Affordable French Clothing Brands

22 Affordable French Clothing Brands

French fashion and French women have played a major influence on the way I dress and how I think about my clothing purchases. The French are famous for their simple yet exquisite taste in fashion.

Paris is the home to many of the world’s greatest luxury brands, but you don’t have to break the bank to indulge in a love of French fashion. Today, I am sharing some of my favorite affordable French clothing brands that everyone can afford.

These are brands that average under $500 for pieces. Of course, there are some exceptions with some of the brands having a higher price point for specific pieces. However, these brands are all much less and more affordable than designer luxury brands.

22 Affordable French Clothing Brands


Sézane is one of my favorite French clothing brands and one that offers clothing for both men and women. I first started shopping at Sézane years ago when I came across them online.

I immediately fell in love with the Parisian chicness of the brand and the classic pieces they carry which are on the more affordable list for Parisian brands. You can shop Sézane both online and in their small selection of stores.

Sézane is known for its knitwear, specifically the Gaspard, the Marinière, and their Tomboy shirts. A few of my favorite pieces are their silk tops and Scott Trench.


ba&sh Paris

Another affordable French brand I love to shop at is ba&sh Paris, which is named after the women who started the company, Barbara and Sharon.

I like to describe ba&sh as a mix of classic Parisian pieces with some edginess and bohemian mixed in. ba&sh is known for its Teddy Bags (which always sell out), June Bags, and ankle boots (I own these in black).

Some of the ba&sh pieces can be more on the pricier scale of $300 and upward but the quality speaks for itself.

Some of my favorite ba&sh pieces are the classic and timeless Meredith Jacket, which I own in black. The Gaspard Cardigan, which I own is off-white.

You can shop ba&sh Paris online or in a store, they have several in the U.S.



A.P.C. stands for “Atelier de Production et de Création” (Production and Creation Workshop). It’s a French brand selling both men’s and women’s clothing, run by a husband and wife team.

A.P.C. is all about classic Parisian design with a minimalist approach and style. The pieces are basic yet always on trend and remain timeless.

The brand is more on the luxury side of affordability but not at all near designer prices. The pieces are made incredibly well and will last for years.

Some of the pieces the brand is known for are the handbags such as the Grace Bag (I own this in black and worth every penny). The Sarah is also another popular style from the brand.

A.P.C. is available online and has stores worldwide.


Rouge is a brand created by Parisian model and designer, Jeanne Damas. Started in 2016, it’s a brand designed by women, which aims to focus on women’s personal styles and femininity.

The most popular items from the brand are floral dresses, mules, and denim. Currently, you can shop the brand online, in London or France and soon to be New York.

Prices range from $100-$300 for clothing pieces depending on the piece.

Rouge also carries beauty products and has makeup tutorials online.


Maje is considered an accessible luxury brand known for mixing classic Parisian details with a bit of edge to create glamorous looks with more of a bohemian look.

The brand is definitely on the higher price point end and is known for its fringe bags, tweed jackets, and billowy dresses.



One of the sister companies of Maje, SANDRO, is known more for its classic Parisian pieces and essentials. Along the same price point as Maje, Sandro has more of a timeless appeal.

Some popular pieces are the pleated trench coat, navy blazer (which I own and love), and striped cardigans.

You can shop Sandro online or at many major retailers like Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue.


Claudie Pierlot

Claudie Pierlot was created in 1984 for the modern Parisian woman, by Pierlot. The brand caters to women looking to remain chic and effortless.

Iconic pieces by the brand are dresses, tops, and skirts. These are pieces that can be worn for work or for play.

Claudie Pierlot is housed under Sandro and Maje and provides the same affordable luxury price points.

Unfortunately, the brand isn’t as accessible in the States compared to Sandro and Maje.

Saint James

The quintessential and classic French brand, Saint James, has been providing French quality since 1889 in Normandy.

Best known for the Mariniere or Breton shirt, which the brand made famous, and is known for its history of creating sweaters for sailors to protect them from the outdoor elements.

Favorites of the brand for men, women, and kids are the authentic Breton stripe, which comes in numerous colors and is affordable.

I own several Saint James Breton shirts, which I have had for years, and they are still in amazing shape.


Marie Marot

Marie Marot, is a French brand, dedicated to simplicity, and femininity, and inspired by men’s shirts. All the shirts are slightly oversized to fit every woman’s body type.

I had heard of the fashion designer before but didn’t really know her designs very well until her collaboration with J.Crew last year.

She has since had another collaboration with J.Crew where she sells blazers, her iconic shirts, espadrilles, and pants.

Her best-selling shirts on her actual site, Marie Marot, are much more affordable than her collaboration with J.Crew. I know where I would order from.


Jonak is an affordable French shoe brand rooted in family values and quality. To this day, the brand is still run by a family member.

All of the shoes are made with quality in one of three factories: Portugal, Spain, or Italy. The creations and designs and quintessential Parisian.

Anything from loafers to derbies, to French babies(type of shoe style), the brand carries them all.

You can shop Jonak online from the States or in one of the many stores in France. I own a few shoes from Jonak and the quality is amazing for the affordable price.


Created by two sisters, Soeur is a French clothing brand, dedicated to timeless styles, sustainable fabrics, and functional details.

My favorites from the brand are essential or permanent pieces like stripes, basic tees, knitwear, and handbags.

Their Bellissima Bag collection is classic Parisian chic and a great option for a quality handbag, without breaking the bank.

Comptoir Des Cotonniers

I refer to Comptoir Des Cotonniers as a version of American retailer, Ann Taylor. Easy, everyday affordable French brand pieces for work or the weekend.

The pieces are well made, the prices are mid-range, and you can easily find a great selection of French clothing classics.


French brand Sessún was created in 1996 by an anthropologist turned French fashion designer, Emma François. The brand was started in Marseille, France, and is still headquartered there.

A little bohemian but still classic, the styles remind me of what you would see in Anthropologie in the States.


I like to refer to Monoprix as a version of Target but only chic and French. You can find affordable clothing for men, women, and children at Monoprix.

There have been several items I’ve bought from Monoprix over the years, pajamas for myself, clothes for London, and coats for my husband.

The quality is great and the price is exceptional and affordable. Monoprix is only available to shop in France.


Polène is a French luxury handbag company that has become quite popular over the last several years.

The bags are some of the most coveted among those wanting a luxury French handbag but not at designer prices. They are much more affordable, the average bags range between $200-$500, and still offer beautiful quality and craftsmanship.

Some of the most popular styles are the Numéro Un, Numéro Neuf, and Numéro Dix.

You can shop the brand online or at a store in Paris or New York.

Vanessa Bruno

Vanessa Bruno is a Parisian clothing designer who launched the brand in 1996 with the idea to offer women that effortless and chic Parisian look.

Her designs are classic, elegant, and feminine, and can easily be dressed up or worn casually.

My favorite pieces from the brand are the handbags for each season, I love the chain strap and gold tone detail.



Veja is an affordable French footwear brand founded in 2004 one which has become mainstream over the last several years.

The appeal of Veja is you can wear the sneakers basically with any outfit and they look chic, classic, and timeless.

This is one shoe brand you will see all over the streets of Paris in different shades. I remember I bought my first pair of Veja about 6 years ago when they did a collaboration with Madewell. I love the sleek look of the Veja Esplar, which is still one of their most popular styles.

These days, you can buy Veja pretty much at all major retailers all over. The most popular styles are the Esplar, Campo, and V-10.


The Kooples

The Kooples(which means couples) is a French-accessible luxury brand founded by three brothers.

If I had to define the style of the Kooples, I would say sexy, edgy, sleek, and playful. Yet, you still get the Parisian chic and timelessness.

Go for one of their leather jackets, dresses, or bags.

Musier Paris

Musier Paris is a French fashion brand started by Anne-Laure Mais, a French influencer in 2018.

The brand produces small collections and quality pieces to last for years and help with over-consumption of fashion.

Musier pieces are a bit Parisian, a bit south of France, a little vintage, and inspired by Anne-Laure Mais’s childhood of surfing and living close to Spain. You can see this reflected in each of the pieces.

Isabel Marant Étoile

Isabel Marant Étoile is the line started by French fashion designer Isabel Marant, after the success of her debut line.

This line focuses on Parisian chic pieces like jeans, t-shirts, and classic items but with a bohemian twist.


MKT Studio

MKT Studio is a clothing brand I discovered on a trip to Paris one year. The brand is a bit more trendy but still has great basics at very affordable prices. Love the flare jeans they offer.

There are only 2 stores located in Paris at this time to shop.


The French brand IRO was started by two brothers who are inspired by the 70s and 80s American rock scene. The brand prides itself on being a combination of coolness, sophistication, and modernity.

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