8 Ways To Style A Navy Blazer

Ways To Style A Navy Blazer

A navy blazer is one of the most elegant pieces of clothing you can invest in. Here are 8 ways to style a navy blazer for any time of the year.

These outfit combinations are classic, timeless, a bit Parisian, and elegant. In addition, navy is said to be a color that exudes power and authority.

Personally, navy is my absolute favorite color to wear during any season. Over the last few years, I have really embraced navy and have played with different ways to wear it with blazers, silk tops, sweaters, and even coats.

Types Of Navy Blazers

When looking for a navy blazer there are several different types you can choose from depending on the style you’re going for.

You could go with a very basic navy blazer like the Willa or Regent from J.Crew, both of these blazers are sleek and classic, and go with basically anything. But if you want something more oversized and not plain navy, go with this pinstripe.

For a bit of a dressier look, you could style a navy blazer that has gold buttons like my two favorites from Sandro and Sézane.

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8 Outfit Combinations With Navy Blazers

Jeans, White Tee, And Sneakers

Styling a navy blazer

Navy Blazer | White T-Shirt | Straight Leg Denim | Brown Bag | White Sneakers

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When you want a look that is simple and classic style a navy blazer with a t-shirt, your favorite pair of straight-leg denim, and sneakers. In fact, this is a great, laid-back way to wear a navy blazer and not feel like you’re dressing up for work.

You could also easily wear this look on the weekends, out to lunch, or even to run errands. A blazer, in general, is my go-to uniform, but make it a navy blazer and I instantly feel a bit more elevated.

Striped Top, Jeans, And Ballet Flats

Navy blazer with stripe top and denim.

Navy Blazer | Striped Top | Straight Leg Denim | Ballet Flats | Black Leather Bag

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For the days you want to be a bit Parisian, style your navy blazer with a striped top, jeans, and a pair of ballet flats. The gold buttons on the blazer elevate the look a bit but you could also go with a plain navy blazer and look just as chic.

stripe top, wide leg denim, black slingbacks

blazer with denim, stripe top, black pumps.

Navy Blazer | Stripe Button Down | Denim | Black Slingbacks | Leather Bag

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A chic combination of a striped button down with wide leg jeans and slingbacks. This is a look you could easily wear to lunch or dinner with the girls. The navy blazer elevates the outfit while also keeping it timeless with the striped button down. This is a classic and polished look.

Denim Shirt, Black Jeans, Silk Scarf, And Boots

Denim Shirt with Black jeans and blazer

Navy Blazer | Silk Scarf | Denim Shirt | Black Denim | Black Boots | Leather Bag

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A favorite combination to style with a navy blazer is a chambray shirt, black jeans, and a silk scarf. This is actually a look I’ve worn several times in Paris during the Spring and Fall seasons.

Navy and black is my all-time favorite color combination because it’s so unexpected and very chic looking. In fact, this is a color combination that Parisians are always wearing.

white button down, navy pants, sneakers

blazer with pants, sneakers, brown bag, and white button down.

Navy Blazer | White Button Down | Navy Trousers | Sneakers | Brown Leather Bag

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This is a classic and business casual combination of a navy blazer with wide-leg navy trousers, a white button-down, and sneakers. The outfit is still polished but laid back with the sneakers. In addition, this is a combination you could easily wear to the office with pumps and out to dinner with sneakers.

You can obviously substitute any pants or white button-down, these pants are beautifully tailored and the white button-down is crease- less so you don’t have to worry about it looking wrinkled into the evening.

Navy Pants, Black Turtleneck, and Black Boots

Navy blazer with black turtleneck, black pants, and boots.

Navy Blazer | Black Turtleneck | Black Pants | Black Boots | Leather Bag

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Another chic navy and black color combination is a navy blazer worn with a black turtleneck and black. This is a sleek look for the office and out to dinner after.

Button down, ecru denim, market bag

Navy blazer with ecru denim, striped button down for ways to style a navy blazer.

Navy Blazer |Stripe Button Down | Ecru Denim | Leather Boots | Market Tote

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For the weekend a casual yet chic look with a navy blazer, stripe button down, and ecru denim. Then add a touch of French with a market tote, and brown boots, for a look that could be found in the city or at the farmers market on the weekend.

Black dress, leather bag, loafers

Womens navy blazer with black dress, black bag and loafers.

Navy Blazer | Gold Necklace | Black Dress | Loafers | Black Leather Bag

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Simple enough yet polished, style this navy blazer with a black dress, a layered and long gold pendant, and multi-colored loafers. Another outfit you can take from day to evening by changing out the shoes if you want. The loafers make this a chic and classic outfit.


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