A Week Of Classic Outfits No. 1

graphic of 5 different outfits I wore this week

Getting dressed every day doesn’t have to be stressful or overwhelming and in fact, it shouldn’t be. Here’s a week of classic outfits for you which are versatile and easy to mix and match with other pieces.

I like to keep things simple, classic, timeless, and elevated. Having the right basics is a great way to start to be able to maximize your wardrobe. I prefer to stick to a more neutral color palette which makes things more versatile.

You’ll notice my favorite boots on rotation throughout the week with a few days of white denim paired with sweaters. Would love to know what you guys think of these outfits.

White Button Down + Stripe Sweater

standing wearing white button down white stripe sweater and black jeans

A very classic look with a white button-down, stripe sweater, jeans, and boots. An easy way to dress up a white button-down is to throw a sweater over your shoulders. This look became popular again several years ago after street style showed women tying cardigans over their shoulders.

You can either tie the sweater in a loop or just leave it draped over your shoulder as I do. Such a great way to dress up an otherwise basic outfit. All these pieces run true to size.


White Jeans + Black Sweater + Grey Blazer

Wearing white jeans, grey blazer, black sweater taking a selfie in mirror

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Wearing white denim in the Winter is perfectly acceptable these days. It used to be a major fashion faux pas if you wore white after Labor Day but thankfully those days are over.

I love to wear White in the Fall and Winter because it adds an unexpected look to your outfits. The white looks clean and fresh next to darker colors we tend to lean into during the colder months.

A grey wool blazer is a perfect addition to wear with white because it brings in extra texture to the overall outfit. Plus, it’s a classic outfit and piece that will elevate your look.

The blazer runs large and I took 2 sizes down from my normal size. Everything else is true to size.


Black Blazer + Jeans + Pumps

Wearing black blazer, jeans, and flats

One of the most versatile outfits is always a black blazer, jeans, and neutral pumps. I am wearing a more oversized blazer giving a nod toward the masculine trend. However, this look is always on point when in Paris and I prefer the more oversized look in a blazer compared to a tighter fit.

And easy tee underneath and favorite pair of denim to round out the outfit. Paired with a classic pair of pumps or you could always do flats as well. This specific blaze is no longer available but I will link a few other options. With any oversized blazer look at sizing because more times than not you will need to size down.

These pumps are a Chanel dupe from Amazon however they aren’t the most comfortable shoes. I am sure the real ones are much better but the price is also a lot more as well.


White Jeans + Sweater + Wool Scarf

wearing white jeans, sweater, black scarf, booties

A scarf is a very easy accessory to add to an outfit. An oversized wool one is great for the Winter months plus adds definition to your outfit.

Contrast the look with white jeans, a neutral sweater, and add in slight touches of black for a classic outfit for the week. All these pieces run true to size.


Wool Jacket + Belt + Jeans

Wearing wool jacket with belt at waist and black jeans

One of my favorite looks from the week because of this jacket. I bought this jacket 6 years ago in Paris and I remember thinking at the time how ridiculous it was to pay that much for a jacket. I was actually nervous buying it and wondering how much I would wear the jacket.

Well, 6 years later and I am still wearing the jacket so I’d say I have my money’s worth out of this classic outfit. I love to wear a belt with jackets around the waist to provide definition. I actually love to wear belts around my waist with blazers and dresses as well.

This is just a clear example of how investing in quality pieces will last you for years to come. I plan on this jacket being in rotation for many more years to come. I’ll try and link something similar.


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