What To Wear To Dinner In Paris

What To Wear To Dinner In Paris

Paris is known for its dining scene and there are plenty of places to find that perfect meal in the city of light. Food is a big part of French culture as well as fashion, and they go hand in hand. Today, I am sharing some outfit inspiration on what to wear to dinner in Paris. Whether you’re eating at a Michelin-starred restaurant or local café.

During my first trip to visit Paris, I remember eating dinner at a restaurant and sitting next to this incredibly chic French woman. I will always remember her outfit because it was so simple yet so elegant and classy.

She was wearing a white tweed jacket, straight-leg denim, CHANEL slingbacks, and carrying a simple black leather bag. That was over 10 years ago and that outfit would still be just as classic and timeless today in Paris.

Parisians dress the same way for dinner, as they do in their everyday life. Classic, elevated, and timeless. You won’t see Parisians specifically dining in baseball hats or French women wearing yoga pants to a restaurant.

What you will see are beautiful and simple outfits that don’t take much to get ready. The French are much more interested in enjoying dinner and each other’s company versus getting dressed up to impress people.

Are There Dress Codes For Dinner In Paris

Of course, depending on the restaurant you are eating at, could determine if there’s a dress code or not. If you are eating at a Michelin-star restaurant or a luxury hotel, you probably want to look at the restaurant website to see if there’s a dress code, if you aren’t quite sure.

If you are eating at a café, there’s no dress code and jeans are always acceptable. Of course, you won’t see Parisians wearing embellished or ripped denim of any kind. It’s best to stick with a straight leg, flare, or wide leg if you want to look like a Parisian.

For restaurants that require a reservation, most likely it will tell you on the website when you’re making the reservation if a dress code is required. If it doesn’t specifically tell what you want to wear but says dress code, I would stick with dresses, skirts, or trousers to be on the safe side.

I would also make sure to wear appropriate footwear like slingbacks, heels, or ballet flats. I wouldn’t wear sneakers to a restaurant with a dress code.

What To Wear To Dinner In Paris

Denim Jacket + Black Trousers

Woman wearing silk pants and denim jacket for dinner out in Paris.

This is the perfect nighttime look for a night at the museum followed by dinner or dinner on a terrace.


Leather Jacket + Dark Denim

Woman wearing leather jacket with dark denim for dinner look in Paris.

During the evenings in Paris, I always prefer a dark pair of denim to look a bit more elevated. This is a simple yet chic look for an evening out.


Tweed jacket + black denim

Tweed Jacket with black jeans and slingbackz for what to wear to dinner in Paris.

You can never go wrong with a classic Parisian look of a tweed jacket with black denim and slingback pumps. Classic and timeless for any type of restaurant. Of course, if it’s a Michelin Star restaurant or more pricey, you might want to swap out the jeans for trousers or a skirt.


Slip Dress + Blazer

What to wear to dinner in Paris with a slip dress and black blazer for women.

A beautiful yet elegant slip dress is always a good decision for dining out in Paris in the evening. You can easily elevate the dress by wearing a blazer with a belt around your waist for a flattering, waist-defining chic look.


Floral Skirt + Denim Jacket

Floral Skirt with Denim Jacket and Sandals.

If you’re having dinner at a local café or a more casual restaurant after a day of sight seeing, a skirt with sandals, and denim jacket are appropriate for spring.


Tweed Jacket + Trousers + boots

Black Trousers with Black Boots, Black Bag, and Tweed Jacket

Tweed jackets are one of those clothing items that most French women have in their closets. They are so classic and incredibly timeless. Plus, they are easy enough to dress up or dress down depending on the occasion.

If you are going to dinner at your hotel or even to a nice restaurant and you want to wear something more than jeans, put on a nice pair of trousers.

Wearing the trousers with a tweed jacket elevates the outfit but you still remain comfortable. Add some boots and a classic leather handbag.

Depending on the season, under the tweed jacket, you could wear a simple cami or lightweight sweater if necessary.


black blazer + Cami + Dark Denim + Mules

Graphic of black blazer, dark denim, silk cami, and mules.

The most classic of outfits for a casual dinner would be a black blazer, love this one with the gold detail buttons, which elevate the blazer. Then add a pair of dark denim, some black mules or pumps, and a leather bag.


Silk Skirt + Mockneck + Boots

What to wear to dinner in Paris outfit of a black silk skirt, tall boots, and sweater.

When in doubt, always go with a simple yet classic outfit for dinner in Paris. Whether you are going to a Michelin-starred restaurant or a bistro, a black skirt, top, and tall boots will always be appropriate.

Depending on the season, you could go with tall black boots or simple pumps or heels. Add a little sparkle to your all-black outfit with a fun clutch or add a pop of color.


Tweed Jacket + Wide Leg Denim + Slingbacks

Graphic of Tweed Jacket, Silk Cami, and Denim

For the nights when you are heading to a local restaurant in your favorite arrondissement, a pair of jeans is appropriate. Make sure your jeans don’t have holes or embellishments of any kind.

Wear a pair of wide-leg jeans with a beautiful tweed jacket or silk blouse to add some polish to the jeans. Add a pair of slingbacks or pumps to the outfit and finish with a simple yet classic black leather bag.


Hopefully, this has provided some outfit inspiration on what to wear to dinner in Paris during your trip. Stick with classic, timeless, chic pieces and you will no doubt not only look like a Parisian but enjoy your meal at the same time.

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