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What To Pack For Paris In June

What to Pack for Paris in June

Want to know what you should pack for Paris in June? I’ve put together a list of 24 classic and chic pieces to help you with your packing list so you feel elevated and put together during your time in the city of light.

June is a beautiful time to visit Paris, as the days are longer, the city is bustling, and it’s the prime season to sit on a terrace with the rest of the Parisians and enjoy an evening apéro or sit and linger in one of the many parks.

View of the eiffel tower on a sunny summer day discussing what to pack for Paris in summer and June.
Paris cafe in June

Weather In Paris During June

The weather in Paris during June is average highs of 62 during the day and average lows of 55 during the evenings. Even though the weather is mostly warm in June, it can still be chilly in the early mornings or at night.

Typically, there isn’t much rain during the month of June which makes it a nice time to visit the city. However, you can always pack an umbrella just in case.

Personally, Paris always seems a bit cooler to me, and maybe because it’s right by the river. However, it’s Paris so the weather can always change instantly and there could be a few muggy days where you also need an umbrella.

You want to pack layers for Paris even though it’s during the summer months. I always pack camis and extra T-shirts for Paris in case I need to layer. A light jacket such as a trench or leather jacket is a good idea to keep you warm and dry especially if you tend to get cold easily.


Shoes To Pack For Paris In June

Paris is best when explored on foot, there’s so much to see, and you don’t want to miss a thing. Just be prepared with comfortable shoes and remember Paris is full of cobblestone streets.

Since it is June you can bring a few pairs of open-toe shoes like sandals and ballet flats or loafers, but you also want to pack sneakers for walking.

Everyone in Paris wears sneakers these days, no matter the age, and some styles you’ll see locals wearing are Adidas Stan Smith and Sambas, French brand VEJA, and even New Balance and Nike are popular.

You can see my entire post dedicated to the best walking shoes for Paris here and the ones I find the most comfortable during my fall, spring, and summer trips.

I also carry around my Longchamp tote with an extra pair of shoes for the day. That way, if I want to stop and take pictures in one shoe but wear my sneakers to walk around, I can switch them out.

My one tip is to make sure you take along some sort of gel insoles and bandaids in case of blisters.

Also, Paris is not the place to break in new shoes so make sure you don’t bring a brand new pair to walk the city.


Neutral Outfits To Wear In Paris In June

Anytime I am packing for Paris I like to keep several things in mind. I prefer to blend in and look like a local, French women are the best dressed after all.

I tend to stick with a neutral color palette but also pack versatile items that you can easily mix and match to look chic and classic during the summer season and June.

You will see a lot of Parisian women in mostly jeans and trousers. Depending on the weather some will have on dresses or skirts with a jacket. No athleisurewear so leave your yoga pants at home, please.

Also, make sure to have your clothing all tailored ahead of time so you’re not rushing around at the last minute. I try to take my clothes 3-4 weeks ahead of time if possible.

Travel Essentials To Pack For Paris In June

Here are the items I consider essential for every Paris trip and always make sure to pack.

A great carry-on bag for the plane which is comfortable enough to carry everything I need. I have this carry-on bag that holds all my essentials. I also, bought this Longchamp in Paris on my last trip to use as well.

Inside the bag, I pack my eye mask,  water bottle, and slippers ( I like to put these on when I am on the plane).

Of course, my headphones are always with me as well as my Mer Sea wrap that goes everywhere. You can see all the Paris travel essentials I make sure to pack here.

For my suitcase, I use these Amazon suitcases and they have been great. I also use these packing cubes to help me pack more and these laundry bags.

This luggage scale always goes with me so I know how heavy my bags are, and this travel steamer is perfect and works very well.


More Important Packing Tips For Paris In June

This list is meant to help inspire and isn’t all-inclusive of other things you might want to pack. I try to choose a mix of different price points to suit everyone if possible. However, I do believe in paying more for extra comfortable shoes.

24 Pieces To Pack For Paris In June

24 Classic pieces to pack for Paris in Summer.
  1. J.Crew Navy Helena Linen Blazer– Change up your regular blazer with a navy linen one to dress with sandals or sneakers.
  2. Frank & Eileen Linen Button Up– A classic white button-down in linen to wear with denim and trousers.
  3. J.Crew Factory Striped V-Neck Cardigan– Easy striped navy and white cardigan at an affordable price.
  4. Frame Navy Linen Top– I love the collar detail of this sexy and chic navy linen top you can dress up or dress down. Here’s a more affordable similar version from J.Crew.
  5. J.Crew Wide Leg Essential Navy Linen Pants – Matching navy linen pants to go with the navy blazer or to wear by themselves. You will stay cool and comfortable in these pants.
  6. ME+EM Ruffle Top– Classic sleeves ruffle top for those warm days.
  7. J.Crew Factory Lady Jacket– A timeless lady jacket from J.Crew to wear with jeans or over the slip dress.
  8. Vaneli Low Slingback– A favorite two-tone slingback now in a flat version, yet still just as stylish looking.
  9. J.Crew Oxford– Easy oversized oxford you can easily wear with any of the denim shown or the trousers.
  10. GAP Trousers– Classic lighter brown trousers from the GAP for when you want something different than denim.
  11. Margaux Flat Sandal– This chic sandal for the summer season with rave reviews about comfort, an important factor for walking in Paris.
  12. J.Crew Rigid Sailor Jean– Dark jeans are always chic, elevated, and stylish for wearing to dinner or evenings out.
  13. J.Crew Slip Dress– Always a timeless dress to pack for Paris any time of the year but especially during the warmer months.
  14. Gap Belted Blazer– I love this blazer which is elevated with the tie belt around the waist.
  15. Chloé Linen Tote– A chic investment bag and honestly not the most practical for Paris but the navy color is gorgeous and the linen fabric will go with any of the outfits. This bag is easy enough to carry during the day and at night for dinners. A more affordable option would be this Sezane bag and this Mango bag.
  16. Tuckernuck Chloe Dress– A beautiful dress in multiple colors that is perfect for museum days, warm days on a terrace, or dinner.
  17. H&M Short Trench Coat– June can still be chilly in the morning and evening so pack a trench coat. Go for this shorter version which is on trend all over Paris now.
  18. VINCE Black Sandals– Vince always makes incredibly comfortable sandals worth the investment for all those steps you will log daily. Also, check out this Madewell version as well.
  19. Longchamp Tote– My favorite tote I always pack for Paris. It’s perfect to use for shopping and days when you will be carrying a lot to walk around. It’s lightweight and durable.
  20. Alex Mill Cardigan– This chic cardigan can be worn with denim or navy trousers.
  21. Sézane Claude Leather Bag– This smaller crossbody bag will go with any outfit and you can easily use it for day or night.
  22. Mother Hustler Straight Leg Denim– My go-to denim brand that always looks nice and sharp. These are a shorter hem so you can wear them with sneakers or sandals. For a more affordable version see these from Madewell.
  23. Adidas Stan Smith– One of the most comfortable sneakers for walking around Paris.
  24. Everlane Tee- It’s always a good idea to pack a few t-shirts for layering and wearing under blazers and cardigans.

Paris In June Outfit Ideas

Here are some outfit combinations in case you need inspiration on how to wear the 24 pieces.

What To Wear With Rigid Sailor Jeans

Packing for Paris in June with Dark Denim.


What To Wear With Trousers


What To Wear With Straight-Leg Denim

Pieces to pack for Paris in summer to wear with jeans.


What To Wear With Navy Pants And A Slip Dress

What to wear in Paris in June with navy pants and a black dress.


Hopefully, this has helped with your Paris in June packing list to help you feel put together, chic, confident, and ready for your trip to Paris.

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