5 Key Pieces To Update Your Style

Update Your Style

Stuck in a style rut? Here are 5 key pieces to update your style this season. These are all very practical and basic items yet there’s a way to update each item to make them feel fresh and to make you feel great when you put them on.

Sometimes, all it takes are a few key pieces to make you feel like you love your closet again. Especially, after the Winter season of wearing nothing but sweaters and coats, it’s time for a refresh.

You don’t have to spend a fortune either to update your entire closet. Just choose 5 key pieces that you can wear throughout the season and can mix and match with other items in your closet.

jeans, pumps, and holding black purse wearing camel blazer

1. Jeans

The one item you definitely need to update your style is a great pair of denim. However, not all denim is created equally and you can definitely tell the difference between a higher-end brand vs a lower-end brand when it comes to denim. Over time, I have learned which jeans I like best and which ones work with my body type.

Find a pair of denim that fits you very well and also think about the length of your jeans. Do you want them to be cropped? Flared? Skinny? Personally, if you want a dressier pair of jeans then go for a darker straight or flare leg vs. a lighter cropped wash. Lighter jeans are a bit more casual looking in general however go with everything.

My favorite brands of denim are the Perfect Vintage from Madewell, MOTHER denim, and Paige denim. I also just discovered two new jean fits, Sèzane and L’ Agence that are incredibly flattering for me. They are high-waisted and flare bottoms which are the jeans I need.


2. Neutral Top

Update your tops by purchasing one neutral top that you can wear under jackets and by itself. Some great options would be a classic button-down, silk blouse, striped top, or maybe even a graphic tee.

Choose something you can wear multiple ways with denim and a pair of chinos or joggers if you wear them. I personally prefer a great button-down and in the Spring I like to wear a blue or stipe button-down. Silk is also another preference of mine because it’s easy but still beautiful and stylish. Don’t be afraid to wear silk and only wear it for special occasions.

Something Fun

If you want something fun but still neutral then do a puff sleeve blouse, like this gorgeous one from Frame.

A striped top is also another favorite that I wear multiple times a week. You can layer a striped top with any kind of jacket and it works perfectly. I love the ones from Sèzane but I’ve also heard good things about the AYR French Fry top.

Invest in a button-down type of top that you love. This could be anything from a silk button-down to a blue or white button-down. There’s no hard rule here just one that you will wear. A button-down can be so versatile and worn in so many ways. It can be layered under a blazer or sweater, worn with jeans and sneakers, and worn with a fun bag or tote.


3. Transitional Jacket

In between seasons, a transitional jacket is a must. That time of year when it isn’t cold enough for a heavy winter coat but still cool enough that you need some warmth. For me, the best kind of transitional jacket is a trench coat. Trench coats are so stylish, elegant, and easy to wear.

You can opt for a short or long trench coat depending on what you prefer. Beige is the standard color but if you want to add a bit of color you could go with a sage or even navy trench coat.

If trench coats aren’t ideal for you then you could do a leather jacket. Madewell has an amazing leather jacket that I’ve owned for about 5 years. It’s buttery soft, hits at the right spot, and goes well with everything. You could even try a suede moto jacket as well.

Sèzane has a jacket called the Will Jacket, that comes in so many colors. It’s a bit oversized with pockets and a great length. I have this jacket in the Suede version and it’s a great transitional jacket. You can wear it with jeans and a tee-shirt but it still looks put together. Even the blush color would be beautiful for Spring and even Summer nights.

Other transitional jackets could include a denim jacket, although these are a bit too casual for me sometimes. The Annie Bing army jacket that’s very versatile for jeans. This jacket you could actually dress up a bit with white denim and some nude heels.

Lastly, a great-looking blazer is always one of my favorite jackets at any time. Even if you are casual under the blazer with a tank, tee, or hoodie, when you have a blazer on top it just finishes the outfit off just perfect. Go for lighter-weight versions like this cinq a sept, or linen in Spring. Maybe change up the colors and go with a Navy or Camel.

The one other transitional jacket that can work is a longer cardigan or duster jacket. There are several options from J.Crew, Cuyana, and Mango which would all work throughout Spring. I am also intrigued by this champagne color from AYR which I have heard amazing things about.


4. Handbag

A statement handbag goes a long way and can be the standout piece of your outfit. Your handbag doesn’t have to be a designer or thousands of dollars. However, choose a bag of good quality and is a neutral color of black, camel, or even grey.

Some of my favorite places to buy nice handbags are Cuyana, Sèzane, and ClareV. For more affordable versions you can always try Mango, just be sure to read the description of the bag.

Handbags are another item you want to think about your lifestyle before you purchase. Are you someone that only wants crossbody? Someone that needs a tote because you need it to double as a work bag? If you are going to make the investment in a new bag make sure it’s realistic and one you’ll carry daily.

There’s nothing better than the feeling of carrying a great-looking handbag though.


5. Shoes

Depending on your lifestyle a pair of everyday shoes is a great way to update your style. Maybe either a pair of beautiful ballet flats or even loafers. You can do a neutral color in either shoe like black or camel color. I love to wear a pair of ballet flats with jeans, a top, and a trench coat for a perfectly polished look.

If you feel more comfortable in sneakers because of what you do on a daily basis, then take some style notes from Parisian women. I love to wear a cool pair of sneakers like Veja, New Balance, or even a pair of Isabel Marant which are uber French and so stylish.

For those who want some height, you can do a bootie or block heel. I prefer to wear these shoes with my flare jeans and long trousers. My favorite block heels are my Sèzane Emmeline which can either be worn casually or dressy. Another similar shoe is this one from JCrew.

All my heel-loving friends could update their style with either a nude or leopard pump, both neutral and extremely versatile. You can wear a leopard with a leather jacket and black jeans. The nude you can wear with lighter or darker jeans and a blazer or even a long cardigan.


Here are a few outfit ideas that may help visualize how you could put some of these pieces together. The best part is everything is so versatile and can be worn in so many ways. Just be realistic with the items you would wear and invest in 5 key pieces to update your wardrobe and you will feel so amazing and refreshed.

navy sweater, jeans, shoes, gold earrings


graphic of trench coat, stripe top, jeans,


graphic of leather jacket, black jeans, white top, leopard pump


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