The Best Everyday Wool Blazer To Elevate Your Outfit

Best Everyday Wool Blazer

Wouldn’t getting dressed every day be so much easier if you had one item in your closet to make that happen? That’s where the best everyday wool blazer to elevate your outfit comes right into the mix.

The blazer is a symbol of sophistication, polish, timelessness, and power. However, the idea of wearing a blazer just for the workplace doesn’t exist anymore. Especially as we are mostly all working from home these days.

With an everyday wool blazer, you can instantly elevate your outfit in one step. You don’t need to be in a full head-to-toe suit either to get this look. It’s as easy as ever to achieve this look nowadays.


How To Wear A Blazer

Blazers can be worn in so many different settings, for instance, throw it over a dress or skirt/sweater look with booties for lunch with the ladies. Wear it over a sweater and jeans to a school or sports function.

I personally have been a fan of the blazer for as long as I can remember. This is probably my most favorite clothing item in my closet and an item I don’t mind spending money on because I know I will get my money’s worth.

During the colder months, I prefer an everyday wool blazer to wear with my outfits but during the warmer months, I prefer a nice linen blazer. Thankfully, there’s such a great selection of blazers these days it’s easier than ever to find a blazer to suit your needs.

You can also choose a blazer based on the silhouette, do you want oversized, more tailored, one with buttons or one without. What color of blazer do you want?

I tend to stick with more neutral-colored blazers like black, grey, camel, and white. However, maybe you are someone who prefers a bit more color in their wardrobe.

Last year, I invested in the Grey Herringbone Oversized Blazer from Everlane and it has become my go-to blazer for Fall and Winter. I even had it as one of my best purchases from 2021. This blazer sells out every year and comes in several different color options.

Fit Of Everlane Grey Herringbone Blazer

The blazer runs large and is described this way on the website. I originally ordered this blazer in a size 4 after reading many reviews about it running large. I would normally take a 6 in blazers. After receiving the size 4 it was still too big so I returned for a size 2.

I can still wear a sweater underneath the blazer and it doesn’t feel too tight even going down 2 sizes. Depending on the look you want will determine what size to order.

The blazer hits below my hips and is 31″ in length and does have an oversized look. I would recommend reading the reviews on the website before you order to make your final decision.

close up wearing everlane wool blazer, jeans, and black handbag


What To Wear With The Blazer

The blazer is incredibly versatile and can be worn with so many different options. For bottoms, I wear light or dark denim and black pants.

For tops, you can wear something more casual like a sweater during the day and dress it up with a silk cami or silk top for the evening. Other options to wear would be a turtleneck, white button-down, or tee. To care for the blazer make sure to dry clean.

Everlane Basics To Wear

Here are a few other Everlane basics that I have and love. These are great classic pieces that you can continue to wear for years to come. Most of these are items that are carried year-round by Everlane although some are seasonal.

If you are looking for an affordable everyday wool blazer to elevate your look then look no further than this Everlane Oversized blazer. A closet staple you are sure to have for years to come.


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