12 French Market Bags To Buy This Summer

Market Bags To Buy

If you’ve been following me for a while, then it shouldn’t be a surprise to you that I love French market bags. I have collected quite a few over the years ranging from small to extra large bags. I use my French market bags for everything from going to the farmers market, the pool, to the store, and just because they are so cute. Today, I am sharing 12 French market bags to buy this Summer.

I truly believe a French market bag is one of those items everyone should own. They are perfect for just throwing things in, carrying towels to the lake, using at the grocery store for your grocery bag, and everything else you might need.

If you are looking for a cute bag to use this Summer, I couldn’t recommend buying yourself a French market bag more. A French market bag is one of these quintessential French things all French women own.

French market tote on table

French Market Bags Signal Summer

French women are notorious for using French market bags specifically for the farmers markets but over the years they have become increasingly popular to use everyday. Nothing signals Summer more for the French woman than pulling out her favorite French market bag. They can be made of raffia, straw, or even wicker.

Over the years, I’ve bought mine from Mango, Sezanne, ETSY, and this year I bought a Celine which was definitely an investment however I know I will have this for years. It’s already become my daily bag this Summer. French market bags are such a Summer staple that whichever one you have, you are sure to use for years to come.

Girl standing with french market tote outside
french market tote with coffee on table

What Kind of Bag To Buy

French market bags come in various sizes and with different handles. You can have a shorter or longer handle depending on how you like to carry your bags. Also, think about what you want to use yours for before deciding on what size to buy. If you want something just to use as a crossbody with a few items then a smaller one like the Chloé or Mango double strap might be the best option.

If you want one that you can use for the farmers market or to take to the pool then I would recommend the one from ETSY or J.Crew. And, if you are just buying your bag for the first time I always recommend the ETSY French market bag. It’s incredibly durable, holds quite a bit, and looks very French.

Graphic showing french market bags

Sezane Gaby Weaved Bag

Mango Double Strap

Loewe Basket Bag

Kayu Mini Colbie

Celine Panier

Hat Attack Mila

FRAME Straw Tote

Mango Raffia Bag

J.Crew Woven Tote


Chloé Marcie

Clare V. Pot de Miel

What kind of French market bag is your favorite?

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