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Navy and Black Together

If you ask most people if they would wear navy and black together, they would say no. However, if you are Parisian, that’s a different story. How to wear navy and black together like a Parisian is what we are discussing today.

I am not sure why this is such a fashion faux pas for most, as when paired right, the color combination of navy and black looks incredibly chic and elegant.

Maybe that’s why Parisian women have been wearing this color combination forever. After all, they are the definition of chic and elegant. Here are two very influential Parisian women each wearing their own take on navy and black.

Just like the color black, the Navy conveys power, intelligence, and confidence. I don’t know about you, but I love wearing colors that make me feel this way.

This isn’t a color combination that is worn a lot in the states and I haven’t figured out why. I assume it’s just because for so long there’s been a “quiet” rule that you can’t wear these two colors in the same outfit. European designers have been using this color combination for years.

The colors aren’t too off from each other so however, you wear them together make sure one stands out. I mean, how many times have you looked in your closet and wondered if that top was navy or black.

There are 3 simple rules I like to stick with when thinking about wearing navy and black together. The main thing is don’t think too much about it, follow these 3 simple rules and this just might become a color combination you go to all the time. It’s definitely been a combination I have been wearing a lot of this Fall and Winter.

1. Keep It Simple

If you aren’t used to wearing this color combination together then start out simple. Maybe a navy dress with a black pair of pumps.

Or maybe a black sweater with a navy scarf. One of my favorite combinations is a navy coat like my favorite Sèzane Johnson with a pair of black jeans.

A popular way to add the two colors amongst French people is with the classic navy Breton top and a pair of black jeans.

standing against a pole wearing navy skirt and black turtleneck

2. Add A Contrasting Color

Add a pop of color with navy and black in your accessories like brown boots. The contrast helps the outfit look sharp and thoughtful.

You could also incorporate white to look sharp as well with a basic Navy blazer, white tee, and black jeans.


3. Make The Color Standout

Whichever way you choose to wear the two colors just make sure they stand out from each other. If not, then you’ll basically end up with a black-on-black outfit.

I prefer to mostly wear black on the bottom and Navy on the top when combining the two. Although, it is just as acceptable to wear a pair of Navy pants and a black top.

Graphic of navy and black clothing items


However, you choose to wear these colors together embrace them. This can be an incredibly elegant and chic look.

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