16 Paris Travel Essentials

For your next trip here are 16 Paris travel essentials you don’t want to leave home without. These are the essentials that will ensure you have everything you need for your trip and make things a little easier.

All of these are items I own and would recommend on your next trip to Paris or anywhere in general that you are traveling. I’ve learned from experience what I use the most and make sure to pack every time. These 16 Paris travel essentials are items that you might not think about packing but you will be glad you did.

Of course, most of these items you could find in Paris or any city you’re traveling to, but I like to make sure I have everything ahead of time. The last thing I want to do in Paris is run around to the store because I forgot to pack something.

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Essentials To Pack For Paris

Travel essentials to pack for Paris such as packing cubes, adapters, cell phone power charger, and more.

AWAY Bigger Carry-On Suitcase– Last year, I purchased this suitcase to use as a carry-on for my trips to Paris. It’s large enough to pack a week of outfits and other essentials. It does fit in the overhead bin on most airlines and I’ve never had to check the bag. For checked luggage, I use Amazon suitcases which are incredible for the price.

AWAY The Everywhere Bag– The Everywhere Bag matches the suitcase and is great as a carry-on for items like laptops, makeup bags, headphones, and other small necessities. It also has a trolley sleeve, which fits over the handle of the suitcase, making it convenient to carry through the airport.

Cuyana Small Leather Pouch– This is a great pouch for all my small items like wallet, lipstick, pen, and charging cords as well. I use this pouch daily even when not in Paris.

Longchamp Le Pliage Travel Bag– A great bag to use as a carry-on or additional bag for packing. I purchased this last year at the airport when I was leaving Paris because I needed a bag for additional packing.

I love all my Longchamp bags, but especially this one because of the thick strap which makes it easy to carry crossbody. There will be times when I use this bag more than the AWAY Bag. I also use this insert inside the Longchamp to help with organization.

YETI Water Bottle– So many airports have refillable water stations now, which makes it easy to carry a water bottle to travel. This way you can save on spending money purchasing water at the airport. Plus, Paris has water fountains throughout the city, which are safe and clean to drink from so the water bottle comes in handy there as well.

Anker Portable Charger– This has saved me many times during the trip to help charge my phone. Between using my Google Maps on my phone and taking pictures, my battery tends to die by the end of the day. Thankfully, this portable charger helps to refuel my phone without having to go back to the room and charge it. Just remember you need to take a charging cord with you for it to work.

Packing Cubes– Definite must for any trip but especially for one where you want to pack a lot of items. These packing cubes help you overall be able to pack more and make packing convenient. I put all my shirts in one cube, my pants in another cube, etc. Then when I get to my hotel or wherever I am staying, I just pull the cube out and put it into a drawer. So simple.

Luggage Scale– With this luggage scale, you can find out how much your bags weigh before you get to the airport in case you need to move things around.

Power Adapter for France– A must for traveling abroad to use any of your appliances like a curling iron, phone charger, or travel steamer. For anything you need to plug in to use, you will need this travel adapter that covers France. I’ve also used these before as well and usually take several adapters with me in case one doesn’t work.

SONY Noise-Canceling Headphones– Noise-canceling headphones are the only way to travel on a long plane ride. I use these for listening to music and audiobooks.

Hanging Toiletry Bag– This is a perfect toiletry bag for travel because you can hang it up. Makes it very handy when you are traveling and the hotel bathrooms are tiny. I use this bag for all my makeup brushes and other smaller miscellaneous items.

Klorane Eye Patches– For the late nights and jet lag I use these eye patches. I have found these to be the best ones and have them auto-shipped to me every two months. I put them on first thing in the morning while I am getting ready for 10-15 minutes. They help decrease puffiness and tired-looking eyes.

SLIP Silk Sleep Mask– I have used a sleep mask for years especially when traveling to help keep light out and get a proper night’s sleep. Update: I now use this sleep mask for my eyelash extensions.

Liquid IV– An electrolyte drink mix that helps to hydrate. I always take a bunch of these with me and drink one every morning. It does help to hydrate especially since my water intake is less than normal and my champagne is more, lol.

Laundry Bags– A necessity for keeping dirty and clean clothes separate from each other. Plus, these make it easy when you get home and your dirty laundry is all in one place.

Dual Voltage Travel Steamer– Nobody wants wrinkly clothes on vacation. This travel steamer is perfect and doesn’t take up too much room plus comes with a carrying pouch. It heats up quickly and works well. I don’t ever count on the places I am staying to have an ironing board or one that works properly, so I bring my own. UPDATE: I recently updated to this dual voltage travel steamer.

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More Travel Essentials I Pack

Other items I like to take are this MERSEA wrap, a Bose Speaker for the hotel room, an umbrella, Probiotics, and Tums.

Keep in mind, that you could use this list for any destination you’re traveling to (especially any place abroad). Hopefully, these 16 Paris travel essentials can make traveling a bit easier if you are going to the city of light.

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  1. Love this list, very thorough. I have several of the exact items you recommend! And of course I’ve placed an amazon order for the toiletry bag and steamer!

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