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My Parisian Street Style In November

Everything I wore To Paris In November

All my Parisian street-style looks and everything I wore to Paris in November are what we are discussing today. I always like to come home and compare what I packed and planned on wearing versus what I actually wore.

Looking at my Parisian street style looks helps me determine what I want to pack instead and how I will evaluate packing lists for future trips.

Sometimes, when thinking about packing for a trip, you want to pack all these amazing outfits. However, when you get to the destination maybe the weather is a bit different than you thought or maybe your shoes aren’t as comfortable.

I also think after a trip, it’s a great time to think about your wardrobe and maybe about pieces you need to add to it to make packing in the future easier. Maybe there are a few pieces you need to invest in to make your wardrobe a bit more versatile.

Of course, there are other outfits I wore for blog photos and very specific pieces I needed to photograph. However, these are all the outfits I wore on a daily basis as we walked around the city. For me, I always want to look classic and timeless but also be comfortable while doing it as well.

Parisian Street Style Looks I Wore In November

Black Wrap + Jeans + White Button Down + Sneakers

MERSEA Cashmere Wrap (30% off with code NOELANI30) | Mother Denim | White Button Down | Sneakers | Celine Tote

I am always asked what I wear on the plane to travel to Paris. Honestly, I just wear jeans and sneakers with a comfortable top and always take a wrap on the plane when I get cold.

Trench Coat + Black Cashmere Sweater + Black Jeans + Sneakers

Sézane Scott Trench Coat | MERSEA Banff Cashmere Sweater | Mother Denim | Stan Smith Sneakers

When we arrived it was very cold, rainy, and windy. I immediately changed into my favorite trench coat for sitting at a cafe and having a café crème. A trench coat is always on my list when traveling to Paris as you never know what the weather is going to be like.

Creme Coat + Black Cashmere Sweater + Flare Jeans + Boots

ba&sh Paris Coat | MERSEA Banff Cashmere Sweater | Flare Denim | Black Boots | A.P.C. Bag

This gorgeous coat was one of the purchases I made from ba&sh for several reasons. I don’t own a cream coat of any kind and this one can be used for dressier occasions plus casual with jeans like here.

It’s significantly cheaper to shop for my favorite Parisian brands in Paris versus buying online from the U.S. I had made a list of items I was wanting to purchase before I got there.

Tweed Jacket + Cami + Black Denim + Kitten Heels

Tweed Cardigan (size down) | Madewell Perfect Vintage Jean | J.Crew Cami | Kitten Heels | Celine Tote

I wore this outfit to the Dior Gallery in Paris one afternoon, I wanted to feel chic but also comfortable as well. Normally, I would take a smaller bag but I carried my sneakers in this tote so I could change into them after the gallery to walk around Paris.

Dress + Tall Boots + Blazer + Belt

Sézane Boots | ba&sh Paris Dress | Sézane Belt | Black Blazer | Chanel WOC

One night, we went to the Ritz Paris after dinner for cocktails and this is what I wore for the night out. This gorgeous dress from ba&sh Paris was another purchase I made in Paris during this trip. It’s so pretty and beautiful for a night out as well as for the holiday season.

I chose to put a belt around the waist, completely optional, and took a blazer to put on when it became cold. The tall boots from Sézane are so comfortable that I walked over two miles back to our hotel in them without any problem at all.

Cashmere Wrap + Creme Cashmere Sweater + Denim

MERSEA Cashmere Wrap | MERSEA Banff Cashmere Crew | Mother Denim

One of the best things about the hotel we stayed in was the terrace. During early mornings we would sit out there and drink coffee.

In the evenings we would drink wine and I was always so glad to have my MERSEA wrap when we would sit out there. So easy to just throw it over my shoulders and keep me cozy and warm.

Navy Blazer + Cashmere Sweater + Dark Denim + Boots

Sandro Blazer | MERSEA Banff Cashmere Crew | PAIGE Denim | Waterproof Boots

I couldn’t go to Paris without a navy blazer of course, and this Sandro one is incredibly chic and polished looking. Plus, it’s comfortable and looks great dressed up or down. I am wearing it with a cashmere sweater and denim and that’s all I needed to stay warm for the day.

Navy Blazer + Striped Sweater + Blue Denim + Stan Smith

Sandro Navy Blazer | Striped Sweater | Mother Denim | Camel Scarf | Stan Smith Sneakers

I am wearing several pieces again that I already wore throughout the week like this Sandro blazer and Mother Denim.

At Sézane, I purchased this cozy and incredibly warm camel scarf that I wish I would have bought more colors.

Navy Coat + Black Cashmere Sweater + Black Denim + Boots

Sézane James Coat | MERSEA Banff Cashmere Crew | Mother Denim | Waterproof Boots | Celine Tote

My favorite color combination of navy and black and one that is so incredibly Parisian. I took this coat, which in hindsight I didn’t really need to pack. I took too many coats and ended up purchasing several over there so it was a little unpractical.

However, it was incredibly warm and I felt very Parisian while wearing it to the flea market one day. I always say, don’t be afraid to wear the color combination of navy and black.

Camel Coat + Silk Black Pants + Black Turtleneck + Stan Smith

Sézane Camel Coat | Everlane Turtleneck | Cuyana Silk Pants | Stan Smith Sneakers | A.P.C. Bag

This camel coat was one of my purchases in Paris and I am so happy that I went for it. It’s so gorgeous and fits perfectly (I sized down two). Plus, it is so classic that I’ll be able to wear it for years.

I paired it with these dreamy silk pants, a turtleneck, and sneakers for a day around the city. I was comfortable, warm, and felt put together.

Hopefully, this post on my Parisian street style will help you plan for your next trip or everyday classic dressing in general.

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