Closet Wish List 2022

Wish List 2022

Recently, I sat down to write out my closet wish list for 2022. This has been an ongoing list that I have been keeping track of since the end of the year. Basically, I wrote down all the items I wish I had for Fall/Winter of 2021, and then I wrote down a list of the items I would like for the Spring and Summer months.

I came up with a list of 26 items that I want to invest in for the year. Some of these items, I tried to buy in 2021 but were out of stock in my size by the time I went to buy them. Of course, this is an ongoing list but if I start with these key items then it will hopefully prevent me from buying other unnecessary pieces.

A lot of these items are investment items and pricey but I don’t want to just settle for anything. I want to make sure the items stay in line with what I am wanting out of better quality vs quantity.

Most of the items I can also mix and match with other pieces in my closet which were also key. I didn’t include any trendy items on this list because I want these to be pieces I’ll wear for years to come.

That’s not to say I won’t pick up a trend here or there for the year but if I do, I want the trend to have somewhat of timeless quality. I’d love to know what you think of the items and what’s on your closet wish list for 2022.

1.La Ligne Mini Marin Sweater- My love of stripes never wavers and I can’t ever have too many. I love this cropped cashmere version to wear with this silk skirt or jeans. This sweater comes in a multitude of colors and also comes in a longer version as well.

2. Cuyana Leather Tie Belt- I am a big fan of wearing belts around dresses, blazers, and jackets. I love the thickness of this belt and think it would look beautiful around a white dress in the Summer. I also have this Isabel Marant Lecce belt in black which is a favorite as well.

3. Ritz Paris Hat- This is a collaboration between the Ritz Hotel in Paris and Frame Denim that I love. I am not a huge hat person but I do love the look of this one to wear with jeans, tees, and a blazer for Spring.

4. Chanel Slingbacks- Major investment piece I know however what’s not to love about these classic slingbacks. I wouldn’t be opposed to buying them second-hand either. That’s how I ended up with my Chanel flats. You can find lots of gently used ones for a fraction of the price. These are so incredibly classic and will go perfect with jeans or even dresses. The perfect closet wish list 2022 piece.

5. Houndstooth Blazer- Last year I never found the exact Houndstooth blazer I was looking for so the search continues. This isn’t the exact one I am wanting but I do want one with this color tone and it could also be plaid as well. There are many more affordable versions out there like this one from Mango which I would also consider. And, this Veronica Beard one is also an investment but I love the coloring.

6. ba&sh Paris Stripe Blouse- Ba&sh Paris is another one of my favorite Parisian brands to purchase from. The quality is amazing and I love their edgy fun vibe. I would like another blue button-down and this is a great way to add something with a little more flair. I can wear this in all colors of jeans including white and sandals or boots.

7. YSL Niki Bag– For whatever reason, I don’t have a brown leather handbag that I absolutely love if you can believe that. This beautiful YSL leather bag is gorgeous in person and I love this color it’s very chic and timeless.

8. Reformation Linen Pants- Trousers have been one of the hardest things for me to find that I am loving. I have ordered so many pairs only to return them. I am hoping these linen pants will work for Spring and Summer. I will wear them with a white tee or tank, sandals, and straw tote. Classic and beautiful.

9. Converse Hi Top– This is probably not an item you’d expect on my list. However, women all over Paris love Converse still in both the black and white versions. I could also just do the regular low top as well with jeans. So Parisian.

10. Isabel Marant Sneakers- These were on my list last year and I didn’t purchase them because I wanted to focus on other pieces. This year I would like to get these. Another Parisian cool-girl look.

11. Cuyana Navy Trench- My love of Navy continues and I think this Navy trench from Cuyana is gorgeous. I love the flowy feel to it yet it’s still classic looking. A great alternative to the regular trench color.

12. Black Thin Belt- Another item I oddly enough don’t have in my closet is a thin black belt. I have a lot of thick black belts but a thin belt is always a great accessory to have.

13. Sèzane Manu Trousers- Oversized low waist trousers for Spring and Summer. I need a good pair of chinos and I love the look of these and the fact they are meant to be worn rolled up.

14. Cinq A Sept 3/4 Blazer- Love the 3/4 sleeve on this blazer. A great white blazer is a necessity for Spring and Summer. Perfect with jeans and sandals, and a straw bag. Plus, I can also wear this blazer over dresses as well.

15. Levi’s Wedgie Jeans- Can’t say I’ve ever considered myself a huge Levi’s fan. They remind me too much of the 1980s however I did try this pair on at Nordstrom a while back. The fit was great and they hit at the perfect ankle length which is hard to find for me.

16. Ba&sh Paris Leather Boots- These boots are so gorgeous, the heel height is perfect and I love the pointy toe. I have several pairs of Ba&sh shoes and they are definitely an investment however worth every penny. Over the past couple of years, I have learned to appreciate good quality made shoes and these are no exception. I know these boots will be a staple for many many years to come. Admittedly, these boots are one of my most favorite items on my closet wish list 2022.

17. Annie Bing Paris Tee- I am not a huge graphic tee person but this is a classic Annie Bing. It goes out of stock so quickly that I actually have one ordered and will ship at the beginning of March. I only wanted one Annie Bing tee and thought this was the perfect one obviously.

18. Sèzane Fride Blouse- During the warmer months, I love to wear a beautiful white blouse with some sort of detail. Sèzane makes the best white detailed blouses in my opinion. I will probably size up on this one as I do with most Sèzane blouses.

19. Loeffler Randall Isla Boots- These were an item I ordered in the Fall of 2021 but unfortunately they didn’t fit. The boots fit narrow and I needed to go up a whole size. After I returned them and tried to reorder they were sold out. This boot sells out every single year. This year though I will be ready! This color is gorgeous, the pointed toe is perfect, and I love the thick heel. I own another pair of LR boots that I’ve had for about 3 years and they are still in amazing shape.

20. Shop The Curated Camel Coat- A classic camel coat is another item I do not have in my wardrobe. I had one years ago but sadly it doesn’t fit anymore so I ended up donating. Next Fall, I’d love to purchase a beautiful camel coat because honestly, nothing is chicer than a classic camel coat. There are so many variations of camel coloring but I have heard amazing reviews about this one. It tends to sell out quickly so on the waitlist I go!

21. ba&sh Paris Strappy Sandals- Super sexy and fun! They have a lower heel which I appreciate yet are still incredibly classy looking. These can be worn now all the way until Fall!

22. Everlane Charcoal Cashmere- I would actually love this sweater to be more of a heathered grey vs charcoal. I am holding out and hoping they come out with that color for Spring. I’d love to wear it underneath a Navy blazer with black pants or jeans.

23. Cleobella Midi Dress- This year, I am on a mission to find dresses that I love. In the past, I’ve always had a hard time finding dresses. However, I recently discovered this brand and love their dresses. I would like to invest in at least 2-3 good dresses for the season that I can wear over and over.

24. Cuyana Silk Skirt- Washable silk skirt, yes, please. Cuyana always makes the most gorgeous pieces and I am loving this silk skirt. This will be perfect to take to France this Summer. Such a great staple yet finding a pretty silk skirt is always the challenge. I am betting on this Cuyana one.

25. Polène Paris Handbag- Polène handbags have become increasingly popular over the past several years and there’s a great reason why. They are incredibly amazingly crafted leather handbags at affordable prices. I have seen this in person in Paris and they are definitely a bag to carry. I love this Sand color for Spring and Summer.

26. Sèzane Emilie Sandals- Last Summer I noticed this type of sandal all over Paris. I love love Sèzane sandals and always invest in one or two every year. Again, they are incredibly made and so beautiful. I am in need of a dark brown pair for Spring and Summer.

Hopefully, these items on my closet wish list 2022 sparked some interest to create your own list.

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