French Inspired Nordstrom Anniversay Picks

French Inspired Pieces To Buy From The Nordstrom Sale

One of the biggest sales of the year is happening now and I am telling you all my French-inspired Nordstrom picks to add to your cart.

Whether you are looking to add classic and chic French-inspired pieces to your closet this fall or you’re heading to the city of light, here’s everything to add to your cart during the sale.

What Is The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

The Nordstrom Anniversary sale is all-new fall merchandise with special pricing, after the sale ends in a few weeks, the merchandise goes back to full price. That’s why NOW is the time to invest in those French-inspired pieces you are looking to add to your wardrobe.

How To Shop The Nordstrom Sale

The sale will go live to Nordstrom card members on July 13th and to the public on July 17th, prices will go back up for everyone on August 7th. You will want to grab best-selling items first because things do sell out quickly.

How To Know What To Shop

I am not a believer in shopping just to shop because something is on sale. I always think it’s a good idea to take note of what you want to add to your wardrobe for the fall season. Or, if you’re traveling to Paris during fall, maybe there are a few pieces you would like to take with you.

You can always refer to the 10 classic French wardrobe basics to help you get started. Make a list of items and refer to the list while shopping. Think about basics, blazers, jeans, boots, and even handbags.

My Top French Inspired Sale Picks


One of the best items to always have for fall is a great-looking pair of classic denim. You can go the French way with either a wide leg or a straight leg. MOTHER Denim is always a favorite of mine and there are also several styles that are part of the sale.



There are so many great sweaters in this year’s Nordstrom sale. This is always a good time to pick up one or two you will wear for the season in either a classic-looking cashmere or wool.

I always like to purchase sweaters from VINCE specifically because they are a great price and I’ve always thought good quality and timeless looking.



Nordstrom always has a great selection of outerwear during the Anniversary sale. This is the time to invest in a great classic coat or blazer that you’ve had on your list. In fact, I have my eye on this coat in navy or this camel coat.

Another great coat to have for the fall season or if you have an upcoming trip to Paris planned is this trench coat.




Boots and booties always go fast during the sale because they have so many at great prices. I personally don’t feel you can ever go wrong with adding a great pair of boots to your wardrobe.

On my list are a pair that are comfortable to walk in for miles, a low heel, and if they are waterproof that’s a plus. Great options are these

Another great shoe for the fall season which is very French is a pair of classic loafers. These will never go out of style despite what trends may say.




You also can’t go wrong with investing in a good cashmere scarf for the season to wear like a French woman. Or, a new Longchamp bag or quilted handbag which are chic and classic looking.



French inspired finds for your home. I always love to buy this set during the sale each year to use as gifts or for myself at home.


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