A Very Big MERSEA Sale

My Parisian Inspired MERSEA Pieces On Sale

Whenever I think about new pieces I am adding to my wardrobe, I always think about pieces that will be classic, timeless, and versatile for years to come. This goes along with my French philosophy about my wardrobe and always wanting to stick with pieces that are effortless yet chic.

One of my favorite brands to do this with is MERSEA, a brand I have written about several times and one I continue to love and support.

Recently, I took several pieces from MERSEA with me to Paris and became so fascinated with how these pieces seemed to effortlessly fit into how French women were dressing.

I always like to pack pieces that I can interchange easily with other pieces I’ve brought along.

The Parisian color scheme is pretty simple and also incredibly neutral. There’s not a ton of color but more color combinations of navy with black, my ultimate favorite. Also, a lot of black, camel, and ivory as you can imagine.

Here are some of my favorite MERSEA pieces to wear this season and for years to come. All timeless, classic, and elegant.

Navy With Black

This is a color combination I know most women, in general, are not used to wearing or one they think to wear. However, Parisian women wear this color combination all the time and it’s my absolute favorite combination.

Navy and black together are chic, elevated, and classy. It’s a color combination that’s a head-turner because it’s unexpected. Here, I am wearing the Anywear Cardigan, which looks beautiful tucked in or out. It’s classic and simple and feels great.

Striped Top

What French woman isn’t wearing a striped top? The best thing about a striped top is how neutral they are and how versatile. I saw women in Paris wearing them by themselves, layered under a blazer, and under a denim shirt.

This Catalina Sweater is a medium-weight knit with attention to detail in the fit and is so comfy. It’s the solution for those days when you need something to throw on but still want to look cute.

Cashmere Wrap

French women don’t wear athleisure wear but they do like to be comfortable with pieces that feel luxurious like this cashmere wrap. Another wrap I love by the brand is the Charleston Travel Wrap.

Blazer And Cashmere Sweater

Always classic and elevated looking is a blazer with a cashmere sweater. It’s a comfortable look yet still timeless looking. The Banff Cashmere Crew is one I took to Paris in both black and winter colors. I wore both of these sweaters several times during the week.

Cashmere Sweater Over The Shoulders

Several Parisian women were wearing a sweater over their shoulders or a sweater over their trench coats. It’s honestly such an easy thing to do and elevates a casual look. This again is the Banff Cashmere Sweater in Black and Winter colors.

Other favorite pieces are the Amour Sweater, Marina Sweater, Carmel Fitted Sweater, Chelsea Kimono, and the Oslo Jogger and Hoodie set which is incredibly cozy and so soft.

Great gift pieces are the candle wick trimmer, candle snuffer, sea pines candle, and marseille tote.

This post contains affiliate links, if you should make a purchase, I will make a small commission. MERCI.

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