How To Create Chic Black Outfits

Chic Black Outfits

One outfit combination that always looks timelessis a chic black outfit. French women have been wearing this color effortlessly for years. I know I personally fell in love with the look after seeing so many French women wearing it on the streets years ago.

I even specifically remember the first time I went to Paris, I went out and bought all-black pieces to wear. This was way before Pinterest and social media showed what they are wearing on the streets.

Parisians still focus heavily on black and dark colors in general. But they wear black so eloquently and super chic. I am always looking to the French for inspiration and creating chic black outfits is just one other way I am channeling their fashion.

When I think of all black I always think of Coco Chanel and the way she utilized black in her designs which are still incredibly timeless today. Nobody did a chic black outfit like Coco. She taught us it’s sophisticated and classic to dress this way.

graphic of 3 different all black outfits

In the past, an all-black outfit was associated with being in mourning or sadness. Today, black is associated with elegance, sexiness, sophistication, and being chic.

Sometimes, I believe women are intimidated by an all-black look, especially when we are over 40. For whatever reason, we are told to stay away from black because it will age us.

Well, my thought on that is there are no rules when it comes to dressing. As long as you feel confident and comfortable then it doesn’t matter. Women over 40 can perfectly still wear black. Look at the style icon Audrey Hepburn. All black outfits were her signature style and she was incredibly chic.

It’s all about how you wear black that can make the difference. Plus, when you wear all black it gives off a slimming effect and you look instantly chic. Those are definitely two characteristics I want in my wardrobe.

Chic black outfits are versatile and practical plus black doesn’t show any stains. Just make sure you don’t have pet hair on your outfit when you leave the house or it will show up all over.

I tend to wear all black more in the winter months when it’s cold and grey outside. But, I will also wear all black in the warmer months just not as much.

You can either go edgy and grungy with an oversized shirt and jeans or more tailored and classic with your all-black outfit. Today, we are going to focus on tailored, classic, and chic all-black outfits.

There are several different ways to incorporate all black into your outfits and how to wear them.





Accessories are the easiest way to dress up any outfit and not make it so boring looking. It can be something as simple as a silk scarf around your neck.

I am wearing the Sèzane Gaspard sweater in small along with Madewell denim which runs true to size. The shoes are also from Sèzane in my normal size. This is a very casual yet chic outfit for the weekend or even out to lunch with a friend.

The scarf adds dimension to the outfit and a little extra pop. If I didn’t have the scarf, it would be a pretty boring outfit. With the scarf, it’s a proper chic black outfit.

On a cold day, I would either wear a navy coat or even grey. For those who love color, you could absolutely wear your favorite colored coat as well.

My scarf is a true Parisian tourist story. The first time we went to Paris I wasn’t sure how to pack so I didn’t bring a scarf. Paris is cool in the evenings no matter the time of year so I ended up buying this scarf from one of those tourist stands.

It cost $10 and to this day it’s still a favorite of mine. Sometimes, you can find treasures in the oddest of places.



wearing black jeans, black blazer, black shoes

Layer up your chic black outfits with a blazer, cardigan, or jacket on top. A black blazer with jeans, pumps, and a tee is a very chic and timeless look. It doesn’t have to be a fancy blazer or anything specific.

I am wearing a ba&sh Paris blazer that’s currently sold out but I will link similar options. I feel most comfortable in a blazer and jeans so it’s only natural that when going for an all-black outfit I would choose this.

However, if you feel more comfortable in a black cardigan and jeans then go with that. My only advice when you do layer up with all black is to make sure you wear something that fits you. The last thing you want is to wear an oversized black jacket that’s way too big on top of jeans because then you just look like you’re hiding something.



Create “breaks” by adding a belt or showing a little skin. This could be by wearing a dress, ankle pants, or even showing some of your neck, or decolletage. Add some contrast and break up the outfit.

This Sèzane dress has the perfect belt to break up the dress and monochromatic look. I could even swap out the plain belt for something with more details like studs or even a ribbon belt. Not only does this break up the look but also adds some dimension.


wearing black tuxedo jacket with pants

One way to keep your chick black outfit from looking a tad bland is to add some different textures to your outfits. Try different materials like satin, silk, or even leather. You want to add visual interest and you can do this with details like adding a bit of lace or wearing a thicker knit sweater with a lightweight skirt.

You don’t want your outfit to look like a uniform and texture helps to balance this out.

I added a satin tuxedo blazer here with a silk cami and wool pants for the holidays. The blazer is very classic yet the satin effect gives it a cool, edgy vibe along with the boots. This blazer would also work well with jeans because of the satin/denim texture it will give.



wearing navy and black together walking down the stairs

If you find yourself just not able to wear an all-black outfit then try navy and black together. This color combination is just as chic and classic. When worn together it looks monochromatic but maybe isn’t as heavy looking for some. Start with navy and black and go from there.


Wearing chic black outfits doesn’t have to be intimidating or scary. And yes, all women over 40 can rock a chic black outfit. With these few tips, you’ll be looking super classic and timeless.

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