Jean Jacket, Black Leather Handbag, VEJA

women wearing white jeans, stripe top, jean jacket, vejas

I hadn’t seen this color of VEJA before this photo. There were so many different colors of VEJA sneakers all over, not just plain white. I love how she is wearing this with white jeans, a striped rep top, a belt, and a jean jacket. I noticed most of the ladies always wear a belt which is so interesting to me because I don’t feel that’s something we do in the states very much. It’s all part of looking complete from head to toe.

25. Trench Coat With Scarf, Matching Hat, Black Handbag, Canvas Bag, Mary Jane Shoes

a couple walking the streets of Paris

How darling is this couple? They are both so chic and were out for an afternoon stroll window shopping. That’s one thing I noticed, the French always stop and look at window displays. It’s like everything is an art form to them so they take time to appreciate every little thing, even window displays.

graphic of parisians walking down the street

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  1. I’ve been traveling internationally for many years, and I remember when Americans would dress nicely, but had on white sneakers and were made fun of when you went to France or Italy. It amazes me now how people think all of a sudden this is so chic. I just came back from Paris in December and a lot of those women, most of the women didn’t dress anything like this, as a matter of fact they were pretty sloppy. I guess it kind of irritates me now, when I look at all of these chic styles where we are supposed to dress like Parisians. I was especially insulted when I saw the woman with the skirt on and the white sneakers. Yes it looks nice, but the fact is we’ve been dressing like that for years and all people wanted to do is talk about how Americans dress.

    1. Hi Cornelia, Thank you for stopping by. Yes, I guess times change, and people’s way of dressing also changes. I still think Parisians are much chicer than Americans. At least they aren’t all dressed in athleisure wear yet, but I definitely see your point. Have a great day!

  2. I am French, born and raised in Paris, and I love that you like so much the Parisian effortless style. Many years ago, I was living in NY and my friends told me they could say I was French by the way I dressed (and also my terrible accent). I was surprised … and proud 😉 Sezane is my favorite brand too but there are many other brands that reflect the French style like Vanessa Bruno, Agnes b, Comptoir des cotonniers, Maje, and many more. I guess you also know them 😉.

    1. Bonjour! Yes, I truly love the Parisian style, so chic and timeless, you all definitely know how to dress! I just went into a Vanessa Bruno store for the first time last Summer in Paris and loved the style. I just wish we had more of those stores in the states. Thank you for stopping by!

  3. Love your post and comments. I appreciate how you admire the simple combinations and effortless style in Paris. Lots of great tips. Especially love seeing older couples strolling the beautiful streets in their pulled together looks.

  4. Who would have thought that the ‘typical’ person in Paris would ever dress as poorly as people in America. All the bloggers out there telling us how to dress like those in Paris…they must be getting their ideas from photo shoots.

    1. Hi Roberta-
      I think we all have this “idea” of how Parisians dress and it was great to be able to catch them in real life and see what they are wearing. It’s all personal opinion but I still find them classy and chic. At least not everyone is running around in yoga pants! lol. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

  5. Hi there! Excellent Parisian fashion report! I adore French “effortless chic” and I’m so in love with Sezane!! I’m Italian, Rome exactly and, in my opinion, we share with France fashion cult, why don’t you come to visit my city? You’ll like it for sure!! Thank you for your interesting contents 🙂

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