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Paris In Summer – How To Pack

Paris In Summer

Summer in Paris can be just as magical as any other time of the year. Warmer weather means more relaxing at the parks, wine by the Seine, and picnics at the Eiffel Tower. The days are longer with the sun setting sometimes after 10 pm.

The Summer months also bring tourists, higher prices, and sometimes even unpredicted thunderstorms. However, there’s no other city in the world I’d rather be in during the Summer.

Flowers are in bloom, fruit is in full season, and the city is buzzing with activity. As with any trip you want to make sure you have packed the right items.

I’ve put together a Paris in Summer packing list for those visiting and maybe aren’t sure what to take. I’ve also included a checklist you can download to make sure you’ve crossed everything off your list.

Everything shown is clickable, just click on the item and it will take you to the specific page.

Weather in Paris

The weather in Paris in June is usually pretty ideal although it can be very rainy during this month, so make sure to pack an umbrella. Sometimes, in the evening it can be breezy so I always bring some kind of jacket. It could be a leather jacket, denim jacket, cardigan, or even a white or tan blazer that would work.

July and August are much warmer and the average temperatures in summer can range anywhere from the low 60s in the evening to the high 70s in the daytime. Every now and then they can definitely have much warmer weather, especially in the last couple of years.


Paris always involves a lot of walking no matter what season but you will want to pack a pair of sneakers. Everyone in Paris wears sneakers these days, popular ones are VEJA, Stan Smith, and Converse. You can also take a pair of ballet flats or sandals, just make sure they are comfortable enough to walk all day.

You can see my entire post dedicated to the best walking shoes for Paris here and the ones I find the most comfortable during my trip.

My one tip is to make sure you take along some sort of gel insoles and these Moleskine pads to put on the back of your shoes.

I also carry around my Longchamp tote with an extra pair of shoes for the day. That way, if I want to stop and take pictures in one shoe but wear my sneakers to walk around, I can switch them out.

Also, Paris is not the place to break in new shoes so make sure you don’t bring a brand new pair to walk the city.

Neutral Outfits to Wear in Paris

Whenever I travel to Paris, I prefer to look more like a local vs. a tourist so I try and stay very neutral when it comes to my outfits. I make sure to pack versatile pieces which can be mixed and matched with each other.

It’s Summer though so a little color doesn’t hurt anything maybe by way of a dress or even a floral skirt. Parisian women definitely love their floral dresses and skirts.

Packing basics will go a long way and actually give you more outfits. A good list to start with would be a pair of blue or black denim. A pair of white jeans or pants and also a great pair of linen pants.

You will see a lot of Parisian women in dresses or skirts during the summer, but midi length or longer. Parisians don’t wear anything short and that includes dresses, skirts, and even shorts.

If it should get chilly at all you can easily wear one of your jackets over your dress or skirt.

Parisians do wear shorts but not like the ones we wear in the states. The shorts are still more conservative and have longer lengths. A beautiful blazer and matching linen shorts is one idea that would look very nice.

Another thing to think about is if any of your pieces need to be tailored before your trip. I always make sure to take anything to the tailor a few weeks before the trip to ensure they are ready in time.

Travel Gear for Summer in Paris

When it comes to travel gear, I’ve learned over the years what works the best and items you may not think about but have helped me. When it comes to traveling on the plane this is what I always have with me. A great carry-on bag for the plane which is comfortable enough to carry everything I need. I have this carry-on bag but this Tumi bag is also a great option as well. Inside the bag, I pack my eye masktravel pillowwater bottle, and slippers ( I like to put these on when I am on the plane). Of course, my headphones are always with me as well as my Mer Sea wrap that goes everywhere.

A few beauty tips for when I travel to Paris. I try to stay away from more than one alcoholic drink on the plane due to hydration. I also put this hydrating face mask on when I board to keep my face hydrated and use this eye cream when we land to help with puffiness.

For my suitcase, I use these Amazon suitcases and they have been great. I also use these packing cubes to help so I can pack more and these laundry bags. This luggage scale always goes with me so I know how heavy my bags are, and this travel steamer is perfect and works very well.

Other important items not to forget would be adapters, phone and camera chargers, and travel wallet if you want ( I use one and love it because I carry paperwork in there as well).

Included is a downloadable PDF packing list. Print this and check it off to make sure you have everything for your trip. You can download the packing list HERE.

Need some outfit inspiration for your Paris in Summer trip, here are several ideas to help you along the way. These combinations are all meant to help when deciding what to pack for your trip.

Paris in Summer Outfit Ideas – Mix and Match 1

graphic of summer outfits for paris

Blazer – A linen blazer in either white or tan will go a long way. Not only will it keep you warm if needed, a blazer always looks very Parisian chic. Plus, it can be worn in so many ways with either jeans or pants or even over-dresses. The linen will keep you cool during the Summer.

Camis – A black and white cami is great for layers and to wear under your blazers or other jackets. That way if you get too warm you can take your blaze or jacket off.

TeesLayering tees are also a great idea in black and white. They can easily be worn by themselves or under something.

Denim – A pair of white, blue, and black denim is always an easy and great option to wear around the city. Wear them with tees, camis, a blazer, and either sandals or sneakers. Parisians love their denim and they wear more flare and wide legs than any other kind. They do not wear skinny jeans, but who can blame them.

Sandals – Make sure whatever sandals you take are comfortable enough to walk the city. Something with good padding and one that’s versatile.

Market Tote – Parisians love to carry around straw totes during the Summer. Take one that is large enough to carry all day and sturdy. Wear it with jeans, sandals, and a tee or with dresses for a very French look.

Floral Dress– Another clothing item Parisian women love to wear during the summer is floral dresses, but remember not too short. You can wear dresses with sandals or even sneakers.

Black Belt– A great way to add some intrigue to your outfit is with a black belt, especially worn around the waist with a dress.

Bucket Bag– Another popular Parisian accessory is a great handbag and a bucket bag is always a staple bag to carry. I love my Sèzane Farrow Bag that I carry anytime I am in Paris.

White Top– You can never go wrong with a classic button-down to wear with a jacket or by itself with jeans or pants.

Scarf– If you’re going to be in the city of lights why not dress like it and wear a scarf around your neck. Better yet, treat yourself to a beautiful silk scarf while you’re there. Your outfit will instantly feel chic.

Linen– Linen is a great fabric to wear during the summer in Paris and is very timeless. A great linen dress, pants, and even top are great basics to pack for the trip and are incredibly versatile.

Stripe Top– Need I say more? How much more French can you get than a striped top.

Pants– Make sure to pack along a beautiful pair of tailored trousers in brown, black, or even white.

Sneakers– What was once maybe a fashion faux paw in Paris, is no longer. Everyone and every age group are wearing sneakers. They just make sense if you’re walking miles and miles all day.

I’ve put together several outfit ideas for Paris in Summer, which hopefully give you some inspiration.

Paris in Summer Outfit Ideas – Mix and Match 2

graphic of summer outfits for Paris

Paris in Summer Outfit Ideas – Mix and Match 3

graphic of outfit ideas for paris

Hopefully, this helps when deciding what to pack for Paris in the summer. I would love to know what you all think. Merci.

Spring Paris Packing Checklist



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  1. Hi there. I love your style. I have just one question – how in the world do you wear some of these things in the heat of summer? Maybe I’m just in my “special time of life” but I boil in the summertime, and I know how hot Paris can be in July/Aug. We are headed there first week of July and I’m fretting about what to wear. I want to look chic and put together, but be comfortable and not overheated. Any advice?

    1. Hi! Haha, I am in that same time as you:) Paris weather is tricky. I always feel it’s a bit cooler because it’s by the river. It can be cool for one minute and boiling the next minute. I will have a packing list for July coming out end of May to help you pack! I will also be there in July so I’ll put some looks together! I love to wear linen in the summer, not sure if you’re a fan but linen is great! I think linen pants and tanks or nice tops are perfect. Also, lots of dresses! I’ll work on something.
      xo- Noelani

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