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12 Attainable Ways To Get French Girl Summer Style

French fashion is all about sticking with the basics and it’s something everyone can attain, and French girl summer dressing is no different. French women are known around the world for the effortless way they can pull an outfit together and look incredibly chic.

Everyone wants that French girl vibe and when it comes to summer outfits it’s no different. You don’t have to live in Paris or even be French to attain a French girl style during the summer season.

It’s a vibe everyone can wear, it’s just knowing how to pull it all together.

For a complete look at a Parisian Inspired Summer Capsule along with outfit ideas check out the post for more inspiration on how French girl summer style is easily attainable.

What Is French Girl Summer Style

French girl Summer style is all about sticking with the classic French philosophy of wearing classic, timeless pieces to elevate your wardrobe.

These are items you may already have in your closet but anyone anywhere can attain that French girl, Parisian Summer vibe we all admire.

French Girl Summer Style Tips

  1. Stick with a neutral color palette and it will help to maximize your French girl summer wardrobe and make it more versatile. Think of colors like beige, navy, cream, tan, and muted tones to keep your outfits looking cohesive.
  2. The foundation of your wardrobe should be made up of a good amount of basics you can wear each season. If you’re going to incorporate a trend maybe do it in the form of a specific color for that season or bag. You want to keep your main wardrobe dedicated to quality, timeless basics.
  3. Lean on fabrics such as linen, cotton, and even silk to stay polished and elevated.
  4. Go for easy and chic accessories like espadrilles, strappy sandals from St. Tropez, and the quintessential market bag.

12 Attainable Ways To Get French Girl Summer Style

1. Denim Shorts + White Tee + Market Tote

A chic yet casual look is a pair of denim shorts worn with a basic plain white tee and a market tote. To make sure you are dressed like a French girl this Summer, make sure the shorts aren’t too short. French women don’t wear anything too short or too skin-tight.

To dress up the look a bit you could also go with denim shorts a bit more dressy. Either invest in a designer market tote that you will have for years or go with something a bit more affordable and still look very French.

2. Gingham Top + White Jeans

A perfect French combination is a pair of chic white jeans, trousers, or even white linen pants. Wear them with a gingham top, oversized button-down, or just a beautiful silk tank.

White bottoms are an essential summer piece for French women. Complete the look with sandals, espadrilles, and a small bag or market tote.

You can even do a white-on-white look with a white or ecru t-shirt and white denim with brown sandals and a basket bag.

3. Floral Dress

French women love their floral prints in summer in the form of dresses or even skirts. A beautiful flowy floral dress is a great way to add a bit of color to your summer wardrobe.

You can also go with a floral skirt and tank top to still have that chic French girl summer vibe. Add a basket bag and denim jacket for those cool mornings.

They are easy to throw on and can be dressed up with strappy sandals or worn more casually with espadrilles or even sneakers.

4. Tank + Denim Jeans + Clogs + Straw Tote

French women still wear jeans during the summer months but opt for lighter colors. Wear straight or wide-leg crop jeans with a pretty strappy tank or cotton top.

A small market bag and clogs complete the very Parisian look. I have these Isabelle Clogs from Sèzane and they have quickly become a favorite.

5. Linen Shorts + Blue Button Down + Market Bag

Linen is a staple fabric for hot summer days even for Parisian women. You want to wear breathable fabrics and linen is perfect for the season. Linen shorts worn with a blue button-down is a very très chic look.

You can opt for linen, silk, or even poplin cotton to stay cool during the summer months.

Add sandals and a small straw bag for a timeless summer look. If you don’t love shorts, then look for linen or silk pants, or even skirts.

6. White Dress + Market Bag

A white dress is not only a beautiful piece to have for those long hot summer days, but it’s an iconic piece in a French woman’s closet. Go for any length, long, midi, or even a short white dress.

You could wear cotton, linen, or even a beautiful eyelet which is a classic summer look. Add espadrilles, sandals, and a market bag and you will be looking French in no time.

A long white skirt and white top would also be a beautiful French woman’s summer look. It not only looks elegant but classic and timeless as well. This is a look you can wear every season.

7. Blue And White Dress

Pretty and feminine a blue and white dress is the perfect color combination for summer. Classic and elegant yet simple which is the French way. You could even wear a blue and white top with white jeans or a skirt as well.

8. Linen Blazer + Jeans

The blazer is a classic piece in any French woman’s closet and summer is no exception. French women go with a light breathable fabric like linen for their summer blazers.

Pick a neutral color that can be worn with jeans, denim shorts, or even linen trousers. Carry a basket bag for a very summery Parisian vibe.

You can choose an oversized blazer or one more fitted or even cropped. Blazers are a French woman’s go-to piece for any season.

9. Polka Dot Dress

French girls are all about wearing classic patterns in summer and polka dots are a mainstay of French women.

Polka dots are so timeless and always look uber chic. You could also wear a polka dot skirt or even shorts as well to attain this very French look.

10. One Piece Swimsuit

A one-piece swimsuit is a French staple and for good reason. A one-piece flatters all body types and isn’t too revealing. Some women even wear their one-piece with jeans or shorts as a bodysuit.

My favorite one-piece is from J.Crew but French brand Sèzane also has a swimwear line as well if you want to be completely French.

11. Floral Skirt + White Tank

A gorgeous floral skirt can easily be worn with a basic white tee or even a tank. Go with beautiful colors that are reminiscent of the South of France.

Wear a small basket bag or baguette bag that’s so incredibly chic and very French. For shoes, try a pair of espadrilles or even strappy sandals to complete your look.

12. Black Top + Pants + Espadrilles

Yes, even in Summer Parisians are wearing all black but they make it look chic and elevated. Try wearing some black linen pants with a matching top, tank, or even a basic tee shirt. The espadrilles provide that summery laid-back Parisian chic vibe.

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