My 10 Favorite Everyday Winter Basics

Favorite Everyday Winter Basics

Recently, after another closet edit, I took stock of My 10 Favorite Everyday Winter Basics I own. These are the tried and true clothing pieces that I reach for time and time again. Everyone has their own version of what they consider their favorite basics.

However, I like to think of My 10 favorite Everyday Winter Basics as pieces I wear 80% of the time. The other 20% of pieces in my closet are items that I like to sprinkle in every now and then.

Recently, I updated the SHOP page on the blog with my favorite everyday basics because I wanted to provide a guide for you to go back and reference when needed.

I also wanted to be able to provide some inspiration for your everyday basics. These are all items I actually own in some form. Some of the items I even have in various colors because I love them so much.

The SHOP is broken down into several categories: Denim, Everyday Basics, Sèzane Favorites, and Shoes. A lot of these items are all intertwined with each other and all of the denim shown are my everyday basic denim.

I just wanted to break everything down into categories to make it easier to reference. The categories will be updated as I make new purchases for the upcoming season and wear them on a continued basis.

Hopefully, this will provide some inspiration for you. And always for reference, I am 5′ 5 1/2, size 6 in bottoms, small in tops, and 6 1/2 in shoes. I have a longer torso and shorter legs so I prefer a high waist bottom.

I don’t have pictures for everything but am providing ones for the items I do have pictures for under the Everyday Basics Category. I will work on getting outfit pictures for all the items in each category so stay tuned.

graphic of my favorite 10 everyday wardrobe basics


My favorite place for affordable denim that looks great is Madewell. I can always count on finding a pair of denim at Madewell that works. Some of my favorite kinds are the Perfect Vintage and the Stovepipe. I like the higher waist rise on both of these styles. I prefer a straight or wide-leg cut versus a skinny jeans style.

I also believe in investing in at least 2 pairs of designer jeans and my favorites are PAIGE Denim and Mother. You will never regret buying a pair of designer jeans because the right ones really can make all the difference.

I also highly recommend getting your jeans tailored to the appropriate length as well. I tend to usually go for about 3-4 inches from the ground for ankle jeans. However, my all-time favorite is wide-leg jeans that make my legs look longer.


Standing by a bridge with white denim and grey sweater

High rise and wide leg are my favorite and this pair from DL 1961 fits both of those qualifications. I love the eggshell color because it’s not pure white and they are also not see-through. In the Spring and Summer, I will wear these with blouses, tees, and sandals. They are lighter-weight jeans so not a heavy feeling at all. They do tend to run a little big and I should have exchanged them for a smaller size. You can see them HERE.



Shot of side angle walking with dark jeans and sweater

I have been wearing PAIGE denim since my 30s and they are one of my go-to designer denim brands. The fit is always exactly what I am looking for and they make your behind look great.

These are high-waisted with a bootcut leg. I did have to get them tailored because they were extremely long when I originally bought them. I did take my normal size and there’s been hardly any stretch.


PAIGE Coated Denim

wearing black jeans, plaid blazer and holding black bag

A great way to add fun jeans without going full leather is with a pair of coated denim. Plus, they are way more affordable than leather.


Madewell Perfect Vintage Denim

wearing jeans with white blazer and top standing outside a window

Madewell is one of my go-to brands for denim. Their denim always fits great, is affordable, and they have a petite option as well. Sometimes I will order the petite option if I want the jean to hit above my ankle.

I am in the in-between stage where I am not short enough to be considered petite but not tall enough either for jeans to fit me correctly. The perfect vintage hits perfectly and I love the placement of the pockets on the backside. I have a longer torso also so high-rise jeans work for me vs. the lower-rise ones.


Everlane Oversized Alpaca

standing wearing everlane cashmere crew with black pants

Everlane is one of my favorite places for sweaters. I have this Oversized Alpaca in 3 different colors because I wear it so much during Fall and Winter.

The Alpaca Crew is comfortable, feels amazing, and hasn’t pilled or stretched out of shape. This is a huge determination for me when choosing sweaters.

I own the Heather Charcoal (pictured above), Almond, and Warm Taupe. Plus, this is a great price for a sweater that has lasted.


Mer Sea Charleston Wrap

wearing mer sea wrap with white jeans and holding black purse

I have discussed in length my love for Mer Sea, see this post here. The Charleston wrap is my favorite of all time. I take it everywhere with me and have it in this Mink color as well as the black.

Wraps are so great for traveling, taking to the movies, and even wearing with a belt and jeans. I also love giving a wrap as a gift to someone special.


White Button Down

Standing in front of restaurant in white button down with black jeans , grey purse, and black and tan heels

Part of any classic wardrobe includes a great white button-down and they are always part of My 10 Favorite Everyday Basics. I have several because they are so versatile. I wear them with jeans, work pants, under blazers, and skirts.

My favorite places to buy one are J.Crew, Madewell, and Sèzane. You can tuck them in, leave them out and roll up the sleeves for a more casual look.


Everlane Blazer

standing wear grey blazer with white jeans


Everlane makes one of the best blazers at an amazing price. This oversized blazer is so good that it sells out almost immediately every year. The blazer runs large and I had to return and exchange for a smaller size. Even with going down a size, I can still wear lightweight sweaters underneath.

Jenni Kayne Alpaca Crewneck

standing by a wall wearing dark grey sweater with jeans and holding grey handbag and boots

Jenni Kayne is known for her sweaters and I now understand why. I’ve always been hesitant to purchase one of her sweaters because of the price. This year though I purchased during the Black Friday sale when they were 25% off.

I can honestly tell you these are some of the most amazing sweaters I have ever worn. I am already buying another one next time they are on sale. They are worth every penny. I sized down to an XS in this Alpaca Cocoon.


Black Blazer

standing against door wearing black blazer and white denim

Clearly, I love blazers so much since two of them are showing up in my everyday basics. Such great staples to have in your wardrobe.

The one I am wearing above is from Ba&sh Paris and is currently sold out. I listed one from Anine Bing as another great option. A blazer is so versatile and you can wear it all year long with jeans, skirts, and dresses(one of my favorite ways to wear).


My 10 Favorite Everyday Basics are items that can be worn for years and in many versatile ways. I’ll keep adding to this list as needed. Hopefully, this can give you some good inspiration for everyday basics to add to your closet.

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